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Shadow Root Hair Trend

Shadow root is a hair trend you’ve likely seen quite a bit, whether you realize it or not. It’s a hair color trend that’s been gaining more and more popularity because of its natural aesthetic. If this trend is new to you, shadow root essentially gives the illusion of grown out roots that are darker than the rest of the hair. The colors can be strongly contrasting colors, or more close in hue and shade. Expert colorists have found stunning ways to create a shadow root look to hair. Take a look through the images below to get a sense of the trend, and perhaps get some inspiration to try it yourself!

1Ashy Shadow Root Blonde

This top of the head view gives a great look at the dimension shadow rooting can provide to hair. Here they made blonde hair trendy with a white, ashy feel to it. To keep the aesthetic consistent, ashy tones were added to the roots.

2Natural Shadow Root

We love this natural interpretation of shadow rooted hair. At first glance it’s barely detectable. If you like an effortless feel to your hair, this subtle shadow rooting is a great option for you.

3Blonde Balayage with Shadow Root

This blonde balayage is another stunning natural take on shadow rooting. The roots are much darker than the color at the ends and throughout the hair, but because the rooting is a small portion of the hair it gives a very natural dimensional look.

4Honey Blonde Rooted

Honey blonde hair gets added dimension and a touch of darkness with shadow roots added. This is such a great way to transition blonde hair into the fall and winter months, when you don’t want to go all the way to the dark side.

5Shadow Root Bob

Even with bob length hair you can adapt the shadow root trend. Give white blonde hair a little edge with shadow rooting mixed in a dark ash brown color at the roots. The key is keeping the tone of the hair consistent.

6Bright Blonde Melted Roots

We thought this was such a gorgeous take on the shadow rooted trend. Because there isn’t a lot of dark hair color applied to the roots, the addition of highlights creating this melted root look creates even more dimension throughout all of the hair.

7Dark Shadow Root, Bright Blonde

This is a shadow rooted look you will (and already have) likely see quite a bit. It’s a color combination we’ve been seeing a lot when adapting the shadow rooting trend. Light blonde hair, mixed with dark brown for gorgeous contrast.

8Bronde Shadow Root

If you want to create a look that’s similar to ombre, but leans more towards the shadow rooting trend this is a stunning adaptation. The root color was dragged down the hair a bit further than some of the previous looks we’ve shown you.

9Blonde and Brown Mixed Root

Talk about gorgeous! We love how naturally the colors are mixed in throughout hair here. Because there were multiple shades of blonde used, it adds a soft warmth to the blonde portion of hair. We love that they added a few blonde pieces to give a highlighted look to tie colors in together even more.

10Shadow Root Bun

Something that many women love about shadow rooted hair is how it creates such a unique look to even the most simple of hairstyles. This is a great example of that! A simple bun hairstyle looks extremely elevated because of the depth of shadow roots.

11Chocolatey Roots

Chocolate brown roots gives such a gorgeous warmth to blonde hair. If the ashy hair trend isn’t for you, this may be more your speed! Just remember if you want blonde hair with a warm undertone, be sure to ask for a warm toned root color.

12Dark Roots

Switching it up from the warm toned look we showed you previously, this is a cool toned gorgeous hair look. Ash blonde is a major trend that happens to work well with the shadow rooted trend. No need to pick only one hair trend at a time!

13Deep Shadow Root

One thing you have probably noticed by now is that one major way to make the shadow rooted trend unique to you is by adjusting the placement of the root color. Here they brought the dark  shadow root color down a bit further than others we’ve seen.

14Dimensional Shadow Root

Add just a touch of dark dimension to bright blonde hair with shadow rooting. This look kept the shadow rooting placement to a minimum, but it’s enough to give such a gorgeous look to the light blonde hair all over.

15Shadow Root Edge

Isn’t this hair color fun? We love the edgy feel it has. With shadow rooting brought down to around the eye area it gives a little more darkness to bright blonde hair. It’s enough dark hair color to give dimension and edge without taking away from blonde.

16Face Framed with Roots

You probably didn’t realize how versatile the shadow rooting trend was! It’s incredible to see how many different ways it can be utilized on hair. This is another example of keeping the shadow rooting element extremely minimal, but getting major impact to the overall aesthetic.

17Dramatic Shadow Roots

How stunning is this hair?! We are in love. Not only was shadow rooting added to the roots of blonde hair, but adding the same dark color throughout the lower layers of hair gives such pretty depth to hair.

18Grown Out Roots

This hair color, at first glance, may just look like a balayage technique. While that’s true, there is also some shadow rooting elements to the hair. If you look closely at the roots, it creates this very shadow like appearance. Shadow rooting is a great addition to balayage!

19Shadow Root for Honey Blonde

Shadow rooting doesn’t have to be applied with strongly contrasted hair colors to get the full benefit from the trend. If your goal is to add depth and darkness to hair, consider having something like this done to you hair.

20Icy Blonde Roots

Isn’t this pretty? If icy white blonde hair is your thing, but you want a pretty way to make it feel more cool weather appropriate – have shadow rooting added. It’s incredible how a touch of darkness at the roots changes the entire feel of hair color.

21Kardashian Shadow Root

The Kardashians have long been style icons, especially with hair trends! Khloe is showing us how shadow rooting is done here. We really love that the colors are soft and feminine here. Shadow rooting is a bit more exaggerated, in the best way.

22Contrasting Roots

Here we go with another switch up on shadow rooting placement. Something to consider if you want to try shadow rooting is how much of the hair color you want to be in focus. Here, the icy blonde color is predominant with dark roots being less of a focus.

23Mauve Blonde Roots

Thinking of trying a new hair color? Shadow rooting makes it a little easier to incorporate a couple of hair colors into one look. Mauve blonde is a newer hair color for many, but it gets a darkened twist with shadow rooting.

24Blonde, with a Dark Root

Let your gorgeous blonde hair shine with just a dash of shadow rooting applied to the roots of hair. Choosing a color that’s dark, but not too dark, gives just enough dimension to bright blonde hair.

25Subtle Shadow Root

We adore the super natural feel of this hair color. While the shadow rooting is quite a contrast from honey blonde hair, because of the way the colors melt together it gives a super natural fading effect.

26Platinum Shadow

This is such fun hair! Again we see icy blonde hair, mixed with dark roots to give that shadow rooting element to hair. Adding shadow rooting to such a bright and light color allows you to keep the blonde color consistent, but still achieve dimension.

27Purple Ombre Shadow

While we’ve shown you a lot of blonde hair with dark shadow rooting colors, which is really the main way to adapt the trend there are plenty of other colors you can include in the look. Here purple was mixed in to get a pop of color.

28Rooted Long Bob

Straight, lob length hair gets a whole new look thanks to shadow rooting. We adore the way pin straight hair really shows the gradient effect of shadow roots between both hair colors.

29Root Stretch

WOW, we love this shadow rooted hair. The way the colors were applied here gives kind of a stretched out root look that feels incredibly effortless and stylish. Combining a couple of shades of blonde gives this gorgeous gradient hair color.

30Shades of Shadow

Another winning shadow rooted look. We’re so impressed by the creativity of hair colorists around the world, particularly with this new hair trend. Shadow rooting is, again, fairly subtle here. But it sure does make a powerful impact on hair.

31Beach Blonde Shadow Root

The hair color used at roots to achieve the shadow rooting effect doesn’t have to be vastly different from the rest of the hair color. This is a great example of using shades and colors that are fairly close in shade and color, giving an incredibly natural feel.

32Ash Toned Shadow Root

Here’s a great peek at what shadow rooted hair looks like, under a few layers of hair. If you want easy, everyday hair styles to look even more stylish – shadow rooting can be your new BFF.

33Silver Blonde Roots

Edged perfection. We’re in awe of this shadow rooted hair. The roots are kept quite high here, because the contrast between the shades is so dramatic not much is needed to achieve the look.

34Minimal Root

This look is giving us all the beachy vibe feels. You too? We’re telling you, shadow rooting can transform any blonde hair color. Get an effortless aesthetic with this hair coloring technique.

35Smokey Shadow

Anyone else getting smokey stunner vibes here? Shadow rooting done right, yet again! We appreciate the inclusion of balayage and ombre hair color techniques combined with shadow rooting to ensure the colors are melted together beautifully.

36Straight Shadow Root

37Subtly Rooted

38Sunkissed Shadow

39Warm Blonde Roots

40White Blonde Shadow Root



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