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Crochet Hairstyles With Curly Hair

Crochet braids are not a new style. They have been popular since the stylish days of the 90’s. Since the resurgence of the natural hair movement, protective styles like crochet braids have been reignited and gained a loyal following. Crochet braids , despite their name, can vary in appearance. They can be actual braids or twists or they can be long coils and curls that resemble the texture of natural hair. The style also protects delicate, natural strands as they are usually cornrowed or braided and tucked away under the extensions. The style choices are seemingly endless and crochet braids work with just about any natural hair texture, length, and color. The only thing limiting a crochet style is the extent of imagination.

1French Deep Curls

Having long, thick, natural looking curls doesn’t have to be a gift from genetics. These French Deep curls are the perfect mix of kink and curl. They are thick which makes the curl look very natural and seamless.

2Short Braid Out Crochet Curl

Like most hairstyles, there is a classic version and the remix off that version everywhere else. This mid-length, tightly coiled crochet style is among the most popular as it looks good on most face shapes and easily blends with natural hair textures.

3Sunkissed Blonde Curly Crochet Hair

Every popular hairstyle in history has been altered to fit modern trends. Crochet braids are no different. This version has a looser, softer curl pattern and fun blonde highlights that add personality and individuality.

4Bouncy Red Curly Crochet Hair

The bigger the hair, the better everything else looks. If that is your motto and you love the look of big natural curls, this is the perfect crochet style. The curls are soft yet defined and look as if they were created with a big barrel curling rod. The red color adds an extra splash of uniqueness.

5Long Blonde Highlighted Waves

Blonde, golden brown, and other light colored hair is not everyone’s look. But, when it looks good, it looks great. The long crochet braids that are golden brown colored can accent your natural skin complexion nicely.

6Wild Crochet Curls

The beauty of natural curls is being able to wear them wild and free with a bit of natural frizz and loose curls blended with the more defined ones. That can be hard to acheive with extensions but these crochet braids have the natural, wild look that make real natural curls so special.

7Half Up Half Down Curly Crochet Hair

A popular style for natural curls is the easy, simple half up half down look. It is super easy but has a clean, sleek look about it that doesn’t require expert styling experience. Crochet braids are so customizable that you can create specific styles like a half up, half down style that looks totally natural like this one.

8Curly Crochet Short Bob

Curls that stop at the shoulder with the perfect shape can be hard to acheive with naturally curly hair. Crochet braids make it possible like this mid length curly style The deep side part is super sleek and balances out the voluminous curls.

9Ombre Crochet Curls

When it comes to hair color trends, ombre has been on the radar for at least the last five years. The wonderful thing about crochet braids is that you can achieve a beautiful crochet look without committing to dying your natural hair. You can find this crochet style here.

10Purple Crochet Braids

Dying your natural curls is a risk each and every time. Natural curls can be susceptible to drying, breakage, and excessive shedding. But, you can still experiment with interesting colors like deep purples or vibrant greens with crochet curls while maintaining the health of your natural hair. If you like this style you can buy it here.

11Bouncy Curly Crochet Bob

People love bobs because they shape the face in a way no other haircut can. It is short but still fiercely feminine and versatile. Crochet braids can worn and just about any length and that includes short bobs without compromising the style, health, or length of your own natural curls.

12Highlighted Bouncy Curly Crochet Hair

A few highlights can upgrade just about any look. While dying actual crochet curls, even if it is just a small portion, is not recommended. However, you can still create the natural highlight look with a few strands of added colored hair to your crochet look.

13Boho Curly Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a style commitment that you have to be sure you want as they take a while to grow and are close to impossible to comb out. Crochet faux dreadlocks have hit the scene in the styling world and are an absolutely gorgeous alternative to actual dreadlocks.

14Big, Romantic Crochet Curls

You can’t really go wrong with big, romantic curls. These crochet curls are soft, beautiful, and stand out from the standard crochet look. The curls look natural and stunning.

15Side Wavy Crochet Hairstyle

Crochet braids are so versatile that they can even be worn straight and curled like your real hair. This style is a straight to wavy crochet look that is colored with an invisible part to give the appearance of natural hair that has been blown out and colored.

16Undefined Crochet Curls

Natural hair is not always about having perfectly uniformed curls. It’s nice to let your curls form however they want and incorporate frizz and the undefined look. Crochet braids are known for being unformed in curl pattern but they can also be wild and free like this style.

17Big Crochet Curls Bob Style

A short Asymmetrical bob that looks natural will compliment just about any face shape. This crochet bob looks like natural curls that have been stretched and recurled. It’s full and beautiful.

18Asymmetrical Afro Curly Crochet Hairstyle

Natural curls are versatile which is a part of what makes the texture so amazing. When protecting your natural curls, you may want to channel the natural versatility which is possible with crochet braids. Whether you want and afro or waves, crochet braids can help you create the perfect style.

19Big Beautiful Crochet Curls

Depending on the natural length, texture, and density of your kinky, curly hair, some popular styles are not possible. Crochet braids can help create the full, big and beautiful curls you want without the hassle.

20Straight Crochet Braids

Straightening your natural curls opens the door for heat damage that is not reversible. It is one of the few limitations of having naturally curly hair. However, crochet braids can be straight while still maintaining a texture that looks realistic as opposed to silky and overly smooth.

21Natural Curly Crochet Hair

When crochet braids reappeared, the basic style was the tightly coiled ringlets with a side part like this style. It looks great on just about everyone and is easy to maintain.

22Large Afro Crochet Braids

Who doesn’t love the classic, huge afro reminiscent of the 70’s? There are few lucky ladies that have the natural hair to create an afro as glorious as this one. Crochet braids can help to create a natural look afro that gives the illusion that it’s actually your own coils.

23Long Braid Out Crochet Braids

Braid out stands for a styling technique where you braid your natural hair at night and remove the braids in the morning to create a more defined natural style. It gives natural curls a defined but still unique look. These crochet braids channel that style.

24Medium Bouncy Curly Crochet Hair

Long crochet braids can be overwhelming. Try out a mid length style with big, bouncy curls to acheive the full look without the weight of super long extensions.

25Super Long, Half Curled Faux Locks

Create a totally unique style with crochet faux dreadlocks by installing extensions that are half locs and half loose curls. You can add the curls separately, undo the locs from the bottom, or purchase them precurled.

26Twisted Updo Crochet

You can truly treat crochet braids like your natural hair. Even if you have shaved sides, you can crochet extensions on to the longer parts of your hair to create a unique updo.

27Side Braids Curly Crochet Hair

The wonderful part about crochet braid styles is that they simplicity of the installation process makes each style totally customizable. This half exposed braid crochet style is unique and cute.

28Half Pulled Back Curly Crochet Afro

A super full crochet afro can be a lot of hair to style daily. Pulling the front back can expose your beautiful face shape while also making the style more comfortable and practical.

29Crochet Box Braids Bob

Crochet braids can actually be just that, braids. Box braids were the number one go to style back in the 80’s and 90’s and have made a huge comeback. Crochet box braids allow for easily in installation that you can do yourself.

30 Chunky Senegalese Twists

Another reboot from the 90’s are the Senegalese twists. They are chunky twists usually created with added hair. They can be difficult to install but crochet Senegalese twists are super easy and totally blendable no matter your natural texture or hair color.

31Long Curly Faux locs Crochet

We love this stylish faux locs look. This is a great protective style and the mix of straight locs with curly ends make this crochet super unique and versatile. If you like this style you can buy it here.

32Uniformed Faux Dreadlocks

Some women love the faux dreadlock look but despise the undone appearance of them. If you want a more uniformed look, some crochet, pre-looped faux dreadlocks can help you create that style.

33Thick Faux Dreadlocks

Thicker faux dreadlocks have a more natural look to them. While getting faux locs installed individually can be both challenging and impossible depending on your hair type, thick crochet locs can pair well with any hair type and look seamless.

34Thick, Gorgeous Twists

Thick, beautiful twists are difficult to create. Crochet twists come pre-twisted and looped. They are super easy to install whether you go the DIY route or the professional path. They are lightweight and don’t add too much stress to your scalp.

35Bold Color Twists

Have you ever wanted to try out a bold color without committing to it? These gorgeous, bold twists allow you to try out a more adventurous hair color without the damage or commitment.

36Thick Crochet Twists

Long thick twists are a popular protective style for natural hair but can be difficult to install and maintain. Crochet twists are easy to put in and last longer which is perfect for protecting delicate natural curls.

37Curly box braids crochet style

Spice up your box braids by mixing them with long curls. Simply take out the ends of all the braids to create curly ends while a few of the braids are totally ripped into curls.

38Red and Bouncy crochet hair

These fire red bouncy Jamaican curls are so stylish and chic! Add statement earrings to complete this gorgeous look!

39Honey brown curls bob style

These bouncy curls style with bangs is absolutely stunning! If you don’t want to go blonde but you’re tired of darker brown colors, This honey brown color looks so natural and beautiful.

40Long Luscious curls

We love these long black luscious curls pulled into a high half bun and fall down from the back.

41Twisted Curls

A different (and super chic) take on the twist goddess locs. The hair is pulled half up into 2 ponytails falling from the back to the front sides.

423 Strand Twist Out


43Big curls bob


44Big voluminous red crochet


45Crochet Faux locs


46Curly crochet with banto knots


47Bouncy curly crochet braids with bangs


48Black and blonde curly faux locs


49Half up defined curls


50Jamaican Bounce crochet


51Honey brown curly crochert


52Long curls with a middle part


53Messy Freetress curls crochet


54Pixie curls crochey


55Afro curls crochet


56Short Ocean Wave curls


57Short kinky crochet


58Short wash and go crochet


59Spring Passion twist red crochet


60Twist out crochet curls do’


61Unraveled crochet curls




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