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Curtain Bangs Hairstyles

Thinking about getting bangs? Curtain bangs are THE bang hairstyle of the year…seriously. Curtain bangs give you the perfect in between look, having bangs without the traditional bang cut. It’s a gorgeously modern take on bangs, what’s not to love about that? Most of us are itching for some positive change to occur in our lives, even if it’s a small change like our hairstyle. Sound like you? Curtain bangs may be your next big hair change. Check out our favorite curtain bangs hairstyles for short and long hair.

1How to Cut Curtain Bangs?

To create this coveted bang look, many experts recommend starting by sectioning off the hair that you want to be cut into bangs. After you’ve gathered the amount of hair you want, begin to cut the length off. Many hairstylists are twisting the hair a tad and using the scissors vertically with a slight diagonal slant to create texture on the ends of the bangs. Then letting the bangs hang down, trim any pieces needed to create a ‘piecey’ type of look on the ends and adjust the length where needed.

2Beachy Blonde Long Curtain Bangs

Keep it simple and chic with curtain bangs. The great thing about this style of bangs is they make your everyday, effortless hairstyle look modern and stylish. We love the beachy feel of this hairstyle with beach blonde hair.

3Layered Long Curtain Bangs

If long layers are your vibe, curtain bangs are a great compliment. As you can see, the curtain bangs really melt into the haircut seamlessly giving the illusion of added short layers around the face.

4Bobbed Short Hair with Curtain Bangs

Whether you have a bob haircut, or you’re thinking about going for the chop, adding curtain bangs is a gorgeous addition to the hairstyle. We love the face framing element it adds to the short hair length.

5Super Long Hair Curtain Bangs

While we’ve shown you quite a few shorter hair lengths with curtain bangs, it doesn’t mean curtain bangs can’t be added to long hair! Here this beauty is showing us how incredible curtain bangs look for super long hair. An unexpected layer addition, we love!

6Effortless Long Curtain Bangs Glam

Another example of effortless long hair curtain bangs hairstyling. Whether you have wavy, textured hair or super straight – curtain bangs can be cut to accommodate your hair in a way that makes them easy to style.

7Flipped Long Hair Curtain Bangs

How gorgeous is this long curtain bangs style? So far we’ve shown you quite a few short curtain bangs, which is why we LOVED this interpretation of the trend. Leaving the bangs on the longer side gives a vintage, throwback aesthetic we really love – especially when they’re styled with this flip.

8Fringe Bangs Long Ponytail

While you’ve now see various hair cuts that work with curtain bangs, we wanted to include a few easy hairstyles you can wear with the look. Throwing your hair up in a simple ponytail gets a major style upgrade with curtain bangs.

9Wavy Long Curtain Bangs

We have to admit, we love the effortless effect of curtain bangs and long hair. Even on the red carpet, curtain bangs give this cool girl vibe that’s undeniably chic. Play around with the length to find what works best for you.

10Half Up Soft Curtain Bangs

Here is another easy to wear hairstyle for curtain bangs. It doesn’t get much easier than a half up ponytail, tied into a messy bun. The ‘messy’ feel translates perfectly with curtain bangs.

11Floral Bang Style Updo

For the women who like an effortless hairstyle, but want something a little more styled – this is for you. Again you have the ‘undone’ half up hairstyle but what makes it feel more styled is hair styled straight and completed with a flower accessory.

12Simple Long Hair Curtain Bangs

Because of the kind of undone effect of curtain bangs, they’re the perfect bang hairstyle for effortless hair. That means, if you don’t like to fuss with your hair a lot in the morning but you still want bangs for something different – curtain bangs are perfect for you.

13Soft Curtain Bangs Styled

How cute is this hairstyle? Curtain bangs add a face framing element to this simple hairstyle. If you don’t like having all of your hair pulled back with a headband, curtain bangs a the perfect addition to your haircut.

14Honey Blonde Long Hair Curtain Bangs

Ok, we have to admit we fell in LOVE with this honey blonde hair color. It’s warm, dimensional and just plain gorgeous. The soft aesthetic of the hair color looks stunning with this curtain bang haircut.

15Glam Curtain Bangs

There aren’t many hairstyles JLo can’t rock, if we’re all being really honest. While curtain bangs are great for the effortlessly chic look, she’s showing us how to rock the haircut with a major glam take.

16Long Curtain Bangs Lob

If bob length is a bit too short for you (like the previous image), a LOB is the trendy alternative. It’s a longer bob that also happens to be a gorgeous cut to pair with curtain bangs. Ciara is killing this look.

17Ashy Blonde with Soft Curtain Bangs

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired so far, we certainly are! We absolutely love how versatile curtain bangs are – so much more than even we thought. Leaving them on the longer side gives a different vibe to the trend.

18Curtain Bangs Short Hair Bob

We just adore curtain bangs on short hair! This is for the women who appreciate a classicly chic hairstyle. Few hairstyles are more classic than a bob haircut, we’ve seen it maintain popularity for years. Adding curtain bangs to the classic cut modernizes the style just a tad.

19Curtain Bangs for Long Hair

Make your curtain bangs a bit thicker, if you have long thick hair. Using more hair to cut into curtain bangs tends to blend much more naturally when you have naturally thick and long hair like this.

20Low Bun with Curtain Bangs

You may not have even realized curtain bangs have been a thing for many, many years. Scarlett Jo popped onto the scene quite a few years ago, and because it’s such a gorgeous hair trend it still looks and feels modern today.

21Easy Low Pony & Soft Curtain Bangs

We don’t know any woman who doesn’t resort to throwing their hair back to get it out of their face. The thing we love about curtain bangs is it makes those go-to hairstyles look more styled, without adding any additional steps to your hair routine.

22Messy Bun Layered Curtain Bangs

Mariana Hewitt has become a style and beauty icon thanks to her blog and Instagram. Here she did it again, showing us how to style curtain bangs the most stylish way with a messy bun.

23Short Curtain Bangs with Accessorize

Adding even just a couple of simple bobby pins or clips, as shown, can be just enough of a styled element to effortless curtain bang hairstyles. It pulls some of the hair back to allow the bangs to be highlighted.

24Sienna Style Short Curtain Bangs

Another celeb we looked to for style and beauty influence for years, Sienna Miller, was rocking curtain bangs long ago. This is the fun thing about hair – even the old becomes new. Take influence from past curtain bang looks for inspo.

25Reece Curtain Bangs

Reece Witherspoon has been wearing curtain bangs on and off for quite some time. It’s a bang hairstyle that happens to perfectly compliment heart shaped faces like hers.

26Classic in Curtain Bangs 70’s

Talk about a throwback! We love this vintage curtain bang hairstyle. If you want to give your hair a vintage aesthetic like this pull your hair back into a sleek half up ponytail and tie with a ribbon at the base.

27Half Up Curtain Bangs Short Hair

28Scarf Styled Curtain Bangs

29Scrunched with Soft Curtain Bangs


30Curtain Bangs Straight Hair

31Sleek Short Hair with Curtain Bangs


32Top Knotted Short Curtain Bangs Hairstyle


33Chic Blonde Curtain Bangs Short Hair


34Shiny Long Hair Curtain Bangs Style


35Highlighted Fringe Long Curtain Bangs Updo


36Messy Curtain bangs short hair


37Long Curtain Bangs Curly Hair

38Wavy Soft Curtain Bangs Balayage

3970s Wavy Soft Curtain Bangs


40Highlighted curtain bangs short wavy hair


41Platinum curtain bangs on short hair



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