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35 Different Shades of Blonde Hair

Thinking of coloring your hair blonde? Or maybe you already have blonde hair, but you want to change it up a bit with a different shade of blonde? There’s a reason so many women love coloring their hair blonde. Blondes have more fun, right? Regardless of the stereotype, blonde hair comes in a variety of different shades – more shades than many really realize! This is why we’ve decided to round up 30 different shades of blonde hair. If you need some blonde-inspo we’ve got you covered on the blonde front. Scroll through and let us know your favorite shade of blonde.

1Ash Blonde with Roots

Ash blonde has become one of the most popular shades of blonde hair in recent years. If you’re not familiar with ash blonde, it has a slight grey tint to the color. We adore this particular blonde hair look incorporating a light ash blonde at the ends, leaving the roots a darker ash blond.

2Rooted in Beige Blonde

Flipping the script from the previous shade of blonde with a beige blonde shade. Beige blonde hair color is a warmer toned shade of blonde – as you can see here. It’s great if you want something that has a warm undertone with your blonde hair. Not to mention, beige blonde looks gorgeous with darker roots to balance the light/brightness of the beige hue.

3Warm Blonde Balayage

We must admit – we love a blonde balayage hair color! Balayage looks stunning with various shades of blonde, adding so much depth to your hair color. This is a warm toned balayage blond, incorporating warm dark brown at the roots and making its way to a warm platinum hue at the very ends.

4Blonde Melt Root

Melt root has become another big trend with blonde hair as of recently. We don’t know about you but we love all the different hair color methods that have become trendy. Melt root is exactly as it sounds, the colors appears like it’s melting from the roots and gets lighter at the ends. Similar to ombre hair, but with a more subtle transition in color.

5Platinum Blonde with Red Pieces

If you’re a woman who likes the very light shades of blonde, like platinum, there may be times when you want to add some touches of colors in. We love how platinum blonde looks with red lowlights mixed in. Platinum is a versatile color which makes it easy to use as a foundation color to add in pops of other colors.

6Buttery Blonde Hair

How stunning is this buttery blonde hair?! We adore this shade of blonde. You’re likely well versed in the fact that different shades of blonde become trendy at different times. Right now buttery blonde has been gaining major popularity among the blonde hair world. We can see why! Buttery blonde is this gorgeous warm hue that quite literally looks like butter.

7Champagne Colored Blonde

Another blonde shade that’s trending? Champagne blonde! You’re probably wondering what exactly makes champagne blonde well, champagne blonde. Typically champagne blonde is going to be lighter in color, with a balayage technique mixed in but what makes this different is the slight blush tint that’s mixed into the blonde color. So pretty, isn’t it?!

8Copper Blonde with Highlights

This is a gorgeous highlighted blonde look, but what we really wanted to show you here was copper blonde being put to use. Copper blonde is this darker hue you use mixed in to the hair. It’s got that bronzey, warm undertone to it. Generally copper blonde is a darker shade of blonde which makes it great to balance platinum blonde when mixed together.

9Cream Blonde Exposed Roots

We have to say we love this classic blonde shade. Cream blonde is typically a shade of blonde that looks good on just about everyone. It’s not overly warm or cool in undertone, it hangs out in the neutral undertone category which is why it’s so flattering. Not to mention it’s versatile – it looks so pretty with a darker root color for that effortless vibe that’s so on trend.

10Creamy Modern Blonde

You know we like to give you options, which is why we wanted to show you another way creamy blonde hair can be colored. This cream blonde hair is a bit lighter than the previous. The roots are still left dark, but the overall cream blonde hue is quite light!

11Dark Roots with Icy Blonde

Icy blonde has become undeniably popular. We really love the way this light icy blonde hair looks with a balayage dark color combined. The key to really mixing different shades of blonde like this together is to ensure that their undertone is cohesive. If you like icy blonde hair but don’t want to go FULL light blonde all over, this is a great way to darken the blonde a touch.

12Dark Strawberry Blonde

How stunning is this blonde hair?! Strawberry blonde is one of the forgotten shades of blonde. Have you noticed? We’re all about bringing the strawberry hue back into the blonde world. This is a darker version strawberry blonde, while maintaining the pink undertone throughout the hair color. Great for a warm, subtle blonde hair color!

13Dirty Blonde Highlighting

While we’re on the topic of dirty blonde hair (well, sort of), we can’t forget about a true dirty blonde hair color. Dirty blonde has become a go-to blonde hue for many women, it’s flattering on just about every skin tone and feels like such a modern blonde shade. Incorporating various tones of dirty blonde, as shown, adds gorgeous depth to the style.

14Golden Blonde Highlights

Golden blonde is what it sounds like – blonde that has a golden undertone to it. Typically golden blonde is a medium shade of blonde, meaning it’s not really light or too dark – just in the middle. If you find that you look better with a warmer hair color undertone golden blonde is a great color to incorporate to add some warmth.

15Silver Blend Blonde

We’ve shown you ash blonde hair, now we’re sharing silver blend blonde. While ash blonde has a grey tint to it, silver blend blonde actually incorporates a much lighter silver shade throughout the hair. It adds this lightness you see to hair. The silver “blend” comes in because it’s typically a shade that’s blended in with different shades of blonde to add more depth.

16Grey Tinted Blonde

The fun thing about blonde hair is how you can achieve such different hair colors by just adding a slight tint to the color. This is a great example of that! At first glance this looks like a platinum hair color but when you look a bit closer you can see there’s a subtle grey/silver tint mixed into the platinum hair color.

17Honey Blonde

This blonde is so pretty – it’s giving us all the honey inspired vibes! Honey blonde is this gorgeous classic blonde hair color we’ve seen popular for many, many years. You will find that honey blonde is a beautiful warm toned blonde hue that’s a good medium tone making it easy to wear for many different skin tones.

18Honey Ombre

Ombre hair coloring came into the hair world quite a few years ago and it hasn’t really left. The technique adds gorgeous dimension to hair with the gradient color scheme. It looks gorgeous with blonde hair shades. This is a great example of using different tones of honey blonde to achieve a warm ombre look.

19Honey Meets Sand Balayage

Sandy blonde is typically a color that’s neutral in undertone which makes it great to blend in with other shades of blonde. They’ve shown us here how great a gorgeous sandy blonde looks when used to create a balayage with honey blonde. The combination of a neutral sandy blonde and warm honey blonde makes the colors pop next to one another.

20Warm Honey Blonde

Hey gorgeous! You’ve seen a couple ways to rock honey blonde hair but we wanted to give you a warm honey blonde hair color that’s used all over the hair. Isn’t this beautiful? The warmness of the color really warms up the skin, great for those winter months when your skin may feeling a bit drab!

21Icy Blonde

Wow! We love this icy blonde hair. Ice blonde is another color that can be worked into various shades of blonde but we love this dramatic interpretation of the blonde color trend. This is great when you want a blonde color that’s going to be a dramatic look – it really gives you that LIGHT pop.

22Icy Ash Blonde

Looking for a shade of blonde that gives you that super light hue with a little added depth? This is a great option to consider for your next blonde look. The icy blonde color is the primary hue throughout this look, with slight touches of ash blonde mixed in at the roots and touches at the ends of the hair. Ice blonde itself is typically a solid color, adding ash blonde will keep the integrity of the grey tone while giving more color depth to your blonde locks.

23Grey Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde has often been that coveted blonde hue that so many women strive to achieve. If you want to rock platinum blonde hair with an updated feel, adding a grey tone all over platinum hair is the perfect way to achieve that. Grey toned blonde hair is a huge trend and so fun for the fall and winter seasons when you want to add a darker feel to your hair while still keeping the blonde.

24Platinum, Honey Mix

Another way to get your platinum locks with your own twist? Mixing in honey blonde with your platinum hue. If you find that platinum blonde feels a bit too stark with your skin tone adding warmth with honey blonde can be a way to get the best of both worlds and get a more flattering color.

25Blonde Highlighted

Searching for a way to add just a touch of lightness to your hair? Blonde highlights are always a good option. As you can see in this picture, the light platinum blond highlights add the perfect lightness to medium blonde hair. It gives you a great balance between medium blonde and light blonde – double win!

26Medium Ashy Blonde

WOW we adore this medium blonde hair. The good news? If you’re not into a super light blonde hair color there are other options for you! Medium blonde is a great middle ground. This particular medium blonde has a slight ashy tone to it. The ashy tone isn’t as extreme as other examples, similar to the medium tone it’s a good balance to get the ashy vibe without over doing it.

27Medium Blonde Hair

Keep your blonde hair classic and simple with medium blonde hair color like this. While there are some lighter tones at the ends of the hair, for the most part, the medium blonde is very natural in appearance. It’s a great color option if you want your blonde hair to look as natural as possible.

28Pearl Blonde Hair Color

Pearl blonde hair color is one of the more recent blonde color trends to burst onto the scene. It’s so new you may not have heard of it yet. So to give you all the details pearl blonde is a color that offers a cool undertone with that silvery tone to it, similar to the icy blonde color. What makes pearl blonde different from ice blonde is instead of adding flat grey colors into the tone, pearl blonde incorporates more natural colors into the mix. This is what gives pearl blonde that natural look.

29Full Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde ladies, unite! This is one of those classic blonde hair colors so many strive and admire. It’s a very bright and lights shade of blonde – really the epitome of blonde hair. Make a bright and light blonde statement with your hair by going full on platinum. Gorgeous for the spring and summertime!

30Platinum with Lowlights

Love platinum blonde but want to break up the extreme brightness a bit? This platinum blonde hair is showing us how to rock the light hair color, while adding touches of lowlights in a light honey blonde color. It warms up the platinum hue and adds extra dimension if you don’t like a flat color all over.

31Sandy Blonde Hair

32Soft Pink Blonde

33Strawberry Blonde

34Warm Blonde Ombre

35Full Warm Blonde



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