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How to Dip Dye Hair at Home | Dip Dye Colors

If you’re looking for an ombre hairstyle that’s cute, fun, and easy to do at home, dip dye hair color is the trend you’ve got to try. Usually featuring bold and bright colors applied to the very ends of hair, dip dye styles make no effort to blend the line of demarcation like most ombre or color melt styles. To get a brilliant color look that you won’t have to commit to forever, Manic Panic offers up semi-permanent dyes in a crazy impressive range of shades. These colors fade as you wash your hair, so ladies looking for a long-term dip dye look will want to reapply on a regular basis. Be sure to wear gloves and thoroughly protect any nearby surfaces. These types of dye can stain anything! Read on to get our top tips for how to dip dye blonde and brunette hair at home and check out 30 of our favorite dip dye hairstyles.

1How to Dip Dye for Brunettes

To get an obvious dip dye style using Manic Panic color, brunettes will need to lighten their hair first. Women with very light brown hair might be able to achieve a darker dip dye color without bleaching, but your final style won’t look super vibrant. Use Manic Panic’s Flashlighting kit on dry, unwashed hair, applying to the tips you’d like to dip dye. Check hair every ten minutes until it’s lightened to a desired level, but don’t leave on for more than 45-60 minutes. Once you’ve shampooed, rinsed, and fully dried hair, you’re ready to apply your dip dye color following the steps in next section, “Dip Dye for Blondes”.

2How To Dip Dye for Blondes

If your hair is already blonde, you can go straight to using Manic Panic dye. Remember that colors will look more vibrant on a pre-lightened base color. Work with hair that’s clean and dry, but avoid using conditioner beforehand as it can make dye less likely to stick to your hair. All you need to do is coat the ends of your hair thoroughly in your desired color (or colors) of Manic Panic dye, leaving on for several hours to ensure maximum color adherence. This vegetable based dye won’t damage your hair like the permanent stuff, so there’s really no limit to how long you can leave it on. After the hours are up, a thorough rinsing will reveal your dip dyed style!

3Green Dip Dye Bob

Bold hair colors have been all about pinks and blues for the last few years, but alternate shades like green and yellow are becoming much more popular. Use Manic Panic’s Venus Envy to get this slightly evil dip dye look on your black hair.

4Dipped Lavender Balayage Dip Dye

If you’re after a more subtle dip dye look, try applying your highlighting shade to only some strands of hair. The end result will be a balayage version of dip dye hair, like this chic lavender look that’s all ready for summer.

5Denim Dip Dye

A medium shade of denim blue against naturally dark hair makes for a chic dip dye hairstyle that you’ll want to keep around for months.

6Pastel Mini Dip Dye

Manic Panic’s Pastel-Izer can be mixed with a few drops of their more concentrated shades to create custom pastel colors. This two-tone style uses both pink and purple to create a dreamy style that’s fresh for spring.

7Bleached Blonde Dip Dye

Skip the second dip dye step if you’re after an edgy blonde-on-black style. If your ends are too orange or brassy after bleach alone, applying toner can help you get to a more white blonde or platinum shade.

8Cool Dip Dye Rainbow

With pieces dipped in various shades of purple and blue, this dip dye rainbow will take a little more effort to pull off than a single tone style.

9Pastel Blue Dip Dye

We love the combination of pastel shades against natural dark blonde hair. Although this base color may show some of Manic Panic’s colors in its untreated state, you’ll need to pre-lighten to achieve this pastel shade.

10Electric Banana Dip Dye

Electric Banana dye over a strawberry blonde base color creates one of the most unique dip dye color palettes on our list.

11Bubblegum Pink Dip Dye

If you want hair that looks sweet as candy, nothing beats a vibrant shade of bubblegum pink over blonde hair.

12Neon Dip Dye Bob

Applying a bright yellow dye over platinum white hair can give you this radioactive looking dip dye style.

13Mermaid Dip Dye

Shades of aqua and purple work together to create this mermaid inspired dip dye style over platinum blonde hair. As your dye washes out, your mermaid style will gradually fade into a more muted pastel look.

14Snow White Dip Dye Bob

Getting a pure white dip dye on black hair will require a lot of work, and probably several rounds of bleaching. Once hair has been lightened enough, Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow toner can help you achieve this incredible color contrast.

15Fuchsia Mini Dip Dye

Want to go dip dye for a very short period of time? With just the very tips of hair dip dyed, this mini style is easy to chop off if you need to lose the color before it’s fully washed out.

16Pure Black Dip Dye

Black on blonde dip dye creates an incredibly striking look that both Drew Barrymore and Gwen Stefani have worn in the past.

17Cornflower Blue Dip Dye

This adorable shade of cornflower blue looks especially sweet on medium to dark brown hair and will compliment pink tones in your cheeks.

18Electric Lizard Dip Dye

Looking for a trendy-but-chill dip dye style? Manic Panic in Electric Lizard is the perfect shade for natural brunette hair, and boldly compliments reds in your outfit and makeup.

19Millennial Pink Dip Dye

Millennial pink is the color that’s everywhere right now, and the trendiest women are even wearing this pink in their hair.

20Peacock Dip Dye

Use closely matched shades in dark blue and purple to create a gorgeous peacock dip dye style. We recommend Manic Panic’s Violet Night and After Midnight, but there are lots of different color options you can play with.

21Fiery Mini Dip Dye

Fiery red color covers just the very tips of this long blunt haircut, enhancing the style without creating a long-term commitment.

22Blunt Blue Dip Dye

Add some flair to your blunt lob haircut with an equally blunt dip dye look. This dark blue shade combined with a black base color makes a moody color palette that’s perfect for fall or winter.

23Pink Mini Dip Dye

Pink is the perfect shade to accessorize your greyish blonde hairstyle, and you only need a tiny touch of the color to create a big effect.

24Rockabilly Blue Dip Dye

Manic Panic in Rockabilly Blue is a gorgeous compliment to auburn hair. With just a few inches dipped in the cool blue shade, you can try this look out for a few weeks before cutting it off to return to a more conservative workplace or school.

25Lavender Dip Dye

Do you find pink too girly but think something warmer than blue will be most flattering against your skin tone? Lavender is a surprisingly versatile color that works with a ton of different complexions and shades of blonde hair. Your hair can’t possibly be any more summer-ready than this!

26Peachy Pink Dip Dye

Pink and peachy orange play together beautifully in this high contrast dip dye color. You can wear this style in any season, but these warm colors will look especially toasty in fall.

27Yellow and Red Dip Dye

With a progression from platinum into vibrant yellow and red, this long dip dye style is a perfectly fiery look.

28Purple Tones Dip Dye

Various shades of purple are combined to create this jewel toned dip dye look. Even though this color isn’t right up against your face, it can help to bring out golden tones in your skin and eyes, especially when worn in an updo.

29Yellow and Green Dip Dye

Featuring Manic Panic in both Electric Banana and Electric Lizard, this citrusy two-toned dip dye style is just the right amount of quirky.

30Pink and Purple Dip Dye Bob

Pink on one side and purple on the other, this bob splits its dip dye color right down the middle.

31Enchanted Forest Dip Dye

This is a beautiful example of how darker colors can fade out to more pastel shades on lightened hair. These mint green ends were originally dip dyed using the fairly dark Enchanted Forest shade, and eventually faded out to create this gorgeous look.

32Rainbow Dip Dye

If you can’t pick a single shade, why not use them all? This unicorn inspired dip dye look is perfect for anyone who’s already worn every other color under the sun.



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