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30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas

Whether you call it dark, ashy, or dirty blonde, it’s the mature, sophisticated sister of white platinum and pure yellow blonde hair. A much more common naturally occurring color, dirty blonde hair includes a wide variety of hues that are both warm and cool, meaning that there’s a shade to compliment any skin tone. As far as style goes, dirty blondes cover the map. From monochromatic dark blondes, ashy gradient color, or golden blunt bobs with dark roots, we’ve got 30 dirty blonde hair ideas that will have you ditching your platinum or mahogany hair for an edgier in between shade. 

1Long Ashy Blonde

This natural looking ashy blonde shade is almost grey looking, and a far cry from the sunny bottle blonde hues many of us have come to associate with blonde hair. This is a great shade for anyone looking for a moody, grownup look that doesn’t venture into brunette territory. If you’ve got a fairly dark complexion, going too ashy with your hair color can dull the look of your skin, and you may want to go for a warmer dirty blonde with honey or caramel tones.

2Warm Buttery Ombre

This long hair full of lazy waves gives multi-tonal color lots of room to play. Natural darker roots take up several inches of this style, but the majority of hair features warm, buttery blonde highlights over a natural dark blonde. Unlike cool, ashy dirty blonde styles, this summery color is begging to be accessorized with a flower crown while running barefoot through soft grass.

3Taylor Swift’s Cappuccino Blonde

One of the most natural looking shades that we’ve seen Taylor wear, this muted blonde style is fairly uniform in tone, which plays up the sophisticated side of the singer.

4Brushed On Honey Highlights

Ciara’s medium brunette hair has been enhanced with very strategic honey highlights that frame the face and make the ends of her long bob pop all the way around. This mixture of warm blonde and brunette shades is perfect for her equally warm skin tone.

5Dishwater Blonde With Highlights

A dark, ashy blonde that’s the same tone all over, natural dishwater blonde is the perfect canvas for adding highlights and dimension. In this style, long hair is treated to gradient highlights that are concentrated towards the front section, and are reasonably natural looking.

6Dirty Golden Blonde

Cara Delevingne’s supernatural beauty is made even more unique when framed by hair that manages to be ashy and golden all at once. This color is warmer than a true ash blonde, but is darker and edgier looking than a traditional golden blonde.

7Face Framing Sunshine

An enduring hair icon and trendsetter for more than two decades, Jennifer Aniston really shines in this multi-tonal color that could almost pass for natural. Bright blonde highlights are concentrated towards the front of her head and around the face, while the darker blonde shade takes over in the back.

8Pale Blonde Balayage

The perfect dirty blonde for fair skinned women, this style features a very pale blonde balayage over natural ashy or dishwater blonde hair.

9Edgy Blonde Pixie

We’ve seen Miley Cyrus try out a lot of looks, but she’s been favouring edgy blonde styles in recent years. This pixie with shaved sides interestingly shows off Miley’s natural color in very short hair, while a brighter blonde on top helps to elongate her round face shape.

10Dirty Blonde Over Medium Brunette

For a look that features a significant color contrast, try copying Ashley Tisdale’s dirty golden hair with several inches of medium brunette roots.

11Warm Dirty Blonde

Ashley Olsen’s warm, pale blonde keeps things bright in front with face-framing highlights, but darker tones remain visible at the roots and peek through the rest of her hair.

12Ultra Dark

So dark that some may consider it brunette, Angelina Jolie’s dark and dirty blonde defies categorization. Achieve this look by working all-over dark blonde highlights on to naturally brunette hair.

13Tousled Pixie

If you’re going to wear hair in a color known as ‘dirty’, why not mess your style up a bit, too? Jennifer Lawrence’s pixie is wonderfully disheveled, adding some rebel flair that keeps this from being just another red carpet look. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a woman who’s as famous for her anti-Hollywood attitude as she is her Oscar worthy performances.

14Hippie Blonde

This dirty blonde color stays down to earth on a thick head of hair that’s got dreadlocked strands mixed in between flowing tendrils. Layered color like this that’s lighter on top is often naturally created by the sun, but if you haven’t been spending that much time outside, a good stylist can recreate the sun-kissed style without any UV exposure.

15Platinum and Gold Ombre

Natural ashy and one dimensional hair is given a major warm up with platinum and golden ombre that enhances the look of curls and gives an added illusion of volume to hair that’s on the thin side.

16California Dirty Blonde

With golden highlights to match her megawatt style, Hilary Duff is the ultimate California version of a dirty blonde. Lots of natural dark tones show through at the roots and underneath layers of hair, giving the whole style an effortless and natural appeal.

17Medium Ash Blonde

Mischa Barton’s dirty blonde hair on the O.C. was a perfect reflection of the dark side of California living that the beloved but short-lived series sought to show.

18Long Sandy Blonde

This ultra straight, sandy blonde hair features a middle part for a modern take on the hippie hairstyles of the late 60s and early 70s.

19Ashy Glam

While usually known for her ultra golden hair, Jennifer Lopez looks just as glamorous in this toned down ashy shade that’s better suited for winter months.

20High Contrast Undercut

Working the undercut for all it’s worth, Scarlett Johansson’s blonde highlights on top give great contrast to her much shorter, natural hair seen on the sides. Wearing this haircut with a heart shaped face may be cautioned against, but Scarlett proves that sometimes the rules don’t apply.

21Blonde Ombre Bob

As the reigning queen of pretty much everything, Beyonce put her stamp of perfection on dirty blonde hair with this bob that transitions from dark roots to buttery tips, featuring lots of intermixed tones in between. Ashy shades have been avoided, helping this hair to play up the warmth in her complexion.

22Ultra Long Natural Ash

Another hippie-inspired style, this waist length hair can be yours with extensions or endless amounts of patience in growing out your locks. This look features mostly ashy tones, but some streaks of warmer golden tones around the face add subtle softness and give a dash of modernity to this Little House On The Prairie hair.

23Dirty Blonde In The City

We’ve seen Sarah Jessica Parker wear styles ranging from wild natural curls to a chic chin-length bob, but her color is fairly consistently in the dirty blonde family. In this particular version we see lots of dark ash blonde hair get touches of warmth at the ends.

24Dirty Blonde Gradient

Transitioning from a dark ashy blonde to lighter ends, this natural looking color could be thanks to the sun or artful highlighting.

25Muted Honey

This honey blonde shade is a departure from the brunette and auburn shades we often see Emily Blunt wear. While those deeper hues look wonderful with her piercing blue eyes and usually porcelain skin, this dirty blonde color brings out a warmth in the actresses complexion that may be enhanced thanks to California living.

26Ultra Blonde Aniston

The second Jennifer Aniston look on our list, this is one of the lightest and warmest blondes we’ve seen the hair idol wear. All over highlights are perfect for summer months when you don’t want any ashy or subdued tones in your dirty blonde hair.

27Dark Blonde Bob

Another style that straddles the line between blonde and brunette, this short bob is a good example of how sophisticated monochromatic hair can look. This color is on the cooler side, but can be flattering on both cool or medium warm skin tones.

28Half Shaved Style

Actress Natalie Dormer caused quite a stir when she debuted this side shaved style on her honey blonde hair. The edgy cut makes for an interesting contrast with Natalie’s warm, sweet hair color.

29Dirty Blonde With Lavender Ombre

Your hair doesn’t have to be a bright white shade of blonde to take advantage of ombre or dip dyed ends in vibrant rainbow or muted pastel shades. Dirty and darker blonde hair makes a beautiful canvas for applying semi-permanent colors, and the result is a little more sophisticated than on platinum blonde hair.

30Dirty Blonde Blunt Bob

As the reinvention of Khloe Kardashian continues, the youngest of the famous Kardashian clan recently debuted this shorter blunt style on the blonde locks she’s been wearing so well lately. Khloe’s colour is perfect for summer, combining dark, dirty roots with buttery smooth blonde ends.




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