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20 Hairstyles For Long Faces

If you’re feeling self conscious about a long face shape, getting the right haircut can drastically change the way you see your face. The key things to look for are styles that have more volume near the sides of your face than on top of your head, which will make cheeks look wider. Many types of bangs, from long and side swept to blunt bangs at brow level will also make your face look shorter by concealing your forehead. With so many options of hairstyles to flatter your long face shape, we’ve compiled our 20 favourites to help narrow down your search.

1Mid Length Cut With Deep Side Part

Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s blonde style pictured here is the perfect mid-length option for flattering long faces. Layers give hair body and fullness that widen the appearance of the face, while a deep side part sweeps a bang across the forehead.

2Long Waves With Blunt Bangs

For women with longer faces who are in love with mermaid locks, wearing hair with some texture is the best way to prevent your face from being elongated. Blunt bangs that hit just below the brow are the perfect addition to this look, because they conceal the forehead, therefore shortening the face and emphasizing the eyes.

3Face Framing Bangs

By covering part of the forehead and adding volume at the sides of the face, these long, centre-parted bangs help flatter long face shapes even when hair is tied back in a ponytail.

4Long Hair With Thick Texturized Bangs

This long style keeps hair relatively flat at the crown of the head to avoid adding length to the face, but uses waves to create volume throughout the rest of the hair. If blunt bangs are too much work for you, try these texturized bangs that land below brow level, shortening the face and creating a rounded silhouette thanks to gradual lengthening at the sides.

5Curly Bob With Deep Side Part

This chic bob is styled with curls that begin several inches below the roots, adding volume and bounce without making your face appear longer. These side swept bangs are slightly shorter than what’s usually recommended for women with longer faces, but the deep side part keeps them flattering.

6Medium Cut With Flicked Layers

Layers generally help to widen the appearance of the face, and the outward flick seen styled here adds an extra visual cue to draw the eye in a horizontal direction.

7Medium Cut With Big Waves

By cutting some long layers into thick, medium length hair, your naturally long face will look fuller at the cheeks. Subtle face framing highlights help add to the effect, and are a better choice than ombre colour that draws the eye downwards.

8Long Bang Pixie

Hair that’s cut shorter than bob length can be difficult when flattering long faces, as it’s harder to create the illusion of width at cheek level. If you’re set on trying a pixie cut, we’d recommend going for this sophisticated style that has enough length in the front pieces to sweep over the forehead, and avoid styling hair so that’s slicked down at the sides.

9Medium Almost-Blunt Cut

Kept at a fairly uniform length all around, some texturizing at the ends and a side swept bang give this haircut a round shape that creates the same illusion in the face.

10Long Glamour Curls

If you’ve got a long face, and you want to wear your hair long with no bangs, face framing curls are a must. Sarah Jessica Parker styles her long hair with volumizing curls that begin around cheek level, instantly widening her face, while highlights add an extra pop.

11Bouncy Layers

Leave it to a southern girl like Carrie Underwood to wear collarbone length hair like she’s the belle of the ball. These bouncy layers are both glamorous and fun, and this is one of the best bang-free ways to balance out an oblong face.

12Long Bob With Waves

For women with thick hair and a longer face shape, this wavy style with a deep side part makes a very flattering and surprisingly low maintenance choice. While Anne Hathaway is dressing up the look here, this hairstyle translates beautifully to everyday wear.

13Chin Length Bob With Retro Waves

One of the best styles for rounding off facial features, this chin length bob uses retro waves and dimensional colour to draw the eye out at the cheeks.

14Modern Pageboy With Bangs

If you like a chin length bob without any waves, try this straight style with textured ends that create a round shape, and side sweeping bangs to conceal some of the forehead.

15Long Bang Bob

For a more casual and easier to style haircut than the chin length bob, try this slightly longer style. The long bang in front helps to draw the eye to the cheeks, but doesn’t need to be blowdried and flat ironed every morning.

16Wavy Lob

The lob haircut with long layers that everyone’s after isn’t off limits if you have an oblong face, just aim to add curls and waves rather than styling hair flat.

17Lob With Deep Side Part

If you feel less interested in adding curls and waves to your lob, or your curls are in a flatter next-day style, move your part to one side to create the instant illusion of wider cheeks.

18Short Cut With Curls

This shorter style does a wonderful job of balancing out a long face thanks to curled hair drawn across the forehead in a deep side part.

19Triangle Bob

A blunt, chin length cut that’s worn in curls tends to create a triangle shape that some women avoid. As long as you aren’t trying to minimize a square jaw, this triangle frame will help to reshape your face, and is gaining popularity as a retro-inspired trend.

20Thick Vintage Curls

These springy curls land at chin length to create a bold, vintage feel while adding the appearance of fullness at the cheeks.



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