The Best Lilac Hair Looks

Lilac Hair Looks

Lilac hair is the beauty trend of the moment, with many of the world’s most influential celebrities and social media stars adopting the beautiful purple hues. In just the firs few months some of the world’s biggest music stars, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and Lady Gaga have shown off gorgeous lilac looks that have many off us rushing to the salon for a purple hairstyle of our own.

The lilac hair trend has so many variations with new colour ways, chocolate lilac and vanilla lilac looks, being particularly popular for 2019. So, get all your hair colour inspiration with our favourite lilac hair looks.

1Rich Chocolate Lilac Hair With Bangs

This mixture of lilac and dark chocolate tones in this lob are incredibly rich and lustrous, and are lovely against the model’s creamy skin tone. The wavy texture is beautiful for finer hair and the long wispy bangs frame the face to perfection.

2Long Vanilla Lilac Locks with Platinum Blonde Highlights

Bright, silvery and with a chic ash blonde base, these long locks are almost magical. Pastel lilac and platinum blonde highlights have been blended through the lengths for beautifully vibrant locks. Move over unicorn locks, there is a new magical style in town.

3Silvery Lilac Locks

This silvery-toned lilac hair is so stunning and ethereal with subtle highlights and lowlights that give the hair depth and dimension. The matte texture is beautiful as are the messy piecey waves. The mini waterfall braid and floral decoration make this style perfect for a wedding.

4Chocolate Lilac Locks with Deep Purple Highlights

These long ebony locks has such a gorgeous sheen that the dusky lilac tones really shine through. The addition of deep purple highlights create such a wonderful multi-tonal style that has so much depth. Gothic yet stunning.

5Long Glamorous Lilac Waves

The long and glamorous chocolate lilac locks almost look like they are glowing thanks to some bright silvery purple highlights. The brunette base tone is great for allowing the lilac and lavender tones to pop against. Beautiful!

6Icy Lilac Pixie Cut

This model’s elfin features have been accentuated with a super short pixie crop. The frosted lilac tones, peppered with silver highlights, complement her blue eyes, as well as looking so beautiful with bright blue eyes.

7White Chocolate Lilac Look

Dusky lilac tones complement ash blonde and Brown hair so well and this white chocolate lilac hair is to die for. The ash brown to a pastel lilac ombre is so soft and beautiful, don’t you think?

8Vanilla Lilac Blunt Bob

Ash blonde locks with a pastel purple highlights create this vanilla lilac hair look that is so chic and modern. The gorge colour and, cool and exceptional cut make for a lilac hairstyle that is super fresh and contemporary.

9Dusky Lilac Beachy Waves

Highlight a beautiful creamy skin tone with dusky lilac hair that picks put rosy tones to give a glow to the skin. These long locks are such a gorgeous shade of lilac and the beachy waves are so youthful and beautiful.

10Ash Blonde with Lilac Face-Framing Slices

Lilac and ash blonde are shades that work so beautifully together. Just tale a look at this wonderfully sleek inverted bob, which has a soft ash blonde base, with some lilac highlights that are concentrated around the hairline.

11Frosted Lilac Braids

Move over unicorn hair, these frosted lilac locks are just as magical and beautiful, and will make you feel like everyday is a fairy tale. The pastel colour is so vibrant and pretty, but the darker roots give it some edge. The multi-braided style is to die for, don’t you think?

12Milk Chocolate Lilac and Lavender Balayage

Chocolate lilac hair is going to be a huge beauty trend in to 2019 so if you have brunette locks you would like to add some colour too, it is worth considering. Just take a look at these milk chocolate locks that have been taken to the next level with a gorgeous lavender and lilac balayage.

13Poker Straight Vanilla Lilac Hair

Rapunzel herself would be proud of these lovely poker straight locks. White blonde, dark lilac and silvery lilac tones have been blended together to create vanilla lilac hair, which is a big hair colour trend for 2019. Sweet and delicious.

14Dusty Rose and Silvery Lilac Hair

These pastel locks have a wonderful holographic effect thanks to a beautiful mixture of dusty rose and silvery lilac tones. Keep your coloured locks as shiny and glossy as these by investing in a good quality care shampoo and conditioner.

15Long Dark Lilac Locks

The dark lilac shade of this hair is so striking and the good news is, it will look great with all skin tones. Styled into long messy waves, this style is so simple, it is the colour that really makes it stands out. Gorgeous, wouldn’t you agree?

16Subtle Chocolate Lilac Balayage

Even just the smallest hint of lilac can lift and totally transform brunette locks. This adorable bob has just a touch of lilac through the tips of the hair, which has brightened the ends beautifully.

17Sleek Lilac Bob for Fine Hair

The tones of this super sleek pop are so subtle and so effective. An ash brown base features lilac, dusky lilac and caramel tones, which have given great depth and lift to fine hair, whilst also helping to define the soft layers.

18Black to Frosted Lilac Ombre

Frosted lilac is such a beautiful shade and the contrast with the dark black roots is so eye-catching. Head to your local salon if you want to get the brightest colour without damaging your hair.

19Wavy Vanilla Lob with Twisted Braid

The creamy vanilla tones through this messy lob blend beautifully with smokey lilac and bright lilac tones. The colours look wonderful together and have been accentuated by the adorable twisted braid detail.

20Chocolate Lob with Peek-a-Boo Lilac Highlights

These peek-a-boo lilac highlights have added such great depth to this wonderful choppy bob. A dark lilac tone is just right with a dark brunette base colour, but if you hair is naturally dark, you will need to see a professional to lighten and colour locks effectively.

21Smokey Lilac Bob

This subtly graduated bob is so sleek and polished, which can be achieved by using a good quality heat protection spray before straightening your locks. The smokey lilac shade is so beautiful, with subtle greyish tones throughout the lengths being accentuated by the charcoal roots.

22Soft Ash Blonde and Dusky Lilac Waves

Thick locks styled into piecey waves would be gorgeous enough on their own, but the colouring of this hair elevates them totally. An ashy blonde base has soft dusky lilac highlights through the lengths and platinum blonde at the tips. Dreamy!

23Subtle Lilac Balayage

Under certain lights you may not even notice the subtle lilac balayage in this mid-length ash and platinum blonde hair. But, when a bright light, or sunshine hits, the pastel lilac through the lengths will shine through. It is always so wonderful when a hairstyle can completely change depending on the light.

24Curly Blonde to Lilac Ombre

Golden blonde locks contrast so well with darker shades of lilac and lavender. The big bouncy curls create a swirling colour effect that is so eye-catching – this is a lilac hair look that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

25A-Line Bob with Lilac Highlights

The A-line bob is such a classic style, one that s great for thick or thin hair, and for any face shape. This ashy blonde and brown style has been given such great depth and body with messy waves and streaks of vibrant lilac that contrast with darker roots. Effortless and chic.

26Multi-Tonal Lilac Bob with Bangs

Mix pinkish tones with dark and light lilac tones to create stunning pastel hair that isn’t too sweet. Slightly dark roots and full, sharp bangs add some edge to the hair, whist the waves gives a softness.

27Luscious Chocolate Lilac Curls

Glossy dark chocolate locks can be updated for Spring with this amazing magenta to dusky lilac ombre. Magenta tones are super complementary to lilac and well as chocolate browns, but they will require a good colour care regime to prevent fading.

28Ash Brown and Lilac Balayage

Sometimes a subtle touch of colour can be just as effective as all colouring the hair all over. Just take a look at this stunning ash brown hair which has a dark lilac tones just on the tips of the hair – gorgeous don’t you think?

29Lilac to Lavender Ombre

If you are looking for a two-toned style that packs a real punch then look no further than these lilac and lavender locks. The lilac is a more muted tone, which contrasts beautifully with the bold and vibrant lavender. Stunning!

30Deep Dusky Lilac and Purple Locks

A dark jewel-toned purple is a perfect base for some deep dusky lilac highlights. The colours are so vibrant and luscious, and the styling into loose waves allows multiple tones of purple to shine through.

31Lilac Rose Gold Balayage

Rose gold hair color is all the rage this season, and we can definitely see why! This multi-dimensional balayage has a dark brown base with gorgeous rose gold and lilac highlights and lowlights.

32Full ON Lilac Hair

Another gorgeous silvery lilac hair color on blonde base. Just stunning!



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