Edgy bob haircuts

30 Edgy Messy Bob Hairstyles

The humble bob has been proven to endure the test of time and will forever be a favorite whatever age a woman is. It is cute, it is classy, and it is chic, but best of all, it is low-maintenance. It is also very flexible. However, here we are going to show you 30 of the best messy bob hairstyles. Scroll on over and get inspired!

1Messy Rose Gold Bob

This hairstyle doesn’t require much time to put together because the hair color itself is already something to talk about. A quick run through with a curling rod here and there, and a drop of product, and you a ready to go!

2A-plus Edgy Bob Haircut

This is a combination of an A-line bob cut and a messy hairdo. It looks edgy and oh-so-stylish. This hairstyle will suit most face shapes since the front layer is longer and will frame the face nicely.

3The Shaggy Bob

The shaggy hair was quite popular in the 90s and it wasn’t really the most flattering. However, it has since gotten itself a nice update and is currently back on trend. This shaggy bob style with a messy do is flattering for all ages and quite easy to maintain.

4Choppy Bangs

Bangs have always been a sign of femininity, but not all women feel like having bangs suit them. There are actually many different styles of bangs that can suit different personalities and face shapes. This cute style features choppy bangs and a messy bob, a nice combination of femininity and spunk.

5Stylishly Messy

This hairstyle might take a little bit more effort than the usual “scrunch-and-bunch” method. However, if you are sporting a short bob, you will be done with styling in no time! Remember to curl your hair in different directions to make it look more natural and messier, and finish off with a light spritz of hairspray to hold it in place.

6Layered Messy Bob

One of the challenges of fine hair is that it is usually harder to style than thicker hair. Enter the layers. Having a short or mid-length bob with layers will not only make your hair look fuller, but the layers will also suit really well with the messy hairstyle.

7Caramel Balayage

Caramel highlights have always been flattering, especially for women with warmer skin tones. Combining a caramel-highlighted bob with a messy hairstyle will have you looking extra hot in no time!

8Curly Bob

A lot of our curly sisters shy away from the bob, afraid that the short style might spring their curls loose. And that is exactly what we want – loose happy curls everywhere, making this hairstyle quirky and fun, just like the model right here!

9Curly Pixie

And while we are on the subject of curls, why not take it a step further and get a pixie bob? It is cute and funky and can be styled in so many ways, contrary to what most people think. Appreciate this half-messy, half-pinned pixie bob hairstyle with a slight undercut. Isn’t it gorgeous?

10Long Bangs

Long bangs and a messy bob is the kind of hairstyle that just screams “summer” in all its glory. The messiness of the hairstyle doesn’t deter from the fact that it is quite girly. In this photo, it also provides a wonderful contrast to the lace dress.

11Textured Grey Bob

Grey hair has been all the rage last year, and if you love your grey hair but do not know what to do with it, why not up the ante by cutting it short? This beautifully textured grey bob looks really edgy and styling it is a breeze. Opt for light-weight wax and just feather through the edges and you are done!

12Medium Bob with Side Swept Bangs

If you do not want to go super short, you can always get a medium-length bob and some side swept bangs. This will be particularly flattering to women with smaller or larger foreheads as it balances out the shape of the face.

13Honey Blonde

When they say blondes have way more fun, maybe they really do! Check out this wonderful honey hair with blonde highlights. It didn’t need a lot of styling. In fact, you can just roll out of bed with it and still look gorgeous.

14Feathered Bob

Some women 40 and over like to keep their styles simple and they feel shy about experimenting with their hair because of their age. This is just plain wrong, because women of all ages should feel free to style their hair whichever way they want! This simple medium-length bob with feathered edges is an even balance of trendy and easy, giving anyone the boost of confidence that they need.

15Messy Medium Bob for Round Faces

There is a myth saying that women with round faces should shy away from short hairstyles because it is very unflattering. Not. True. A nice, messy, medium-length bob with layers and a side fringe would do really well for somebody with a round-shaped face. The layers and the fringe will create shadows and angles on the face, camouflaging the shape and making it appear narrower.

16Messy Straight Medium Bob

Women born with very straight hair might have a hard time styling their hair into a hot mess, but there is a tiny trick to that. Towel dry your hair, do not brush it, but run a bit of hair wax over it. Styling hair while damp can give your hair a bit more volume and texture – perfect for a messy hairstyle!

17Medium Length A-line Bob

This style is easy, breezy, and doesn’t require a lot of time. A medium length A-line cut is all you need. As always, don’t brush through your hair. Best is to let it air-dry, and while damp, add a bit of product to keep the “mess” in place.

18Choppy Bob with Highlights and Lightened Ends

A roughly chopped bob is a great start if you want to achieve a messy hairstyle. This look is easily achieved by randomly curling pieces of hair with a flat iron and tousling your hair afterward. Go for lightened ends to really make your face pop.

19Dark Shag with Highlights

Having strategically placed highlights can do wonders for one’s appearance. They lighten up your look and opens up the face. Paired with flat iron curls, this look is a sure winner with everyone!


Putting your hair half-up is a nice and easy way to have a “controlled mess” up in your crowning glory. This hairstyle is just perfect for days where you ”just can’t.” It is a look that says you are ready for anything.

21Twisted Half-up

This is a hairstyle that is chic and feminine minus the hours of effort. All you have to do is grab and twist a part of your hair from opposite sides towards the back of your head. It doesn’t have to be neat. The messier, the better. Secure them with bobby pins and loosen bits of hair here and there to add volume and texture.

22The Half-Braid

A lot of people think that styling short hair is really difficult because you don’t have a lot of hair to begin with. While that is just partially true, it doesn’t mean it is impossible. Take a look at this stylishly messy half-braid for example. It will suit any occasion depending on the kinds of accessories you use.

23Messy Fishtail Braid

Another great way to spice up a sweet bob is to do a loose fishtail braid on the side and secure it with a bobby pin. You have the option of doing flat iron curls with your remaining hair, or just tousle it with a bit of wax.

24Faux Hawk Bob

If you are one for an edgier style, then a fauxhawk may just be perfect for you. It is a simple half-braid with the middle third of your hair and secure the end with a scrunchie or bobby pins. Loosen bits of hair from the braid to get a messier style and curl your remaining hair for a bit more texture.

25Wavy Lob

If you are not very into cutting your hair short, a nice long bob (or a Lob) is the way to go. It is easily styled and you have more hair to work with. These waves are easily achieved with a good bubble waver.

26Medium Bob with Layers

A medium length bob with choppy layers is a wonderful way to show off the texture of your hair. Tousle it or curl it to achieve a sexy “just go out of bed” look. Air drying is also a good option.

27Beachy Waves with Highlights

Beachy waves are probably the easiest way to achieve a messy bob hairstyle. The cheapest way to get beachy waves is to use a salt-water spray on your hair, tousle it, and let it air dry. Other ways include a texturizing pomade and/or hair wax.

28Flat Iron Curls

Flat iron curls are really sexy. Remember to do your curls in different directions to achieve a more natural effect, as well as remember to separate the curls and tousle it a bit to get that messy-sexy look.

29Soft Ombre Bob

A nice ombre bob will be even more highlighted with soft, messy curls, easily achieved by a simple curling iron. The curls with bring out the light color in your hair, giving you a nice and natural glow.

30Purple Waves

An adventurous way to make your bob really stand out is to dye it in eye-catching colors. We are loving this purple and grey number, and paired with the waves, it is one head-turner.



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