Pageboy Haircut for Women

Pageboy Haircut For Women

The last time I saw a pageboy haircut it was in my mum’s wedding album – she had that pageboy hairstyle when she married over 35 years ago. I thought she looked so stunning with those short, sharp, and sleek locks, so I am delighted that the pageboy haircut is making a major comeback this season. The retro style is characterized by turned under lengths that fall below the ear and full bangs. Whether you go for classic retro or for a contemporary twist, your pageboy style will be a real head-turner. Check out some of our favorite pageboy haircut ideas for women.

1Blush Pink with Cropped Bangs

You would be surprised in the versatility of the modern pageboy haircut. This cut is so fresh and contemporary, with the short layers and bangs and the on-trend blush pink shade with dark roots. Tucking the front sections of hair around the ears creates a total different shape and gives a bit of an Elvish feel.

2Classic Pageboy Haircut with Asymmetric Bangs

This style takes its shape from the classic pageboy haircut but has some contemporary elements added that bring it up to date. The dark chocolate to chestnut ombre emphasises the beautiful shape of the polished style and the asymmetric bangs are super interesting.

3Messy Edges and Texture Pageboy Haircut

The classic pageboy cut is incredibly neat and polished, but if you like your style to be a little rough around the edges you can tease some texture through the ends of the hair. This creates a messy texture, whilst still maintaining the great shape of the retro style.

4Layered Pageboy Haircut  for Fine Hair

The pageboy is a hairstyle for all hair types, and this soft layered style is perfect for those with fine hair. Shorter layers through the crown create lift and finer layers through the length gives depth, as do the darker roots. The feathering around the face and the slightly side-swept bangs are stunning.

5Modern Pageboy Haircut with Short Bangs

This modern pageboy hairstyle has so much movement and texture. The short bangs are contemporary and the choppy ends give an edgy feel. Coppery highlights in a rich mahogany base accentuate all the wonderful layering – beautiful!

6Wavy Lengths and Textured Layers

Pageboy haircut doesn’t have to be all neat and sharp, it can be tousled and textured, which will create extra volume for those with finer hair. The tousled waves in his style are so playful and gorgeous. A great take on the pageboy trend.

7Long Pageboy Haircut with Full Bangs

If you prefer to keep some length to your hair choose a longer pageboy haircut style like this one which is rounded from the fringe down to just below the nape of the neck. The multiple tones of blonde and caramel are stunning, don’t you think?

8Sleek Silver Pageboy Haircut

Grey and silver tones are still a big hair color trend and it is not hard to see why, looking at this gorgeous modern pageboy haircut style. The short, sharp bangs draw attention to the model’s beautiful eyes and the blunt edges are cool and polished.

9Side-Parted with Piecey Bangs

Fun and playful, this pageboy haircut has a side-parting instead of having all the hair brushed forward. This creates lift through the crown which is great for finer hair. The piecey bangs are also a smart choice for those with thin hair and they are bang on-trend right now.

10Pageboy Haircut Style with Grown-out Bangs

For those with a rounder face full bangs that are rounded around the face may not be the best choice. Slightly grown out bangs that create an angle will balance out a rounder face, as well as drawing attention to cheekbones.

11Super Blunt Cut with Texture

The classic pageboy haircut is known for its turned under edges, but keeping the ends super blunt is so cool and edgy. The sharpness of this cut is unbelievable and the caramel highlights and rough texture gives some great movement.

12Lavender Textured Pageboy Haircut

The pastel lavender shade of this pageboy cut is so soft and delicate which contrasts so well with the tousled texture and sharp edges of the layers. The darker purple roots give the style great depth and make the pastel lengths appear to be even brighter. Dreamy!

13Retro-Inspired Classic Pageboy Haircut

Sometimes there is no need to mess with a classic. The page boy was one of the quintessential cuts of the 1970s and its sleek rounded shape still looks phenomenal today. The classic shape looks amazing on those with an oval face and this length that hits just at the jawline it perfect.

14Platinum Bob with Box Bangs

The juxtaposition of the rounded shape and the angular box bangs of this pageboy haircut is incredibly fashion-forward. Instead of keeping the hair a similar length and turning under to create the rounded shape, it has been done with layers that have been messed up around the crown to create texture. Great bold platinum blonde color too.

15Pageboy Haircut with Parted Bangs

As the pageboy is such a precise cut, you may think that it will loose all of its shape in little more than a few weeks. Well, take a look at this cut – the bangs framing the face have grown out, but they still look absolutely beautifully when parted in the centre., as they will id you decide to side-sweep them.

16Fiery Red with Choppy Texture

The fiery red shade of this pageboy haircut is so striking and it contrasts so beautifully against the black roots. The choppy texture gives so much movement through the crown and at the nape of the neck. Gorgeous!

17Classic Wedge Pageboy Haircut

The wedge haircut is an angled cut similar the pageboy or bowl cut but with longer sections around the hairline to frame the face and create the classic wedge shape. A retro haircut that is still so stylish today.

18Pageboy Haircut with Flicked-out Ends

There is something so sultry and glamorous about this modern pageboy hairstyle. Instead of being curled under, the ends of this style have been flicked out and the layers are given a little texture. A gorgeous way to wear the pageboy cut.

19Short Pageboy Haircut with Messy Texture

If you prefer having short hair and are looking to try something other than a pixie cut, consider a short pageboy haircut. It looks great styled sleek and straight with oodles of shine, or when roughed up with a messy and matte texture like it is here.

20Icy Blonde Contemporary Cut

The icy blonde shade of this contemporary pageboy haircut is to die for and should be kept looking its finest using a purple toned shampoo and conditioner to prevent any brassiness. The subtle layers and the long bangs are just gorgeous.

21Beautiful Bouncy Curly Pageboy Haircut

Hair that is naturally curly will still look gorgeous with a pageboy cut as it works well the natural texture. The bouncy volume and movement of this style is lovely and has a really natural vibe.

22Cross Between a Shag and Pageboy Cut

Two classic haircuts from the Seventies have met in this hairstyle and the result is absolutely stunning. Somewhere between a pageboy cut and the messy-layered shag cut, this style will work so well on finer hair and the mustard shade is gorgeous.

23Contemporary Rose Gold Pageboy Haircut Style

The delicate rose gold shade of this Pageboy haircut is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer, as is the carefree and tousled pageboy cut. Relaxed and completely effortless.

24Short Pageboy with Undercut

If you have thicker hair or like an edgier haircut consider a short pageboy with an undercut. Popular in the 1990s the undercut has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, perfect for taking out some weight in heavier, thicker hair.

25Sleek Black and Red Style

Editorial and elegant this long pageboy is super precise without a single hair out of place. To keep a pageboy looking this sharp it will need regular trims and to be held in place with a lightweight firm hold hairspray that also adds shine.

26Short Classic Pageboy

The model’s creamy skin tone has been accentuated by the rich black shade of her short pageboy cut, which frames her face beautifully. Loving the body and the subtle layering through the lengths.

27Cute Purple Pageboy with Short Bangs

The easiest way to bring a retro hairstyle up to date is with contemporary color. The rich jewel-toned purple is gorgeous and the short bangs suit the model to perfection. Furthermore, it is lovely how the pointed end of the style draws attention to her great cheekbones.

28Short Pageboy for Fine Hair

Finer and thin hair will suit this softer and less structured version of the pageboy haircut. The face is still framed, but fine layers have been used to give texture and a bit of extra body through the lengths. The honey blonde shade is lovely against green eyes, don’t you think?

29Midnight Blue Pageboy

There is a real Gothic feel to this contemporary pageboy style with the sharp edges and dark midnight blue shade. Definitely and eye catching take on the pageboy trend.

30Effortless Layered Pageboy

Change the look of your pageboy by making use of your hair’s natural texture. Put the straighteners to one side and spritz damp hair with a texturizing spray and dry roughly. The result will be a gorgeous effortless texture that is so beautiful and will require minimal styling.

31Bowl Pageboy Haircut

So which one of these pageboy haircuts is your go to style? Write us in the comments.



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