bridal hairstyles

Bridal Hair Styles

Every bride wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day. The dress is the big show stopper of the day, of course, but hair and make up will help a bride to feel beautiful in one of the happiest days of her life. Whether you have short or long hair, there will be a beautiful bridal style that will be perfect for your big day. So, get some inspiration for your wedding day with some of our favourite bridal hairstyles.

1Curled Graduated Bob with Big Floral Accessory

This graduated bob looks so gorgeous given some curls throughout the lengths and a big beautiful accessory pinned in at the back. Keep curls in place all day long with a good quality curl setting spray.

2Elegant Low Pinned Style

Shorter hair can still be styled into a stunning bridal up-do. Pin sections of hair artfully at the nape of the neck with a few loos tendrils for a beautiful bridal style for short hair that is effortless.

3Icy Blue Bridal Fishtail Braids

Brightly coloured hair may not be necessarily traditional, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be beautiful. This fairy tale bridal style features icy blue locks with stunning navy blue at the roots, plaited into a gorgeous fishtail braid style. Loving the subtle floral detail.

4Vintage-Inspired Bob

This 1920’s-inspired bob is incredible elegant, with its soft finger waves and pin curls. The vintage jewelled head piece is so beautiful and brings an extra sparkle to the bride’s eyes. Stunning!

5Bouncy Curls with Waterfall Braid

These big bouncy curls with a half waterfall braid are so beautiful and carefree, and would be perfect for a beach wedding, don’t you think? Weave a few small flowers or jewelled hair pins through the braid to complete the look.

6Modern Beehive with Pompadour Bangs

This contemporary take on the retro beehive hairstyles is stunning, particularly with some soft pompadour bangs to balance out the style. The long loose tendrils around the face are the perfect finish touch to the style.

7Herringbone Braid with Floral Crown

This herringbone braided style with multiple chunky braids is so elegant and effortless. The matte texture of the hair perfectly matches the whimsical style and the delicate floral crown is the perfect finishing touch.

8Messy High Bun with Wrap Around Braid

The messy bun works for every occasion, even a wedding. This messy high bun is simple and chic, with a wrap-around braid adding an extra touch of elegance and something to place a few hair jewels or flowers.

9Multi-Braid Style with Pearls

This rainbow pastel hair is already dreamy, but has been made even more magical with the addition of multiple braids and a beautiful pearl accessory.

10Old Hollywood Waves with Pretty Flowers

You can wear all of your hair down for a wedding and still have a seriously glamorous style. Just take a look at these superb Old Hollywood waves, which have been swept behind one ear and pinned in place with a beautiful floral accessory.

11Classic Messy Low Bun

Hair with beachy waves can be easily styled into the classic messy low bun, which is a great low maintenance style for a bride. If a few tendrils escape over the course of the day, the messy bun will still look super chic.

12Effortless Low Chignon

If you are looking for a bridal hairstyle that is a little more polished, then this effortless low chignon is a great choice. There is a little bit of looseness in this style for a carefree touch with the tendrils around the face and in the chignon itself.

13Romantic Up-Do with Dutch Braid

This bridal style is full of romance, with gorgeous curls pinned to the back of the head, escaping tendrils, and lovely Dutch braid detail. Cute floral accessories pinned into the curls are a wonderful romantic touch.

14Short Red Pixie With Floral Crown

Even the shortest of hair can be completely transformed for a wedding day with some lovely accessories, such as this stunning floral crown, which really accentuates the beautiful red shade of the model’s hair.

15Pastel Blue with Floral Up-Do

The pastel blue shade of this hair will make a real impact on any wedding day and a talented stylist has managed to pin half the hair in such a way that it has formed the shape of a flower. Stunning!

16Curled Half-Up Style with Face-Framing Tendrils

This half-up bridal style has been given some extra volume with big bouncy curls and by pinning sections of the hair all the way down the back of the head. The style is incredibly soft and the face-framing tendrils are beautiful.

17Side-Swept Fishtail Braid with Bangs

For a bridal hairstyle that will stay in place all day with little fuss, consider this side-swept fishtail braid. It is relaxed and chic, with a touch of polish thanks to the sleek full bangs and jewelled head band.

18Beautiful Bridal Ponytail

This simple yet elegant ponytail is the perfect bridal hairstyle for those with finer hair. Backcombing at the crown and the base of the ponytail creates volume and body in the right places and the pretty clip is lovely.

19Low Chignon with French Braid

This is a gorgeous bridal style for those with mid length hair. The hair has been plaited into a loose french braid and the ends secured into a sleek chignon.

20Blush Pink Messy High Bun

This high bun is so versatile – it would look great for a day at the beach, but also would be perfect for a wedding when the gorgeous trailing leaves hair accessory is added. The face-framing layers and the blush pink shade are so soft and lovely.

21Messy Low Side Bun with Braid

The chunky caramel highlights of this dark chocolate hair look so wonderful styled into a messy low bun with a fed in French braid. Loving the gold leaf accessory.

22Beautifully Pinned Natural Curls

These natural curls are so elegant they don’t really need much styling to have a high impact on a wedding day. A section of the hair has been pinned away from the face with an ornate accessory to accentuate the model’s beautiful bone structure.

23Long Loose Four-Strand Braid

How angelic is this loose four-strand braid? Extra body and length can be added to your hair to create this style with some temporary clip in extensions. A few fresh flowers pinned randomly through the braid si the perfect finishing touch.

24Messy Bridal Bob with Bangs

This bob is absolutely beautiful for a bride. Making the most of the hair’s natural texture, styling has been kept to a minimum, with a bright white floral headband contrasting with the deep brunette shade. Lovely!

25Chic Milk Maid Braid

There is a real effortless quality to this milkmaid braid with the loose strands of hair and relaxed braid. It will look gorgeous with a few floral accessories weaved into the braid, don’t you think?

26Multi-Braided Style with Side Bun

The dusky rose tone of this style is beautiful as are the incredibly neat and polished braids and the sweet side bun. The little roses pinned into bun are so simple yet elegant.

27Half-Up Braided Style for Short Hair

The Merlot and burgundy shade of this hair is to die for and the loose waves really allows the multiple tones to shine through. The half up braided style is subtle, but still a perfect style for a wedding.

28Big Bouncy Ringlet Curls

Make the most out of gorgeous long and thick locks with big and bouncy ringlet curls. The dramatic jewelled hair comb, holding back some of the curls is so dreamy and wedding appropriate.

29Low Curled Ponytail with Braid

The soft, free curls in this low ponytail are lovely and the Dutch braid creates a hairband effect, separating the style from the loose tendrils which frame the face.

30Simple and Elegant Low Side Chignon

The classic low chignon has been given a bit of a twist with some asymmetry, pinning the chignon to the side and balancing this out with a beautiful accessory. Gorgeous!

31Wavy Bridal Lob

Beautiful waves have transformed this A-line bob into something so soft and stunning. A section of hair has been pinned up behind the ear with gorgeous bridal flowers. Such a lovely, effortless hairstyle for a wedding day.

32Boho Fishtail Braid

If you are planning a beach wedding or a more informal ceremony this could be the perfect style for you. The half fishtail braid has a Bohemian feel to it, which is added to with the colourful floral accessories.

33Low Messy Bun with Multiple Briads

A messy lob can be such a versatile bridal style as you can add braids or accessories to suit your own personal look. The differently sized braids are so interesting, don’t you think?

34Gorgeous Side-Swept Curls

Long glossy curls side-swept across one shoulder always looks so romantic. Keep your locks looking shiny all day long with a good quality finishing spray.

35Elegant Lavender and Lilac French Twist

The French twist is a great bridal hairstyle as it will work in relatively short hair to long locks. The lilac and lavender hair colours are incredibly ethereal and look lovely with the model’s pale skin tone.



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