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Chic Black Braided Hairstyles

Since the beginning of time one of the most worn styles of ethnic women were braids. Braids come in a variety of styles, colors, and lengths. They are not only worn with weave but with natural hair as well. Braids have really become “mainstream” in today’s society, but have always been around. This year you can see them styled on runways, and as a focal point in magazines. Wearing braids does not have to be boring, if you have the skills and imagination there are so many ways to style them. You have the option to experiment with different colors, different hair accessories, and even different hair lengths, all while not causing damage to your own hair. For black women specifically braids can also aid in hair growth because you are protecting your hair from heat and over manipulation. Here are 20 super cute and versatile braided hairstyles for black women.

1Faux Under Cut Braid Hairstyles for Black Women

Shaved hair has been all the crave lately, and lets be honest most people are not up to shaving their head. Why not get the look with these cute braids ? Rasheeda is rocking these super cute braids that are curved and braid to one side, completing the look with the other side left out and wavy.

2The braided crown

Continuing on with wavy hair styles, I absolutely adore this boho chic hair that Jill Scott is wearing. The crown of her hair is cornrowed going back into this beautiful wavy afro. To get this look start on freshly washed hair, moisturize your hair, then braid the crown of your wet hair. To get the wavy texture simple add 1 inch perm rods and sit under your dryer until completely dry, finger style when dry.

3Braided bun updo

The perfect summer style ! Lets face it, it gets super hot in the summer and we do not want a lot of hair on our necks and backs. Why not try this super cute braided bun ? simply cornrow your hair and pin into your desired bun style. The best part of this style is that you can show off super cute accessories, and you’re on fleek makeup !

4Goddess Braids

One of my personal favorite styles is the straight back goddess braids. These are simple yet edgy. I love how you can go out in a simple t-shirt and jeans or hit the red carpet in a sexy dress. As you can see this shows off ciaras strong profile, (im so jealous).

5Halo braid

The quick and easy halo braid. I absolutely love rocking this super simple halo braid. Even if you’re not the most skilled braider you can do this. Split your hair down the middle or at the temple if you prefer a side part. Next braid the two sections slightly loose and pin in the back. How easy was that ? This look fits so well with her natural charisma which is warm and free.

6French Braids

Next we have the classic french braids. These have been around forever but this would not have been an appropriate list without them. They are perfect for any age, any hair type, and any hair length. Want a 90s vibe ? throw on a pair of gold door knocker earrings and a bold lip. Also don’t forget to have your baby hairs on FLEEK.

7Effortless curls with a side braid

If you want a simple style nothing to commit to then this style is for you. This style is definitely suitable for my natural girls. Turn your boring wash n go into this cute style by parting the front area of your hair into a medium sized section. Next split that into two smaller sections and create two braids. Pull your hair into a side ponytail and add cute headbands and hair clips. Keep this look fresh with a tinted moisturizer, bronzer, bold lashes, no eyeshadow, and a neutral lip.

8The queen bun

Another bun style but with a kick. I love the giant braid bun to keep a uniformed looked. Easily accomplish this by adding marley hair to make it bigger or smaller. This style suits women with round or oval faces.

9Braided puff

For all of my natural hair girls I have a awesome style that you can rock in any season. Rapper “lil mama” is rocking this cornrow braided puff. This is super simple and last a long time so you don’t have to be so time consumed with your hair. To keep with the natural vibe add flowers and flower crowns.

10Beach babe braid

Here we have this sort of messy but put together side braid. I love the simplicity of this style. You can dress this up in a little black dress or wear it when you’re running errands. you wanna know the best part ? it only takes about 30 seconds tops!

11Flipped bang and long braid ponytail

Looking for more of an edge ? Try out this funky style rapper EVE was rocking at the BET awards. She is wearing full bang with LOTS of volume that is flipped into sort of a french roll. She kicks it up a notch by adding a super long braid working as a ponytail. I love the chesnut brown color with the blonde highlights, but I think this would look super fierce in a jet black color.

12A POP of Red & Copper

When Rihanna went on her red frenzy she was surely the hot topic. This reddish/copper color can be a hard one to pull off. If you have lighter eyes this will suit you. This elegant braid will allow for the bold color. I would love to see this vamped up with a matte black lipstick.

13Cornrows to the side with a twist

If you want a low manipulation style for natural hair try this. This hairstyle consist of cornrows falling to the side with the loose hair being in two strand twist. This is not only a time saver but also very versatile, for example you can pull the loose twist into a high bun, low bun, or top knot bun.

14Side Braid with swoop bang

I adore this side pony with a swoop bang. I think this is such a good look for prom. The braid is super practical and the side swoop makes it very elegant. You can do this with a middle part or a deep side part for a fuller bang.

15Simple cornrows with designs

If you want braid inspiration Alicia Keys is your go to girl. Simple straight back cornrows will always be in style. Why not step it up a notch and add zig-zags, criss crosses, and if you’re skilled enough even things like words and shapes (yes its possible) to add a ethnic touch add things like beads and loc jewels.

16Double bun fun

If you’re an instagram junkie like me, you’d know double buns have been the thing. I love this take on just the simple sock bun or messy bun. Stand out with this braided double bun. Add colorful or printed scrunchies on each bun for a fun twist. Also pull out those baby hairs and put on a winged liner.

17Half halo

Bigger is always better ! This half halo is truly fit for a queen. Its also super simple. Take 2 packs of jumbo braiding hair and part your hair in a deep side part. Then start at the highest point and do one continuous braid to your desired length. Accessorize with chunky earrings and fun lipsticks.

18The faux headband

I love this faux headband that Raven is wearing. It’s so effortless and the perfect “accessory” to your outfit. it is relaxed enough to dress down and chic enough to dress up. I also love that she did this style on ombre hair. I love the contrast of it. Sometimes we have to get a little creative, why not try it with different colors ?

19African Queen

Lupita Nyong’o is known for rocking her short hair. She surprised everyone when she sported this braided up do. Her hair is braided up to a puff with a thicker braid wrapping around her natural hair. This really shows off her heart shaped face and chocolate skin. I love how she kept her makeup simple that really made her hair and outfit the focal point.

20Messy Fishtail

Ms Keys making our list again with this super messy fishtail. This is a rocker chic look that would look great on any face shape. I think a black smokey eye and dark wine lip would really turn this look out. Try lipsticks such: Mac hang up, Mac Heroine, or Mac rebel.



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