Best Toasted Coconut Hairstyles


Toasted Coconut Hair Color Looks

There is a new highlighting trend emerging for summer 2019, which is a little different from the standard platinum or honey blonde streaks or balayage. The new hair trend is stunning toasted coconut colour, which involves a darker root that transitions into creamy and bright blonde at the tips, in a contemporary take on the balayage and ombre. Or, the style can involve toasty coconut highlights brightening up the lengths of brunette or darker blonde hair. It is so versatile and beautiful and brings life to your hair. So, check out some of our favourite toasted coconut hair colour styles.

1Super Sleek A-Line Toasted Coconut

There is such a light and airy feel to this sleek and straight A-line cut, which has ash blonde roots with toasted coconut highlights through the lengths. Bright and beautiful, and a great style for those with both thin and thick hair.

2Long Toasted Coconut Ombre

These long wavy locks are so lush and beautiful. A warm chestnut blonde base has been blended to toasted coconut tips, with a few caramel highlights throughout the lengths to give great multi-tonal colour.

3Edgy Grey Base

This wavy asymmetrical bob is so stunning – it has great texture and super movement. The dark grey base and roots have given the coconut lengths a smoky feel, which is edgy and cool. A great take on the highlighting trend.

4Toasted Coconut and Caramel Ombre

The multiple tones of this long hair are so gorgeous and warm. A dark chocolate base blends into stunning toasted coconut tips, with caramel and honey highlights creating great depth and adding definition to the loose waves. Dreamy!

5Mid-Length Toasted Coconut Waves

Ashy blonde hair has been completely transform with a vibrant toasted coconut ombre, with thick slices of the smoky blonde throughout the choppy lengths. Subtle caramel highlights warm up the lengths and brighter tones around the face, will draw attention to features.

6Toasted Coconut Subtle Face-Framing Layers

The toasted coconut hair trend can be very subtle if you just want a touch of colour. These long messy chestnut waves have just been given a hint of the trend with toasted coconut slices around the face. Simple and chic.

7Tousled Beachy Toasted Coconut Waves

The texture of these beachy waves are to die for – she looks like she has just stepped off the beach. Toasted coconut highlights through honey blonde hair creates a sun-kissed effect, bringing some sunshine to every day.

8Wavy Lob with Toffee Highlights

Ash brown hair is a great base for toasted coconut as it provides a great contrast making the toasted coconut highlights look even brighter. The addition of soft toffee highlights warms up the hair and gives an extra dimension to the hair.

9Toasted Coconut and Icy Blonde Ombre

How bright and bold are these stunning long locks? Darker ash blonde roots melt into vibrant toasted coconut lengths, with icy blonde highlights giving a silvery sheen…stunning!

10Toasted Coconut Highlights in Black Hair

Darker tones of hair look great with toasted coconut highlights as they are such a contrast to the bright blonde tones. These black locks are gorgeous with a toasted coconut balayage, don’t you think.

11Bright Chunky Blonde Coconut Highlights

It is great how the chunky highlights favoured in the 1990s are coming back in style. If you are a fan of bold slices of colour then this could be the toasted coconut hairstyle for you. The bold highlights are so striking against the ash brown and honey base.

12Wavy Lob with Ash Brown Base

If you are loving the toasted coconut shade, why not go for an overall colour (may wash out paler ski tones without warmer highlights) like in this wavy lob. Just the roots have been kept an ashy brown to give these finer locks extra depth and the illusion of volume.

13Long layered Style with Face-Framing Highlights

This gorgeous layered style has a bit of a seventies vibe a la Farah Fawcett, don’t you think? The flicked out layers and bright coconut highlights around the face draw attention to the model’s beautiful features and skin tone.

14Gorgeous Toasted Coconut Asymmetric Lob

So effortless and relaxed, this slightly asymmetric bob with long layers falling over the face. The sunny colouring of the hair is divine also with bright toasted coconut ends with subtle honey highlights and chocolate roots.

15Toasted Lob with Bright Coconut Tips

A blunt-edged bob always looks contemporary and youthful and this lob is just gorgeous. The bright tips of the hair draws attention to the wonderful cut, accentuating the sharp edges.

16Toasted Coconut Warm Honey Base

The warm honey base and chunky toasted coconut highlights through the lengths is such a stunning dye job that will work for all skin tones. Loving that streak of bright coconut around the hairline with help to make skin glow. Stunning!

17Messy Lob with Chunky Toasted Coconut Highlights

The messy lob is a timeless hairstyle and this one has been taken to the next level with an amazing hair colour. A lovely honey blonde base has been given chunky toasted coconut highlights, which contrast against ash blonde roots.

18Toasted Coconut, Caramel Base and Curls

Fine toasted coconut highlight has defined the loose curls in a glossy caramel base. A great way to add depth and volume to long hair that is finer in texture.

19Lob with Beachy Waves

The fresh and carefree texture of this lob is incredible and the dark chocolate base complements the blonde and toasted coconut ombre perfectly. Create piecey texture in your locks at home with a good salt water spray or texturising gel, applied to damp hair.

20Warm Toasted Coconut Waves

The chocolate and toffee base of these long locks are so warm and rich, they have been given a more creamy toned coconut highlight to keep the luxurious feel, with a few brighter platinum streaks worked through the lengths.

21Graduated Bob with Subtle Coconut Highlights

The shape of this graduated bob is gorgeous, with the rounded and tapered back and the sharper long lengths at the front. The ash brown base has beautiful natural looking warm toasted coconut highlights…lovely!

22Super Long Locks with Coconut Balayage

If you are lucky enough to have amazing long locks like these, anything you do with your hair will be beautiful. The toasty coconut balayage is gorgeous against a really dark brown base, and it is great how the natural texture of the hair is allowed to shine through.

23Chocolate Hair with Toasted Tips

There is so much to love about this sunny ombre. The choppy edges of the wavy lob are emphasised with bright coconut tips and the chocolate base is just scrumptious. A lovely style for the incoming spring and summer.

24Piecey Waves with Coconut Ombre

These lovely piecey waves have an elegant grunge feel too them. Styles loose and free, the almost black base contrasts with warm caramel highlights and toasted coconut slices throughout the ends and around the face. Gorgeous!

25Bright Toasted Coconut Blunt Bob

The blunt edges of this bob have been softened with some messy waves and texture, and gorgeous honey and toasted coconut highlights. Dark roots peek through the layers create depth and volume and those side swept bangs are cool and youthful.

26Long Sleek Coconut Locks

The toasted coconut trend looks just as good on poker straight hair as is does on hair with texture and waves. Super bright tips give straight and sleek hair almost a weightless feel – airy and light. Slices of caramel peeking through the coconut lengths breaks up the colour beautifully.

27Silvery Toasted Coconut Lob

The combination of silver, toasted coconut and subtle caramel highlight has created an almost metallic feel to it that is bang on trend for 2019. Keep you coconut hair from turning brassy by using a special purple-toned shampoo that counteracts yellow brassy tones in light hair.

28Ash Blond and Golden Blonde Bob

Toasted Coconut highlights can be a little too cool-toned for some people, particularly those with paler skin tones. But, if you prefer warmer hair colours you can still adopt a touch of coconut. Just take a look at this lovely centre-parted wavy bob. Chocolate roots give ways to lovely honey blonde lengths, with some subtle and fine coconut highlights around the face and through the lengths.

29Ashy Base with Toasted Coconut Balayage

From a really warm hairstyle to a gorgeous cool-toned style with plenty of edge. A dark ashy base almost has a grey tone to it, which gives the toasted coconut balayage a silvery appearance. Ash blonde highlights soften the contrast between the bright tips and the dark roots. Effortless, don’t you think?

30Toasted Coconut Twist

The multi-tones of this hair have been accentuated with a relaxed twisted half-up hairstyle. The chunky slices of toasted coconut, honey and caramel swirl together in a beautiful effect. A dark chestnut base allows all the wonderful hair colours to pop – just beautiful!



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