Best Long Bob Haircuts with Layers

Long Bob Haircuts with Layers

The long bob aka the ‘Lob’ is probably one of the most popular hairstyles for women. There is so much versatility in the style that can range in lengths from below the chin to sitting just below the collar bone…Layers are going to be be big in 2019, so if you’re thinking of getting the chop this year or updating your existing Lob consider adding some layers to give some extra texture, movement and volume to your style. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out some of our favourite long bob haircuts with layers.

1Collar Length Bob with Face-Framing Layers

The dark chocolate shade of this long bob is absolutely gorgeous, which has been enhances with just a few subtle highlights in a warmer brown. This helps to defines the soft layers that frame the face and the long bangs falling over one eye.

2Blush Pink Wavy A-Line Bob

The classic A-line bob has been given extra depth with some soft piecey waves, dark roots and subtle layers through the lengths, which have sharp, blunt ends. The blush pink colour is gorgeous and will look great against all skin toned from fair to dark. Lovely for summer!

3Fiery Layered Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

The fiery shades of this bob are so striking and beautiful, as well as helping the emphasise the layers. The big, bouncy waves add so much texture and allow all the stunning shades or red, orange, magenta, and mahogany shine through. Additionally, the side swept bags give some softness to an angular face, whilst drawing attention to gorgeous cheekbones.

4Tousled Layers and Chesnut Ombre

Rough up your layers with some texturising clay to create this gorgeous tousled texture that has so much wonderful movement and body. The centre-parted bangs are lovely, as is the rich dark chocolate to chestnut ombre.

5Extreme A-Line Bob

This extreme A-line bob is the perfect layered lob for those with thick hair, as so much weight is taking out with the sharp graduation from the nape of the neck down to way below the collarbone. Keep your style sleek and polished by using a shine heat protection spray before using your straightening irons.

6Shoulder Length Bob for Thick Hair

Layers can be used to give a bob shape in thick hair. In this style layers throughout the lengths and around the face give a beautiful rounded shape to the long bob. A timeless hairstyle for sure.

7Straight Blonde Lob

Straight bobs look great with layers, giving locks extra depth and definition. The A-line shape of this bob has been enhanced with subtle layering and an extreme side-parting. The multiple tones of blonde and caramel are gorgeous for summer…lovely.

8Chunky Layers with Full Bangs

The chunky layers of this long bob have given the style a real grunge appeal, with a shaggy texture and how about that amazing mustard shade? The full bangs are gorgeous and carefree, as well as helping to balance out a squarer jaw line.

9Ashy Blonde Bob with Layers

The colours of this ashy blonde and brown bob are so on-trend right now and the lighter tones in the layers around the face are stunning. Flicking out the layers around the face creates great body and the tousled waves give and effortless texture.

10Wavy Lob for Fine Layers

Layering through a long bob is a great way to add volume and body into fine hair. This wavy lob has some long layers through the length that when styles into messy waves has really boosted the lift and movement of fine hair, which can sometimes be a little flat.

11Pastel Inverted Bob

There is so much to love about this stunning inverted bob. Layers have created great lift at the crown and beautiful rounded shape to the nape of the neck. Then there is the gorgeous dye job – The icy and ash blonde base is gorgeous and are the perfect complementing colours for the icy blue of the front layers and a few peek-a-boo highlights.

12Curly Lob with Layers

Natural curls look amazing when cut into a layered bob as the layers help to create all this beautiful bouncy volume that is carefree and effortless. These blonde pencil curls are stunning and the layers and bangs frame the face beautifully. Amazing!

13Soft Layers and Long Bangs

Just a few subtle layers can great a little extra texture and movement in thick hair that can become weighed down. This long bob has been given a touch of lightness with some layering just in the last few inches of hair. The grown out bangs are lovely too, really drawing attention to the model’s lovely eyes.

14Long Inverted Bob with Layers

The rose pink shade of this hair is just so beautiful for the upcoming Spring and the cut of this inverted bob is so chic. Tapering to a sharp angled point at the front, layers have helped to create a great graduation and soft shaping in towards the nape of the neck.

15Long Asymmetric Bob with Asymmetric Layers

The asymmetric bob always feels really fresh and contemporary and what is so great about the style is the versatility. This unique style has great flicked out layers on one side of the face, which looks so stunning, don’t you think?

16Long Shaggy Bob with Bangs

The contrast between the shaggy layers and the blunt fringe in this messy lob is absolutely gorgeous. The chestnut brown ombre is a warm take on the ever popular trend – a beautiful long bob for fine or thick hair.

17Centre-Parted Bob with Blonde Balayage

If you have a rounder face you may want to consider a centre-parted bob that has layers that fall below the chin. The layers around the face have been styles to fall over the face and then flick out, which really helps to elongate a round face.

18Choppy Layers and Piecey Bangs

To give you layers a rough texture, rub a little texturising clay between your palms and use to tease out desired sections until you achieve the desired effect. You can do the same with the bangs to create the piecey effect.

19Tousled Bob with Toasted Coconut Highlights

Toasted coconut is probably one of the hottest highlighting hair colours of the moment and in this long bob, thick slices of the bright shade have been used to help define long layers. Stunning!

20Unicorn Lob with Messy Layers

The dreamy unicorn hair trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon and with all those sweet pastel shades, why would it? This unicorn bob has lovely messy layers throughout the lengths which has created such a playful texture and effortless vibe.

21Chocolate Caramel Asymmetric Bob with Layers

There is just a touch of asymmetry to this bob and with tousled waves and a caramel balayage, the style is youthful and contemporary. The texture is incredibly soft and weightless – gorgeous!

22Relaxed Bob with Bangs

The cut and styling of this layered bob are so laid back and relaxed. The tousled waves are gorgeous, as is the layered bangs that fall ever so slightly over one eye. The deep auburn colour is so gorgeous against the model’s creamy skin tone, don’t you think?

23Blunt Layered Bob with Ombre

Centre-parted bangs, a striking ombre, choppy textures, and blunt ends all make this bob a real winner. The ends of the hair have been teased out to create a little texture, whilst still keeping the style polished and sleek.

24The Modern Mullet

The mullet was an extremely popular hairstyle in the 80s and it is nice to see that the style has been updated for the 21st century. This lovely lilac style features long lengths around the side and the back, with short bangs and layers around the crown to create an updated shape to the classic style.

25Layered Burgundy Bob

The burgundy colour of this hair is to die for and some subtle magenta highlights have really helped to pick out the subtle layering. The hair has such a lovely glossy sheen, which can be achieved with a high quality shine spray.

26Beachy Texture and Bangs

Emphasise the natural texture of your hair by applying a salt water spray on damp hair and allowing to dry naturally. This gives a great matte and piecey texture that will show off layers in a long bob. The sun-kissed highlights and messy bangs add to the relaxed beachy vibes. Gorgeous!

27Shag Haircut with Bangs

The shag cut of the Seventies has made a bit of a comeback in recent years and you have to love that grunge texture and messy layering. Loving those eyelash-skimming bangs too.

28Wavy Inverted Lob with Layers

This inverted bob has is so soft and stunning with light waves and delicate layering throughout the lengths. The colour of this style is also pretty special. The dark chocolate base has been given a great tortoiseshell ombre melting through to chestnut brown, caramel and to honey blonde at the tips.

29Feathered Layers and Curls

The body and movement in this layered bob is simply incredible. An extreme side parting has created great lift and some loose curls have given the lengths super volume. So effortless and so beautiful.

30Bob with Long Layers and Bangs

The long bob with bangs is a simple haircut, but is is also a versatile on. Wear with a gentle wave, style sleek and straight and play with the bangs to create a different style for every day of the week.



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