Long Hair with Side Bangs styles

35 Great Ideas for Long Hair with Side Bangs

Long hair is such a wonderful thing to have because the number of things you can do with it is just infinite! It’s so much fun to play with, albeit needing a bit more care than short hair, but that goes with the territory. And with that, here are 35 fun hairstyles for long hair with side bangs that you might just enjoy trying on your own!

1Back Hair Bow

This hairstyle looks more complicated than it seems, but it is quite easy. Begin with gathering your hair half up and wrap your hair tie until it is ALMOST tight enough, and on the last wrap, pull your hair into a loop. It must not be a long loop and remember to leave enough hair behind to put between the center. Divide your loop neatly into 2, and pull the rest of the hair between the loops, securing it with bobby pins.

2Big Bun

The secret to a wonderful big bun is a hair donut. These things can easily be bought everywhere. For an even cheaper option, you can use a sock. Remember to choose those with colors nearest to your hair color. It wouldn’t do having a blonde hair donut peaking through your black hair bun.

3Curly Top Bun

Curly girls are so lucky. Their hair is so wonderful and interesting, and get both volume and texture too! With this hairstyle, if you have thick enough hair, you might not even need a hair donut to make your bun! Lucky you!

4Half-Finished Pigtails

These double french braids are probably the staple of every little girl in the world, but it doesn’t mean that only little girls get to wear them. It’s an easy enough hairstyle that is stylish to boot. Like the foto, you can wrap a thin piece of hair around your hair tie to hide it and make everything look prettier.

5Half Pigtails Half Down

Here is another cute take on the classic pigtails. Very easy to do. You can actually choose to make it into either neat and tight pigtails, or loose and messy. Either way, both are very nice.

6Double Half-Bun

This hairstyle is reminiscent of the 90s trend after Britney Spears released her Oops I Did It Again music video. It is a very funky and fun hairstyle, and actually quite a good option for second-day hair.

7Faux Hawk Braid

This is a personal favorite because it is just so cool. Start by preparing your hair with some texturizing spray like a dry shampoo or salt water. Divide your hair into three parts, and make a french braid with the middle part, all the way down to the nape of your neck. Gather the side parts into the nape of your neck as well, remembering to leave a bit of your side bangs behind, and then secure it with a hair tie. Cover your hair tie by wrapping a bit of hair around it, and you are done!

8Festival Hair

Ah! Festivals! The epitome of summer. Festival hair is really fun to play with. Here we see a half-up pony accessorized with an attractive bandana. You also have the option of adding other things like feathers and/or colorful beads in your hair.

9Gorgeous Side Braids

Isn’t this side braid something? It looks so wonderful and the perfect concert hair too! You would probably need someone to help you with this, but if you can do it on your own, we take our hats off to you. If you do not have naturally curly hair, it might be nicer to curl your remaining hair with a curling wand for added texture and effect.

10Half Bun with a Random Braid

This is an easy and fun style that gives you a nice unexpected twist with the random braid right there. A texturizing spray might be helpful too if you are going for the messy look.  

11Half Bun

A very simple hairstyle, but no less stylish than the others. In its simplicity, you find the beauty of it. The half-up style leaves you enough hair to create a frame of sorts for your face, pulling attention into one of your best assets.

12Half Cornrows

This is a really nice style because it gives you this “cool-girl” vibe, and oddly enough, quite reminiscent of the 90s where braids were reigning supreme. It also gives you this almost undercut effect too.

13Half Swept-Back

This is a very pretty and very elegant style. It works really well when you want to show off a statement earring like the one in the picture. You can secure your pulled-back hair with chic hair combs or bedazzled pins too.

14Half-Up Braid

Sometimes, having a full french braid may be too severe for the look that we are going for. A half-up french braid is probably the best answer to soften your look out. It is a well-known and well-loved classic, and you could never go wrong with it.

15Half-Up Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid has intrigued us for a bit because it really is an interesting look. When coupled with a half-up ‘do, it looks amazing! If you have really thin hair, you might want to use some extensions to add more volume to it.


This classic is a personal favorite and well-loved by busy girl, lazy girls, and no-fuss girls. It gives your hair a semblance of control and style. It works with both long and short hair too!

17High Ponytail with Bangs

One of the few hairstyles one masters before one turns 13. The high ponytail will never let you down. You can spruce it up by teasing your ponytail, adding more volume to it. Another neat trick is by starting with a half ponytail, then you gather your remaining hair towards your first ponytail and tie it a close to your first ponytail as possible. If you have enough hair, you can cover your hair ties by wrapping a piece of hair around them. The effect is a thicker, more voluminous ponytail.

18Long Side Braid Ponytail

An easy and cool hairstyle where you start with a french braid on the side of your head, and ending around the tip of your ear. You then continue with a regular braid down to the end of your hair. Gather everything into a ponytail, and you are done! You can do it on both sides of your head as well, if you wish.

19Loose French Braid

Most french braids we see are neat and tight. That’s just how we were taught as little girls- your hair must be neat and tidy. However, messy hairstyles are now becoming more and more popular because it gives this carefree and casual vibe. This french braid looks wonderful, and if you add a few fresh sprigs of flower here and there, you are ready for a spring festival!

20Low Knot with Bandana

The humble bandana can give your look a wonderful upgrade, as compared to just using a regular hair tie and bobby pins. Choosing an attractive color is important, because it is this splash of color that gives this hairstyle its charm.

21Messy Top Knot with Bandana

We already love the messy top knot, but when you add a bandana to it, it takes the look much further. You can choose a loud color to make it the focal point, but if you want a more subdued look, a nice neutral will work just fine.

22Pompadour with Swept Sides

Hello there, rockstar! This is such a cool hairstyle and very easy to boot. Start by gathering a small section of hair on top of your head and twisting it. Push it a little forward to create your “puff” and secure with bobby pins. Now you can stay at that, or you can pull back the rest of your hair into a ponytail to achieve the same look as the picture.

23Ponytail with Scarf

A very pretty and very simple look which reminds us of fun afternoons at the carnival. Matching your hair scarf to your outfit will create a very put-together look that is overall very pleasing. When the air gets a little chilly, you can also wrap the scarf around your neck to keep you warm. Win-win!

24Retro Bun with Side Bangs

Such a wonderful look when you are feeling retro-ish or if you are going to a themed party. You have the option of using a hair donut, or you can tease your hair and comb it back to create your bun. You can also add a bandana for a splash of color!

25Retro Chic Side Twists

A very chic look, especially so because it was paired with beautifully winged eyes and red lipstick. It works so much better as a deep side part rather than just a regular middle part. Twist portions of your hair back, and secure them with bobby pins. Your curls should look as natural as possible, so try to avoid “beauty queen curls” with this look.

26Side Braid Bun

You can easily make this hairstyle as simple or as complicated as you want. The simple version would be to make a french braid on the side of your head finishing until the end of your hair. Gather your remaining hair into a low bun at the nape of your neck, and wrap the rest of your braid around your bun. You can loosen bits of hair here and there to have a more relaxed look.

27Side Long Braid

A simple twist to your regular french braid, this side braid, as the name suggests, is a french braid on the side of your head. Instead of using just a part of your hair, you use all of it, and it ends with a nice thick braid in the end.

28Side Braid with Fishtail

Here is an even more interesting take on the side braid – you end it with a fishtail! It starts as a reverse side braid which you continue until the end of your hair. With your remaining hair, do a fishtail until the bottom. Take the end of your reverse braid over your fishtail and towards the other side of your head, as in the picture and pin the end under your hair.

29Sweet Curls

A very simple hairstyle where you gather your hair into a low ponytail to the side. You then curl the ends and set it with a bit of product. Very simple and easy, but also very pretty.

30Thin Side Braid

This thin side braid makes use of thin strands and the end is hidden under the remaining hair. Leaving the rest of your hair undone will give you a nice and carefree look.

31Thick Reverse Braid

Such a nice looking hairstyle, but may be a bit hard to achieve if you have thin hair. Probably the best trick there is to use extensions and a texturizing spray like salt water or dry shampoo.

32Thin Side French Braid

This is a really cool hairstyle because it uses very thin strands and the braid is very tight. The effect is very punk-rockish, and you have this undercut vibe going on as well.

33Top Knot with Bandana

Bandanas are very flexible accessories as seen in this article. They can be used to easily up the level of your hairstyle, and it is so simple.

34Loose Waterfall Braid

This sweet and simple waterfall braid is paired with loose hair. The beauty of the braid is more appreciated when the hair is straight or wavy rather than when it is very curly.

35Work Hair with Headband

Easy and practical “work hair,” but stylish as well. This is reminiscent of retro fashion, but in true 2019 spirit, it is paired with a messy bun. The hairband works as a stylish accessory as well as keeping your hair out of your face.

36Simple Long Hair with Highlights

If you like a simple long hairstyle, you can always add highlights and lowlights to get a more dimentional look and vibrancy to your hair.



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