Best Partial Highlights Looks

Partial Highlights Looks

With Spring here and Summer following close behind (hopefully), you may be thinking about lightening your hair or planning a color transformation. With so many different hair dying techniques – balayage, ombre, highlights – to name just a few, you might be wondering which one to choose.
Partial highlights are usually used to accentuate your natural hair color or base color, frame your face, or add a pop of color to your locks in a low-maintenance way. If you are looking for some inspiration to refresh your style take a look at our favorite partial highlight looks.

1Partial vs Full Highlights

If you are looking for a simple and low-maintenance way to update your look, partial highlights could be perfect for you. What makes partial highlights different from full highlights is that they don’t cover the whole head. Partial highlights are highlights on just part of the hair, usually the Mohawk area, but also can also be used to brighten the tips of the hair in a partial ombre or balayage.

2Chestnut Highlights in Dark Chocolate Hair

These rich dark chocolate locks have been given some extra depth with some partial chestnut highlights along the centre parting. The glossy waves have been defined with the fine warm brown highlights. Subtle highlights that have a big impact, really preventing dark chocolate hair from looking a little flat.

3Partial Teal Highlights

There is such a cool and edgy vibe to these piecey blonde curls with partial teal highlights that contrast almost harshly with the bright base. Fresh and unique.

4Partial Blackberry Highlights

This gorgeous black hair almost looks purple thanks to the addition of some partial blackberry highlights throughout the lengths on the Mohawk section. They have given these healthy locks great definition without taking away any of the sheen. Dreamy!

5Mahogany Base with Partial Honey Ombre

Partial highlights don’t have to go all the way through the lengths of the hair – you could try out a partial balayage or – like with this style – a partial ombre. These mahogany locks have been brightened up with a gorgeous honey ombre on the top layers of hair.

6Golden Blonde Highlights

Milk Chocolate hair has been given some gorgeous golden blonde highlights, which has given the hair some extra warmth as well as giving texture and body to relatively thin locks. Stunning!

7On-Trend Mushroom Brown Highlights

Mushroom brown is a huge color trend for 2019 and it is so gorgeous how it has been used here just to frame the face, which contrasts beautifully with the model’s rosy skin tone.

8Ash Brown Partial Balayage

Ash brown is a great hue to highlight cool-toned dark brown and black hair as is will complement it perfectly whilst also standing out against the deep base. It is subtle but so subtle, but adds such great depth and movement to these long, beautiful waves.

9Face-Framing Caramel Highlights

This effortless deep brunette lob has shown that a little bit of color has gone a long way. Partial caramel highlights around the hairline have really accentuated the model’s beautiful olive skin tone as well as contrasting wonderfully with her dark brown hair.

10Copper Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights

If you have a peachy skin tone, coppery hair colors are perfectly suited for you, but if you want to add a touch of extra sunshine to your locks, partial highlights in a warm golden brown are the perfect choice.

11Forest Green Balayage

Forest green is such a gorgeous color and it looks so sleek and luxurious in a partial balayage in long black locks. Highlighting dark hair with a deep hair color will be much easier than with a bright blonde etc. but should still be done in a salon to get the best results.

12Chunky Purple Highlights

It is absolutely stunning how chunky purple highlights have given such definition and depth to these long ebony locks. The vibrant shade really helps to define the bouncy curls, don’t you think?

13Caramel Base with Blonde Highlights

The messy texture of those layered bob is so fresh and modern and is helped with some platinum blonde partial highlights through the lengths. So playful and carefree.

14Copper and Honey Highlights

How vibrant and eye-catching it this fiery hair? A deep auburn base has been given some extra spice with copper and caramel highlights to create a multi-tonal look that is just gorgeous.

15Golden Blonde with Bright Blonde Highlights

The golden blonde base color of this cracking choppy bob is just dreamy and both the color and style have been enhanced with some lovely bright blonde highlights. The hair looks thick and healthy, with great depth, and is so vibrant and beautiful.

16Partial Copper and Violet Highlights

The rich tones of these long locks are just stunning together and have completely transformed what could have been rather lifeless thick ebony hair. Chunky partial highlights in a coppery tone and finer highlights in a subtle violet work so well with the black base for a look that is really striking.

17Dark Chocolate Hair with Face-Framing Caramel Highlights

Draw attention to your features with some bright highlights around the hairline – these dark chocolate locks are so glossy and stunning and the thick slices of caramel framing the face are delicious.

18Honey Blonde Partial Balayage

This very cool dark brown hair has been brightened and warmed up with some partial golden blonde tips. This looks so good when styles into big loose curls, but it will also look so gorgeous styles poker straight or up in a messy bun or ponytail.

19Face-Framing Platinum Highlights

Cool platinum blonde highlights concentrated around the face, are the perfect way to lift this gorgeous ashy bob. A few highlights through the lengths add a touch of definition and texture to stunning cut. Just Lovely!

20Classic Ginger Hair with Golden Blonde Highlights

The spicy ginger base of these long wavy locks is to die for, so to add a lot of color to it would be such a shame. However, subtle golden blonde highlight concentrated mainly around the face gives a little extra depth to the multi-tonal locks, creating a sun-kissed effect.

21Dark Chocolate Hair with Rose Gold Tips

Rose gold hair continues to be a major beauty trend, but if you have naturally really dark hair, it will be a lot of work to achieve the look. However, you still embrace the trend without having to spend hours in the salon chair with some rose gold partial highlights concentrated at the tips. The contrast is very effective, don’t you think?

22Partial Magenta Highlights

These chunky partial highlights are gorgeous in this curly lob. The rich magenta color of the highlights warms up the glossy dark chocolate locks and gives the curls some definition. Such a great effect from quite a small amount of color.

23Silvery Grey Partial Highlights

It can be so hard to lighten black hair all over, but it is a lot easier to partially highlight it. These smokey and silvery grey highlights have created a partial balayage, which is super contemporary and also brings a certain lightness to the curls in the ends of the hair.

24Partial Cinnamon Highlights

Spicy cinnamon is a popular hair color of the moment, both as a base color and as highlights. These lovely dark chocolate locks have been a cinnamon swirl with some partial highlights throughout the lengths. Gorgoeus!

25Icy Blonde with Subtle Lilac Highlights

These long icy blonde locks are so striking and perfectly suited to the model’s tanned skin. The addition of super subtle lilac highlights through the lengths is so stunning, don’t you think?

26Partial Auburn Highlights in Dark Brown Hair

How striking are these chunky auburn hair against a rich chocolate base? They are so bold and vibrant, having great visual impact. Furthermore, you will be able to completely change how this partial highlights will look depending on how you style them. The color will be more dispersed throughout the hair with big bouncy curls and be thick slices of color when styled poker straight.

27Ashy Hair with Toasted Coconut Highlights

The ash brown base of this wavy bob is lovely and it has been taken to the next level with some on-trend toasted coconut highlights. The smokey blonde shade is concentrated around the tips and framing the face, which gives the style extra movement and texture.

28Chocolate Hair with Golden Brown Highlights

This partial golden brown and caramel balayage in chocolate hair is to die for. With the color concentrated towards the tips of the hair gives so much texture and the slices of color framing the face are beautiful.

29Partial Indigo Highlights

Denim-inspired hair was a big fashion trend a few seasons ago and it is so good to see that it is making a return. These dark looks look amazing with a partial balayage in indigo. Make sure your color looks at its best and prevent fading with a good color care shampoo and conditioner.

30Auburn Base with Baby Pink Highlights

It is quite surprising how well baby pink highlights look in coppery and auburn hair. The partial pink highlights add some softness through the straight lengths…stunning!

31Chunky Ice Blonde Highlights

This choppy ash-blonde bob has been completely transformed with some chunky platinum blonde highlights focused around the face. This will brighten up skin tone and eyes and complement a tanned or olive skin tone to perfection.



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