Dark Blue Hair Trend

Dark Blue Hair Color Ideas

Pastel hair tones are beautiful, but if you like something a little bolder and deeper, then the dark blue hair trend is the one for you. A great way to update darker brunette hair colours, there are so many gorgeous blue shades to experiment with in 2019. Blue-black, blue steel, navy blue hair, deep blue, dark teal, electric blue are all stunning shades that look great on their own, or can be blended together to create stunning balayages and ombres. Take a look at some of our favourite dark blue hair looks.

1Dark Navy Blue Bob with Bangs


Rich navy blue is such a striking hair colour that will work with all skin tones, with the possible exception of fair skin with a cool undertone. This gorgeous navy bob has been a bit of extra depth with some subtle lighter blue highlight.

2Stunning Midnight Blue Ombre


If you are looking for something dark and dramatic then this midnight blue hair could be perfect for you. A deep blue shade has been lightened through the tips for a stunning ombre effect.

3Gorgeous Multi-Tonal Blue Curls


A multi-tonal dark blue style may take longer in the salon chair but it is totally worth it. Steely blue, navy blue, and deep teal have created a stunning reverse ombre effect that looks amazing styled into big bouncy curls.

4Blue Black Hair with Royal Blue Roots


This blue black hair is just gorgeous. The Dark blue shade is so luxurious and the royal blue shade of the roots and at the tips gives this lovely lob depth and definition. The sharp bangs are the perfect contrast to soft waves.

5Smokey Blue Steel Lob


Blue steel hair is set to be a huge trend in 2019 and looking at the stunning metallic shade it isn’t hard to see why. The smokey tone to this blue hair is gorgeous and the dark grey on the tips of the hair adds great texture.

6Navy and Electric Blue Ombre


There is something magical blue ombre. Navy roots are blended through to electric blue and through to bright aqua blue at the tips. So striking and beautiful.

7Sleek Denim Blue Bob


If you are obsessed with denim, then the denim hair trend is definitely something you should try. The gorgeous deep indigo hair of this sleek bob is dreamy and the lighter tone around the hairline and at the tips creates a great faded denim effect.

8Black Bob with Dark Blue Highlights


The amazing cut of this blunt edged bob has been accentuated by thick slices of dark blue, concentrated at the tips. The black shade is the perfect complement to deep blue colour…gorgeous!

9Amethyst Hair


Amethyst hair is another hot beauty trend that embraces dark blue hair. Rich navy blue, dark blue-black, jewel-toned purple and deep teal hair colour have been combined beautifully to create locks that are reminiscent of vibrant precious gems.

10Deep Electric Blue Hair


The deep electric blue shade of this hair is to die for ad contrasts beautifully with the model’s creamy skin. The vibrant shade is bold and fresh and a great alternative to pastel tones.

11Midnight Blue Bridal Up-Do


12Dark Blue Hair with Deep Teal Balayage


13Midnight Blue Balayage on Black Hair


14The Perfect Denim Ombre


15Gorgeous Blue Black Curls


16Galaxy-Toned Braid


17Super Sleek Blue-Black Hair


18Neon Blue Hair with Dark Black Blue Roots


19Navy Blue Hair with Silver Tips


20Deep Blue Steel Lob


21Navy Blue Hair with Electric Blue Balayage


22Midnight Blue Wavy Bob


23Blue Steel Hair with Baby Blue Highlights


24Gorgeous Indigo Denim Lob


25Blue Steel Ombre


26Light and Dark Denim Hair


27Glossy Blue-Black Curls


28Dark Blue Roots with Teal Ombre


29Navy Blue Hair with Indigo Highlights


30All the Colours of the Ocean


31Short natural navy blue hair


32Dark and silvery navy blue hair


33Deep navy blue hair color


34Pineapple Style Blue Hair 


35Ombre brown to navy blue hair 



The dark blue hair trend is so exciting as it is such a departure from the pastel hair shades that have been popular in recent months. Whilst pastel shades can wash out fairer skin tones, dark blue hair (from electric blue through navy blue hair and to deep blue-black) looks wonderful with all skin tones, as it provides such a beautiful contrast.

This hair colour trend is super versatile and there is such great potential for individuality. You can go for an all over colour, add vibrant streaks of blue to your existing colour, or you can go for a bespoke colour that will be a complete knockout. For example, galaxy hair incorporates plenty of dark blue shades, swirled with deep purple and teal shades. This creates the effect of a beautiful deep space nebula or swirling galaxy. You can complete the galaxy hair effect by adding some silver glitter, either along the parting or flecked throughout the lengths.

Another colour of note is blue steel otherwise known as steel blue. The colour is reminiscent of brushed metal – metallic but with a matte finish and a colour that is halfway between a smokey blue and a silvery grey. As with most blue tones it looks great with all skin tones and will complement most colours of eyes, making them appear brighter.

Bold and bright dark blue hair has already been embraced by the likes of super stylish celebrities Hailey Baldwin and Kim Kardashian, which is definitely an indicator that the trend is set to be huge. Will you be next to experiment with some dark blue hair?

If the answer is yes, you can achieve great results at home with semi-permanent dyes from the likes of Fudge and Manic Panic. If you want a complicated dye job all the colours of the ocean, or a dark blue to silver ombre, or feel like trying out the galaxy hair trend head to a salon to get the best results. It may require quite some time in the salon, but it will definitely be worth the weight for that gorgeous sheen and vibrant colour.

Keep your dark blue hair looking bold, bright, and sleek with a good colour care regime that will keep fading to a minimum. Stunning!


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