mohawk hairstyles for black women

Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women

Are you ready to be a little edgy? If you’re getting tired of your everyday hair or looking to add some edge to your style, then switch it up to a Mohawk. With many Mohawk options for both long and short hair, confidence is the most important ingredient for pulling off this style. You can be edgy, glam, or chic depending on your personal style. There are curly Mohawks, Frohawks, and even braided Mohawks. Whether you go for a glamorous braided style or something more chic and curly, a Mohawk hairstyle will add intrigue to your style and garner tons of attention. Because the options are so plentiful, we’ve gathered 20 of the best Mohawk hairstyles for black women that will inspire you to take the daring Mohawk plunge. Step out of your comfort zone and push the limits. Don’t be afraid to be different they’ll judge you anyway.

1Curly hawk

Rihanna’s short hairstyles, especially this Mohawk, brought her to the forefront of edgy celebrity style, and she’s been a fashion article mainstay ever since. The perfect mixture of glamor and edge, this short Mohawk features big curls and shaved tapered sides.

2Braided Mohawk

Teyana Taylor’s funky Mohawk has hair in cornrows on the sides and spiral curls on top. This edgy style is trendy with plenty of NY old school flair, especially when paired with personalized door knocker earrings in gold.

3Shaved side pompadour mohawk

One of the first women to wear her hair with a shaved side, model and singer Cassie gives her edgy style a dose of elegance with this pompadour shaped mohawk. The perfectly rolled bangs make for a high volume style that’s perfect for special events and occasions.


To get this naturally textured afrohawk, take your old twistout, braidout, or Bantu knot, and gently fluff with a pick before pinning hair up to form a mohawk shape. The best part about this style is that you can pull if off without any drastic changes to your existing hair.

5Twist and turns hawk

This Mohawk uses lots of little-twisted tendrils to form one substantial updo that transitions well from everyday style to glamorous evening looks. A great example of using color to enhance your style, the lighter colored twists help to highlight the rolled hair technique that makes this Mohawk possible.

6Fire Red Cherry Cola Twisted Hawk

Can we get a round of applause for this gorgeous coca-cola red color? This cherry cola color is a standout all on its own, and adds extra flair to this mohawk style. Hair is slicked down at the sides to create the same visual appeal as if they were shaved, while the rest of the hair is pinned into a mohawk pattern full of thick popcorn twists.

7Spiked Feathered Mohawk

This ultra chic Mohawk combines edgy spiked hair with longer feathery pieces at the bangs and the nape of the neck. To give this mohawk, even more, contrast, blonde and brown colors are mixed throughout the longer hair on top. What makes this look pop is also the black and silver rats tail on the back. Who said the 70’s were completely out of style?!

8Curly Mohawk With Flat Twists

This curly mohawk style is more demure but still, makes a statement. With lots of hair left loose at the top and back of the head, this less defined mohawk shape is a good choice for professional women who need to stay on the respectable side of edgy. Choose a honey brown color like this if you want to punch up your warm caramel skin tone without veering into blonde territory.

9Purple red curly Mohawk Hsirstyle

We absolutely love this bold curly Mohawk pixie style with shaved sides. The red and purple colors add extra flair to this edgy sexy look!

10Long braided Mohawk

Are you short on time in the morning or working hard to grow out your hair? Try this cute braided Mohawk. Nowadays everyone has their busy lives, let’s face it, no one has time to get up and curl their hair every morning. For a low manipulation protective style, this braided mohawk gives your natural hair a break from styling while locking in a trendy style for several weeks. Depending on your wardrobe and accessory choices, this long braided mohawk works as both an edgy or feminine style.

11Curly Blonde Mohawk Hairstyle

And if you’re into blonde and curls, this look shouts PERFECTION! We love how she paired this look with natural bronze glow makeup.


I call this a French hawk because it is a take on the typical french roll. This interesting look combines a braided style with the shape of a french twist, for a business-friendly way to incorporate a Mohawk into your corporate style. If you’re a worker bee during the week but a party girl on the weekends, punch this look up with a dramatic smoky eye and dark lipstick on Friday and Saturday nights.

13Pixie Boy cut Mohawk Hairstyle

Here is the fab Jennifer Hudson rocking a boyhawk. This chic, close-cropped pixie creates the illusion of a mohawk by styling hair at the front to form the shape of a widow’s peak. Especially flattering on Hudson’s impeccable bone structure, a cut this short puts all of the emphasis on your face, making it a more daring choice than some of the biggest Mohawks on our list.

14Platinum blonde Mohawk

Rocker chic at it’s finest, this platinum blonde mohawk looks edgy and effortlessly tousled. For a more polished, red carpet inspired look, you could try slicking this mohawk back using a product with a firm hold and lots of shine. Women with green eyes should give this look a try.

15Natural hair tapered Mohawk

Want to change up your hair while keeping in natural? If you aren’t afraid of scissors, this tapered Mohawk is a brilliant way to bring some edge to your naturalista style. Shorter hair on the sides makes this cut a great option for women with naturally round faces and will sharpen the lines of your face on days when you don’t have time to contour. If you want to make this cut more daring, try adding some vibrant color or a shaved line detail at the sides. This style is super effortless and is definitely for the girl who loves to dress down.

16Multicolor Mohawk Hairstyle

We’re totally living for this Mohawk. If you’re not afraid to grab some attention then this look is for you! You will definitely be turning heads in this Barbie color pop geometric Mohawk. An edgy avant-garde style, this multi-colored mohawk is only fit for the most daring of trendsetters. Various geometric patterns fit together like puzzle pieces, mixing a sharply defined hairline, faded rings, and curly textures with several distinct colors. We’d recommend trusting only the most talented of stylists to create a masterpiece like this for your hair. Of course, you would have to wear bright bold colors to compliment this look.

17Pink on Pink – Two Toned Pink Mohawk

How fierce is this pink Mohawk? This fierce to toned pink Mohawk combines magenta and baby pink shades in an edgy style with ultra-girly color appeal. The long, coiffed hair on top and close shaved sides help this hairstyle to draw the eye upwards, making it another face slimming choice for women with naturally rounded cheeks and heart shaped faces. To give it more of a tropical look add streaks of red.

18Roll and tuck Mohawk Hairstyle

Created with a series of rolled and tucked hair, this is a temporary mohawk style that anyone with longer hair can try out for a high fashion look on a special occasion like prom. Wear this style with softer neutral makeup if your aim is to look edgy but not out of this world.

19Twisted Mohawk Mullet

Created with twists of varying sizes, this style features a mohawk shape on top, while long twists in the back look inspired by a ‘80s mullet style. If you have a lot of prints and pastels in your wardrobe be sure to try this style out. A twisted Mohawk can be accessorized in many different ways, you can add braid jewels to dress it up, or use loc shells to inject a rustic feel.

20Jumbo braid faux hawk

If you’re more like a glam girl then this will be more up your alley. The mohawk style for glamorous girls who love big hair, this jumbo braid brings together the opposing textures of slicked flat sides and braid loops with tons of volume. The best part is you can totally do this style yourself. Although the finished product is impressive looking, this is an easier look to execute on your own hair than intricate styles feature lots of tiny twists and braids. Add streaks of color or wear bold colors on your lips to keep up with the trend. This is also a super fun protective style for natural hair as we are transitioning into the colder months.

21The willow effect

Let’s face it, we all can take a few lessons from willow smith younger and older. A fashion icon well before reaching adulthood, Willow Smith offers up style inspiration for girls and women of any age. This braided mohawk with closely shaved sides projects tons of confidence with its fashion forward mixing of edgy and feminine styles.

22Box braids hawk

You probably already knew we were going to mention Momma Smith. A hair inspiration who just gets better with age, Jada Pinkett’s rocker chic mohawk look is a temporary style created with pre-existing box braids. If you’re looking for a quick way to dress up your braided hair, copy Jada’s style by arranging hair at the top of your head in a series of twists and tucks, while hair at the sides gets pulled straight back. This version lets braids at the nape of the neck hang freely, but you could use the same twist and tuck technique if you’d prefer all of your braids be in a mohawk updo. We love how she paired this with a black blazer with satin trimming and red lips, it really ties the look together.



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