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Nape Undercut Ideas

A few years ago, shaved sides were in style, but this has been taken over by the nape undercut. The undercut at the nape of the neck has undergone a bit of a style revolution. No longer is it just a way to add shape to a style to a cut, or to take some weight out of thicker hair. These days it has become a stand out feature of hairstyles, with super sharp edges or intricate designs shaved into the nape undercut, also known as a hair tattoo. If you fancy trying out this super fresh and edgy style, take a look at some of our favourite nape undercut hairstyles

1Classic Plain Undercut

Even though we will look at some intricate designs, there is something so chic and easy about this classic plain undercut. The nape undercut has been defined just a little with an outline, which gives a great sharpness to the style.

2Pixie Cut with Tramlines

The pixie cut and the nape undercut go together hand in hand. This pixie cut has lovely soft layering and long bangs, which really complements the sharp tram line in the short hair at the nape of the neck, don’t you think?

3Chevron Nape Undercut

This chevron design is so simple, but also so effective. The lines are sharp and symmetrical and the contrast between the dark locks and the shaved lines are so striking.

4Sleek Contemporary Bob

A nape undercut has added an extra touch of edge and sharpness to this super sleek and polished contemporary short bob. The silvery blonde shade is super on-trend and suits the modern style to perfection. Divine!

5Geometric Design and Glitter

You can have so much fun with a nape undercut as this stunning style shows. The crisp geometric design has been highlighted with some chunky teal and purple hair glitter (normal glitter mixed with hair gel will do), which matches the gorgeous blue hair of the lengths. So fun and unique.

6Cute Cat Design

Speaking of fun and unique, just take a look at this adorable and cheeky cat design. By shaving just a few lines into the undercut, a gorgeous little kitty has emerged – the whiskers are such a great addition. The perfect style for a cat lover.

7Rose Gold Undercut with Top Knot

A simple plain undercut can be just as effective as one with an intricate design, especially if the colour of your hair is as striking as this rose gold and bubblegum pink. The undercut adds a tough edge to the soft and feminine tones of the hair – a perfect combination.

8Honeycomb Nape Undercut

There is so much to love about this undercut style – the gorgeous ash roots and silver lengths, the platinum tone of the undercut section, and the amazing honeycomb design. Super cool!

9Subtle V-Shaped Undercut

This subtle and simple undercut is so lovely, and a great way to take some weight out of thicker hair. The edges of the undercut are super sharp, which will need regular trims to keep it looking so clean.

10Cool Asymmetric Undercut

There is so much experimentation to be had with the nape undercut Just take a look a this amazing and original asymmetric design with tramlines. Fresh, cool, and youthful, this take on the trend is so eye-catching and striking.

11Quirky Zig Zag Design

12Nape Undercut with Tribal Design Undercut

13Gorgeous Lotus Design Nape Undercut

14Electric Blue Hair with Heart Design Undercut

15Lilac Bob with Geometric Nape Undercut

16Super Cool Pixie with Edgy Tramlines

17Honey Blonde Bob with Ash Undercut

18Stunning Pastel and Raspberry Locks

19Floral Nape Undercut with Space Buns

20Super Long Locks with Shaved Nape

21Inverted Bob with Nape Undercut

22Mandala-Inspired Design Nape Undercut

23Fun Zebra Stripes

24Colourful Geometric Design

25Tousled Pixie with Single Chevron Nape Undercut

26Denim Hair with Diamond Undercut Design

27Elegant Bob and Long Undercut

28Adorable Mermaid Scales Nape Undercut

29Striped Undercut, Braids, and Messy Bun

30Stacked Bob with Undercut


So, now that you have seen how versatile and varied the nape undercut can be, you might be considering embracing the style. If you are still wavering just a little, wondering if the undercut is a little too dramatic for you, check out all these great reasons to embrace change.

What is so great about the undercut is that the possibilities are endless. With a skilled stylist with a steady hand, there is no limit to the design of your undercut. You can go simple with just a neat and plain undercut, or you can go for an intricate design with geometric lines, gorgeous curves, or a little bit of whimsy. Plus, when it comes down to it – no matter the length or thickness of your hair, the nape undercut will suit you.

You can also get creative with colour, hair paint, and glitter. Dye your undercut a contrasting colour or a range of colours to show off some personality. Or if you fancy adding an extra touch of temporary fun to your hair tattoo, you can use hair paint or glitter in whatever colour may suit your mood. Of course, you may need a friend to help you with this, but that just adds to the fun.

If you have shorter hair, you can always show off your nape undercut,as it is a visible part of your hairstyle. If you have longer locks, then you can choose when to show off your cool undercut design. When you hair is down, your locks will cover it, but when you scoop your hair up into braids, or a messy bun, you style takes on a completely different look. How cool is that?

As hair grows on average at about 1.5 to 2 cm a month, to maintain your undercut you will probably need to visit the salon after about 3 weeks to neaten up your design. Or, if you fancy a change, you could change the design of your nape undercut and try something different. That is another big plus point of the nape undercut, you can change up your style regularly and if you don’t like it, or have a change of heart, you can hide it with longer locks or shave it off and start again a short time later.

With summer approaching, the nape undercut is a great hairstyle choice. It fits in with the fun, festival vibe that summer brings and it will also keep you nice and cool when the temperature rises…just don’t forget the sun cream.


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