Best Instagram Hair Color Trends


Instagram Hair Trends

If you want to get ahead of the latest hair trends for summer, the best place to find inspiration is Instagram. Leading hairstylists and influencers are using the social media platform to identify and drive new hair color trends. Looking at what is popular on Instagram for this summer’s hair trends there is a lot of food and drink inspired colors, as well as a little bit of fantasy thrown in. Get some inspiration for a refresh of your hair with some of the biggest Instagram hair color trends.

1Vanilla Milkshake Hair

If you are looking for a more natural hair refresh for the summer months, Vanilla Milkshake is the hair color trend you have been looking for. Multiple shades of blonde are blended through the lengths of the hair, with the roots kept as their natural color, to create a beautiful sun-kissed and lived-in look. The brightest shades of blonde are reserved for the tops of the hair for a subtle ombre that is completely natural looking.


2Vanilla Milkshake Inverted Bob


3Vanilla Milkshake Ombre


4Long Vanilla Milkshake Waves


5Periwinkle Hair

If you are wanting to try out a pastel hair color this year, make periwinkle your shade of choice. The shade is a delightfully dreamy shade of pastel blue that has lavender undertones. The color is cool and icy, and so perfect for festival season. You will need to have a very light base (platinum blonde is best) before dying your hair periwinkle to get the best results. If you are looking to create this look for yourself at home, Artic Fox has the perfect semi-permanent shade, called periwinkle.


6Periwinkle to Lavender Ombre


7Periwinkle Bob with Dark Roots


8Pretty Periwinkle Waves


9Peanut Butter and Jelly Hair

We are betting you can take a pretty good guess what this Instagram hair trend is taking inspiration from. The sweet and delicious peanut butter and jelly (jam to our UK audience) sandwich have been transformed into gorgeous a gorgeous hair color trend. Chunky highlights in peanut butter (a golden blonde) and jelly (a purple or raspberry) hues and woven together to create such an amazing contrast allowing each shade to really stand out. You can go for all-over PB & J color for a really eye-catching look, or highlights of both colors look great against a naturally dark base.


10Peanut Butter and Jelly Ombre


11Peanut Butter and Jelly Lob


12Dark Chocolate Base with Peanut Butter and Jelly Highlights


13Root Beer Hair

If you are a brunette and want to give your gorgeous natural hair color a bit of a lift for the summer months, the root beer hair color trend is perfect for you. Warm up your brunette hair with some warm reds and a touch of golden blonde to create a hair color that is reminiscent of a frothy glass of root beer. This will really add depth and dimension to any brunette shade.


14Root Beer Wavy Lob


15Root Beer Balayage


16Long Root Beer Locks


17Chocolate Cake Hair

Imagine a gorgeous, rich chocolate cake, complete with a chocolate glaze, caramel, and chocolate cream filling. Doesn’t it sound to die for? Now, imagine all of that deliciousness as a hair color? Yes, chocolate cake hair is one of the standout Instagram hair trends of this year and consists of a rich dark chocolate base with highlights in a chestnut brown, golden brown or creamy caramel. Don’t you think that sounds divine? It absolutely is, just take look at the gorgeous examples of chocolate cake hair we have found to inspire you.


18Sleek Chocolate Cake Bob


19Chocolate Cake Lob


20Rich and Subtle Chocolate Cake Hair


21Cider and Spice Hair

This is the perfect hair color trend for the transition between summer and autumn as it incorporates the cool and bright tones of the warmer months and the warm and rich tones favoured in winter. The look is all about mixing different tones of blonde and auburn to create a beautiful and natural balayage effect. Give an almost sun-kissed effect by having brighter highlights on the top section of hair and framing the face.


22Cider and Spice Hair with Warm Tones


23Textured Cider and Spice Hair with Bangs


24Cider and Spice Waves


25Peach Cobbler Hair

Another hair trend that looks good enough to eat is peach cobbler hair. The delectable peach hair color comes from blending warm tones of blonde, copper, and gold to create a gorgeous multi-tonal look that is stunning and vibrant. The dessert-inspired hair color trend was created by visionary hair colorist Chad Kenyon and he describes it as: ” lowlights and soft shadow root, an all-over global-gloss and nutmeg peach tones” with a “vanilla icecreamy blonde dimension throughout her hair by balayaging and strobing.”


26Sleek Peach Cobbler Bob


27Beach Peach Cobbler Hair in Pastel Tones


28Bright Peach Cobbler Balayage


29Champagne Bronde Hair

We have all heard of bronde hair, thanks to its huge popularity in the spring of this year. The midway shade between brown and blonde (hence the name) is everywhere at the minute, but you can set yourself apart from the crowd by embracing this hair color’s cool sister, champagne bronde. This hair color has such a great depth of tones from icy white to platinum blonde, to light honey tones to ashy blondes. The darker tones towards the roots give a great ‘grown-out’ effect that has an effortless feel to it.


30Champagne Bronde Ombre


31Bright Champagne Bronde Hair


32Long Champagne Bronde Waves


33Gem Roots Hair

Gem roots is an emerging Instagram hair trend that is out of this world. It involves dying the roots in one or more gemstone colors, which will really stand out against silvery blonde roots. Which gemstone shade is your favourite – emerald green, sapphire blue, or pastel lavender shade of amethyst? There is plenty of experimentation to be had with this hair color trend.


34Sapphire Blue Gem Roots


35Gorgeous Lavender Gem Roots


36Bright Purple Gem Roots




  1. What would you recommend for silver grey hair, still with some medium brown. Want to go more blondish for now.


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