Best Layered Curly Hairstyles

Short and Long Layered Curly Hairstyles

Whether you choose big and bouncy, tight and defined, or soft and loose, curly hair always seems to have beautiful body and movement. To stop curls from becoming too heavy or looking a bit limp, layers can be cut into the hair, to take out some of the weight and give an airy feel to curls. Take a look at some of our favorite layered curly hairstyles, from the super short to the mega long.

1Curly Lob with Bangs

This lob has just a few subtle layers that when styled into big bouncy curls gives such a gorgeous shape. The curly bangs frame the model’s beautiful face perfectly and have so much movement. Lovely!

2Shag Cut with Loose Curls

Full of playful movement and volume, this shag cut has been given loose curls, which gives so much bounce and body. The bangs are a perfect addition to help balance out a round or oval face.

3Super Long Honey and Caramel Curls

These super long curls are simply angelic. The caramel, chestnut and honey blonde curls are lightly layered so they aren’t weighed down, retaining plenty of bounce. The tight curls allow the multiple tones of the hair to shine through and the jewelled headband is so fun and pretty.

4Layered Curly Tapered Bob

This tapered bob has such a youthful and fresh shape with shorter layers at the front, which frame the face and soften an angular face. There is a lot of lift through the crown, which makes this a super cute layered curly hairstyle for those with fine hair.

5Bouncy Corkscrew Curls in Layered Lob

How sultry are these stunning corkscrew curls? They have given this lob some serious body and volume, and some layers have given a subtle rounded shape. The side swept bangs draw attention to the models stunning eyes, as well as balancing out a stronger jawline. Gorgeous!

6Layered Lob with Extreme Parting

The extreme side parting of this lob gives makes this simply layered lob super chic and elegant. The loose curls create a cascading effect and gives great volume to this gorgeous chocolate hair. A subtle caramel highlight helps to define the curls adds an almost airy feel to the curls.

7Long Ringlet Curls with V-Shaped Cut

These long ringlet curls are just amazing. They are super healthy looking and have a great shine to them, that brings out the subtle golden brown balayage. The modern V-shaped cut is gorgeous with the layers giving extra movement to the tight curls. Serious hair envy!

8Short Layered Bob with Messy Curls

This short layered bob has such a dramatic shape to it, which is so gorgeous, as well as giving balance to a narrow face. The messy curls have such a gorgeous texture – matte and a little fluffy – that is so fresh and fun.

9Graduated Bob with Long Layers

What is so great about this tapered bob is that it looks just as good styled sleek and straight as it does with these lovely curls. The long layers around the face gives a contemporary twist to such a classic style.

10Cute Layered Bob with Bangs

This layered bob is so adorable with its big bouncy curls and beautiful body. The curly bangs and layers frame the model’s lovely face and draw attention to her bright green eyes. The style is soft and sweet, and you can keep it that way all day with a good curl setting spray.

11Layered curly hair beachy vibes

Breezy and effortless this layered curly hairstyle has a gorgeous surfer girl vibe – as if she has come straight from the beach. The hair has a beautiful matte texture with teased out tips to give such a wonderful movement. Spritz damp hair with a sea salt spray and rough dry with a diffuser to get a similar look.

12Messy Curls and Choppy Layers

When choppy layers are styled into curls this is the stunning result. s this hair is a little finer than most, the curls are light and airy and float around the face beautifully. Prevent your curls from becoming weighed down, by using light styling products.

13Ponytail with Face-Framing Layers

Create such an easy daytime look with your layered curly hair by styling into a low ponytail and leaving a few curled tendrils loose around the face. So chic, but so simple.

14Inverted Bob with Tight Curls

The tight spiral curls of this layered inverted bob have created such great shape and body. Gently comb through your tight curls with your fingertips to separate and blend the curls, whilst also keeping the definition. Loving the few escaping curls falling over the eyes.

15Long Layered Curly Hair Spirals

Those blessed with thick locks could have this amazing lift and body with some layered spiral curls. So relaxed and carefree, this style will look just as good running errands or at a special occasion, as it has such visual impact. The spiral curl bangs are a lovely touch.

16Curly Pixie Cut

Even the shortest of layered styles can look great with some curls as this lovely pixie cut shows. Style damp hair sprayed with a curl setting product into pin curls throughout the head and allow to dry. Let the curls loose and style into the desired shape. Superb!

17A-line Bob with Loose Curls

The A-line cut is such a versatile style – it looks great styled sleek and straight, relaxed and wavy, or in this case with soft and loose curls. The deep ebony shade could look a little flat, but the beautiful sheen of the hair keeps the curls defined.

18Graduated Bob with Blonde Highlights

The messy curls of this graduated bob have been subtly defined by delicate blonde highlights. The model’s face has been framed beautifully with some light layering. A great style with a gorgeous shape.

19V-Shape Cut with Long Bouncy Curls

There is so much to love about this super long cut with layering that creates the V-shape. The big bouncy curls cascading down the back, the super volume and bounce, and the gorgeous reverse ombre from honey blonde to caramel. Angelic!

20Asymmetric Bob with Loose Curls

This asymmetric bob is stunning and that silver shade is to dies for – so bright and beautiful. The loose curls have given this super cut great texture and movement and the side swept parting is soft and stylish.

21Layered Curly Hair with Space Buns

Fun and flirty, this layered lob has been given some tight curls that create lots of luscious body. Then the top section of hair has been styled into super cute top knots. Cool and youthful.

22Cropped Curly Style

A cropped cut looks so good with gorgeous bouncy curls. Use hot rollers or foam rollers and in curls into place, and allow plenty of time to set to create a firm curl. Style with fingers for a soft, yet frizz free finish.

23Choppy Layered Bob with Soft Curls

The softness of these curls is the perfect contrast to the blunt cut and layers of this bob. Contemporary and fashion forward, the side-parting styling is perfect, creating lift and movement around the hairline. Divine!

24Long Textured Curls

Layered curly styles don’t have to be all about big volume and extreme body. For a more low maintenance curled style, keep the girls loose and messy, and add some texture with a texturising spray. Just take a look at this layered style – the curls are not flat, but the volume is kept to the lengths as opposed to the crown and it is still full of lofe and movement.

25Voluminous Curls with Face-Framing Layers

These beautiful auburn curls are like something out of a fairy tale. Stunning and ethereal, big bouncy curls are layered around the face with the red shade perfectly complementing the model’s creamy skin tone.

26Bob with Bangs for Fine Hair

Finer hair can be given so much extra volume and body with a curly layered style. The layers give texture and depth the fine hair, while the curls create lift and volume. This cute bob is so pretty with the perfect shoulder-length and sweet bangs.

27Long Subtle Layers and Top Knot

The long pencil curls are just so dreamy, with subtle layering creating some shape around the lengths. The curls are so well defined throughout the style, still holding there shape in the top knot. Phenomenal!

28Centre-Parted Bob with Soft Layers

It is so nice to see a curly style that has a more defined parting that is not as lifted through the crown as it has a coll nineties vibe. The dark roots give depth to relatively thin hair, and the ashy blonde curls are beautifully soft.

29Short Style with Undercut

This layered curly style is super cool and edgy. The light and airy curls have created a faux hawk, helped along by the undercut. The long layers at the front fall over the face beautifully, but could be tucked behing the ears or pinned back for a different look.

30Long Light Curls with Bangs

Lots of weight has been taken out of the ends of these long locks to create this lovely rounded shape that has perfectly balanced out the models long narrow face. Soft and beautiful.



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