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30 Shag Haircuts And Hairstyles

One of the most popular looks of past decades, shag haircuts have enjoyed their time as a trendy style, in one form or another, all the way until today. From Stevie Nicks’ gypsy hair and Farrah Fawcett’s feathered style to ’90s darlings Meg Ryan and (of course) Jennifer Aniston with “The Rachel”, countless reincarnations have kept the ultra-layered appeal of the shag haircut from ever truly disappearing. Partly thanks to our current obsession with reviving ’90s trends in beauty and fashion, a new shag era is upon us. The current crop of shag cuts are mostly seen in shoulder and bob length styles, making them the perfect choice for thick haired women who are looking to lose some of the bulk and weight that can make their hair difficult to style. For some inspiration on how to get one of these fun, flirty haircuts for yourself, take a look at our 30 favorite shag haircuts.

1Shaggy Bob With Bangs

Combining the ease and wearability of a bob with heavily textured cutting, this shag haircut is modern and incredibly flattering. Bangs are left long enough to graze the eyes, which should allow most women to get away with less styling effort.

2Pixie Shag Hairstyles

Unlike the classic sleek pixie, this short cut is much choppier and messier, making it a good choice for women with coarse or naturally curly hair that won’t stay in a smooth, sleek style. Tousled short cuts like this one also give extra room to play with dimensional color, like Kiera Knightley’s honey highlights.

3Retro Shag Haircut

Most shag haircuts are at least a little reminiscent of the ’70s, but this mid length shag with convertible bangs is the real vintage deal. Pair this cut with an edgy, well-tailored wardrobe to keep elements of modernity in your overall style.

4Posh Pixie Shag Haircut

Victoria Beckham’s hugely trend-setting pixie cut might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of shag styles, but its series of layers create a tousled effect everywhere except the bangs.

5Pixie With Nape Undercut

For those who only want a subtle dose of shag in their haircut, this pixie keeps hair long and straight in front, but features a series of layers in the back. The nape undercut is in keeping with modern trend while also preventing hair from looking mullet-like in the back.

6Mid Length Cut With Thick Bangs

A thick-haired woman’s dream come true, this style features heavy bangs that take a lot of hair to pull off, while the rest of hair is cut in three distinct layers that eliminate heaviness and bulk.

7Shaggy Lob

While the lob still reigns supreme as the trendiest hairstyle, Julianne Hough’s recent debut of this much more layered version might have shag styles poised to be next year’s “it” cut. The perfect marriage between the modern lob and ’90s super style “The Rachel”, this layered cut works for all seasons and hair types, although women with ultra fine hair may find it falls flat.

8Model Shag Cut

Are you looking for simple but chic shag haircuts ideas? For model Arizona Muse, this soft but shaggy, boy-inspired cut is the perfect complement to her stunning cheekbones and intense blue eyes. To keep some feminine elements in your style, pair this hair with smoky eyes or red lips.

9Wavy Shag With Side Swept Bangs

Adding some wave to your hair can get you the shaggy look without cutting as many layers, making this a good technique to try out before you commit to further cutting. With messy tendrils throughout the rest of the hair, a shorter side swept bang adds a nice tame element and keeps the curls from taking over your face.

10Ultra Choppy Bob SHag Haircut

Lisa Rinna is such a big fan of this shaggy bob look that she’s worn the same style for close to twenty years! This retro-inspired style is a great option for middle aged women who are looking for a new haircut that’s longer than a pixie but shorter than their current style.

11Long Shag Haircut with Layeres

One of the longest shag haircuts on our list, this style is long enough to incorporate four distinct layers. Keep in mind that unlike a more traditional long style, the shorter layers make this less low maintenance when it comes to quick updo styles like ponytails and buns.

12Super Shaggy Pixie

When reigning sitcom queen Kaley Cuoco cut her signature blonde locks, she shocked fans and inspired many to do the same. Keeping with her bright, bubbly persona both on and off screen, the pixie she opted for is fun, flirty and full of layers.

13Shoulder Length Shag

While Jennifer Lawrence seems to impress us in every role and look she takes on, her slightly shaggy shoulder length hairstyle was a surprisingly mature with a modern twist. For a dressy event, curling hair away from the face keeps a layered style like this from looking too helmet-like or distracting from features.

14Sleek Shag Style

Although sleek and shaggy are often opposing terms when it comes to describing hairstyles, this is a brilliant example of doing both at once. This mid length style has three distinct layers that give it a shaggy appearance, but hair has been styled straight and with tons of shine. With a long, heavy bang that falls across the eyes, the overall look is young, edgy and bold.

15Shag With Short Bangs

If you want a shag style that doesn’t have a retro ’70s feel, try this messy bob paired with very short bangs that bring the whole look in an edgy, gothic direction. Great for women with thicker hair, be prepared for the extra commitment of super short bangs, both in their need for daily styling and how much attention they bring to your eyes.

16Auburn Gypsy Long Shag Haircut

Another retro-inspired style, this long shag haircut gypsy style features center parted bangs, a vintage trend that’s regained popularity recently thanks to celebrities like Alexa Chung.

17Wavy Long Shag Haircut With Long Bangs

With a heavy bang the same length as the shortest layer on top, this blonde cut creates a silhouette that can help balance out a square jaw.

18Ultra Choppy Bangs Medium Shag Haircut

The raw edge created by these extra choppy bangs is a bold look embraced by young fashionistas and trend-setters.

19Angled Shag Bob

This cut takes a classic angled bob and gives it a shaggy look thanks to hair left in its natural wavy texture and some added layering that’s more subtle than most shag styles. The long bang draws eyes downward, and can help to balance out a larger forehead.

20Geometric Short Bang Short Shag Haircut

This cross between a shag and a graduated bowl cut features tiny bangs and roughly cut layers that get progressively longer towards the back.

21Asymmetrical Bang Bob

These short bangs feature a slightly uneven edge that make them daring while remaining feminine. The rest of the bob has some texturing in the ends that make it slightly rough without the messy, gypsy quality of older shag cuts.

22Extreme Medium Shag Haircut

This shoulder-grazing haircut is full of layers throughout, including in the bangs, giving it an extremely shaggy look.

23Boy Cut Shag Haircut

Taking inspiration from a ’60s era men’s cut, this style can pair with laid-back trendy outfits (think boyfriend jeans and loafers) or more sophisticated styling featuring sheer, high-necked blouses and dark, statement lipstick.

24Shag Pixie Undercut

For women with the thickest hair, the most manageable way to wear a pixie is with an undercut back and sides that eliminate bulk and make styling easier. Longer hair on top is cut asymmetrical and with layers, making this style look its best when worn messy instead of sleek.

25Asymmetrical Shaggy Bob

With pronounced asymmetry between sides and tons of layers, this style has a lot going on. It’s a great choice for women who value bold style over more simple, classic hair silhouettes.

26Shaggy Front Layer Cut

This long bob style has shaggy layers in front and rough texturing at the bangs, but layers get longer towards the back to create a hybrid style. Like other long bobs, you can wear this haircut in a half updo on days when you’re short on styling time.

27Pixie Bob Shag haircut

This shag version of the fun hybrid between a pixie and a bob has loads of choppy layers in the back and long, eye-grazing bangs in front.

28Boho Medium Shag Haircut

The subtle layers in this medium shag haircut make it a bohemian dream that looks just as great with a flower crown and flowing dress as it does with a tailored skirt and blouse.

29Shaggy Textured Lob With Bangs

This is one of our favorite shag haircuts on this list! A super popular cut right now, this long bob uses textured ends rather than outright layers to create slightly roughened edges. You can sleek up this look by wearing it straight, making this a low-commitment way to get a little shaggy with your look.

30Shaggy Bob With Wispy Bangs

A big departure from Jessica Alba’s usual hair both in terms of length and the darker brunette color, this style is great inspiration for anyone who’s looking to steer their look in a brand new direction.

31Cute and Short Shag Cut

We love this super cute short shag cut! The silver undertones add so much shine and texture!

32Super Choppy Shag

Jazz up your shag with choppy layers coming from the back. We love this messy asymmetrical style!

33Curly Shag Haircut

The shag is back this year and it’s nt only for straight haired ladies! The layered curls create volume and a super fresh look!



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