short hairstyles for black women

50 Stylish Short Haircuts for Black Women

Looking for a new short haircut?  we have compiled a list of 50 beautiful, captivating hairstyles that will look wonderful on your natural hair. If you’ve been dreading sacrificing your length, put that fear behind you and dare to face the shears–one of these 50 short natural hairstyles for black women is sure to be a match made in heaven!

1Curly Taper Cut

If you love your natural hair but prefer to wear it in a well-structured hairstyle, try something soft yet geometric like this curly taper cut. Hair that’s shorter at the sides and longer on top helps to create the illusion of a longer, slimmer face, which is especially flattering on women with round faces. Honey blonde highlights throughout the top of this style add an extra visual detail, helping to further draw the eye upward.

2Asymmetrical A-Line Bob

Stacked layers in the back of this bob create a sophisticated look with tons of volume, and help to accentuate the A-line silhouette. Hair that’s longer on one side is played up with a deep side part that makes this bob hairstyle about as dramatic as it gets.

3Flat Twist Out

Try a flat twist out style to put some extra texture in your short, natural curls. Treat hair with a moisturizing cream before you begin your twists, then divide hair into long rectangular sections and begin a two-strand twist at one end, gradually adding hair from the section as you work your way down. Leave twists in overnight and gently unravel in the morning to reveal a style with bouncy texture that can last for up to a week.

4Lavender Pixie

Short pixie hairstyles do an incredible job of highlighting cheekbones, opening up your face, and putting emphasis on your eyes. If you’ve already been wearing a pixie style for a while or you’re all about standing out in a crowd, adding this bright lavender color creates a whole new look without sacrificing the face-flattering pixie silhouette.

5Ombre Bob

With blonde ombre color and a tousled wavy texture that almost loses its definition in places, this bob hairstyle is gorgeous for anyone who wants to look stylish yet mature.

6Curly Pixie

This pixie haircut features hair that’s much longer on the top, which gives you tons of styling options. Wear in your natural texture, or try a twist out style to create extra definition in your curls. Not only is this silhouette modern and trendy, but it works as natural contouring to slim the appearance of your face.

7Bob With Side Swept Bangs

A deep side part and long side swept bangs make this bob one of the sexiest ways to wear your hair in a short style. The angle of this fringe helps to minimize the forehead and lengthen the appearance of the face, making it a good style for women with heart shaped or oblong faces.

8Chunky Twist Out

A bantu knot twist out method can help you achieve this look that’s full of volume and texture. Because bantu knots can take quite a while to dry, you may need to leave them in for 24-48 hours before achieving this twist out look. You can use a hair dryer to speed up the process, since taking them out too soon will mess with these gorgeous results.

9Side Parted Pixie

This short pixie style looks sharp and sophisticated thanks to its tapered shape and a soft side part. If you aren’t used to styling shorter haircuts or feel lost as to how to create a feminine look, a side part helps to add some softness and structure, while tapering around the back and sides prevents your pixie from looking messy. Don’t be afraid to go for frequent trims to keep this style perfectly on point.

10Curly Bob

Big curls make for gorgeous hairstyles, but they can be tough to manage when hair is super long. This bob style lands just below the chin, and features soft layers that help to create a bouncy shape.

11Faux Hawk Pixie

Add some edge to your short hairstyle with this faux hawk pixie. Mimicking a mohawk with long hair running down the centre of the head, this look is more subtle and sophisticated than a style that’s completely shaved on each side of the head.

12Big Curls Bob

These glamorous curls are perfect for styling into a tousled bob. Having no definitive part makes the style look messy but sophisticated, and you can dress this short hairstyle up for pretty much any occasion.

13Razor Line Pixie

This super chic hairstyle makes the most of your natural hair despite being cut very short. With longer hair at the centre of the head that tapers down towards the back and sides, this short hairstyle instantly slims and lengthens the appearance of your face. For added interest, a razor line can be shaved into one or both sides of the head, while a touch of blonde highlighting gives curls an added pop.

14Pink Buzz Cut

Whether you’ve been gradually cutting your hair shorter and shorter or you’re looking to make a big change with your hairstyle, a buzz cut is one of the boldest and bad-ass ways to get it done. With all of the same face enhancing qualities as a short pixie style, a buzz cut takes it one step further and means you’ll turn heads everywhere you go. To keep the style looking fiercely feminine, add a pop of color like this incredibly chic rose pink hue.

15Curly Mohawk Pixie

An undercut around the back and sides provide the perfect frame for this gorgeous curly pixie. Leave longer hair slightly below the crown of the head to help create a mohawk silhouette that will make this pixie stand apart from similar looking haircuts.

16Sleek Blunt Bob

One of the chicest and sophisticated ways you can wear your hair short, this sleek blunt bob oozes confidence. This silhouette is especially flattering on women with round faces, as it helps to slim and lengthen the face.

17Swept Up Pixie

One of the most iconic short hairstyles of all time, Halle Berry has proved time and again that short cuts can be sexy, feminine, and incredibly versatile. This styling technique helps to make your pixie feel dressed up for a special occasion and draws the eye upwards to create an open style with perfectly tousled definition.

18Dramatic Curls With Undercut

This short, naturally curly hairstyle has been shaped with a perfect hair cutting technique to create a bold but feminine style. With a shorter undercut around the back and sides and longer hair on top that sweeps down across the forehead, this short hairstyle uses lots of angles to create a face flattering look that’s great for everyday wearability.

19Blue A-Line Bob

This A-line bob boasts the perfect silhouette, featuring hair that’s volumized at the roots and perfectly sleek all around. Pastel hair colors have been super popular lately, but women with medium to dark skin tones can experiment with more saturated jewel tones like this rich shade of cobalt. The bright, unexpected color and sleek haircut work together to create a fun but sophisticated looking style.

20Short Platinum Waves

If you want the look of a buzz cut but with a little bit of wave in your hair, try something slightly longer that allows to you play with texture as well as color. Razor line details create the look of multiple parts in this ultra-short style, and expose a darker root color to create interest and depth.

21Short Crochet Braid Style

Crochet braids allow you to get basically any look you’d like while keeping your natural locks in a protective hairstyle. And while longer looks have a lot to offer, check out how much volume and bounce this shorter crochet style brings. Different shades of crochet hair are layered throughout, with a honey brown color on top reflecting tons of warmth from golden complexions.

22Sophisticated Undercut

This short undercut style is all about edge and sophistication coming together. Longer hair on top can be swept back or over to one side, and creates some soft texture that plays nicely against the shaved sides. To keep your undercut looking sharp at all times, be sure to have it frequently trimmed to maintain these clean, crisp lines.

23Pushed Forward Pixie

You can instantly up the feminine factor of your short hairstyle by styling hair forward across your forehead. This styling technique helps to frame your face the way bangs do, and sets your short hairstyle apart from a basic cut.

24Short Natural Curls

Wearing natural hair at this length provides the perfect amount of hair to play with different textures and techniques, while still allowing you to wear your hair in a gorgeously simple style.

25Feminine Flat Top

The flat top haircut is typically thought of as a man’s hairstyle, and usually, features a boxy rectangular shape. This feminine update on the look is all about the angles and shapes hair in a fresh new way that helps to open up the face.

26Asymmetrical Bob

A classic cut, the asymmetrical bob has recently been given new life with the emergence of ombre and balayge hair color–feel free to experiment with temporary or permanent color for added ‘oomph’. This style is created by parting your hair to the side and having your stylist shear the parted side shorter, creating a funky and fun frame for your face.

27Curly Pixie Short Black Hairstyles

Talking about short natural hairstyles for black women, Embrace natural curls with this short and daring ‘do! Trade in your long locks for a pixie cut with longer layers so that your curls can shine; tame any frizz with curl pudding or a good hot oil treatment.

28Long, Sideswept Bangs Black Short Hairstyles and Blonde

Channel your inner Rihanna with long, side-swept bangs and trimmed sides. Use an oil treatment to keep hair sleek and smooth to better sweep bangs to the side or go natural and keep bobby pins to tame uncooperative strands. For added drama, dye your hair a nontraditional color: blonde works well!

29Undercut with Blunt Bangs

If you’re really daring, try straight cutting your bangs and pairing the top layer with an undercut. Perfect for hotter climates or the ladies who prefer no drama in the mornings, this shocking duo is sure to turn heads and give you an extra boost of confidence. We love how this ‘do looks paired with statement earrings!

30Textured Victory Rolls

No matter your natural texture, victory rolls are sure to be a hit! To achieve this retro style, section hair down the middle. Wind one section around a pencil (or other round object) until you’ve create a roll; pin it appropriately and hairspray in place. Repeat with the other section for instant glamor–no straightening, curling, or relaxing required!

31Betty Bouffant

A look that combines volume and chic spirit, the bouffant embraces all hair types. Tease your layers back and secure with generous amounts of hairspray for this gravity defying look. For extra class, tie a ribbon around the crown of your head or pair this ‘do with a head wrap.

32Snow Pixie

Platinum and silver hair looks lovely on ladies of color who are willing to make this daring color decision. However, bleach can be quite damaging to the hair. To combat this, chop it off: go for an incredibly short, incredibly modern pixie to pair with your snowy new tresses and embrace the new you!

33Blunt Short Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

A blunt bob can easily go from the office to the soccer field to the dance floor: this style is versatile and easy to manage. Relax any natural curl and keep your hair smooth and shiny with an oil treatment; straight cut your bangs and have your stylist bob your hair to chin-length. Run a straightener through your hair in the mornings (on low heat, of course!) and you are good to go.

34Curly Faux Hawk

Whether your curls are loose and wild or tightly coiled, a faux hawk is a smart move. Shaved sides and long top layers make for a bouncy, fresh look. Additionally, this look is easy to grow out if you decide short hair is not for you and it allows you to embrace your natural curls!

35Finger Waves

Head-hugging waves look mysterious and chic without much effort; this Jazz Age ‘do is making a big comeback and could be perfect for you! Beginning at the top of your hair, ‘curl’ your damp hair around your fingers and pin in place. Let air dry and remove the pins, securing your curls with pomade and you are ready to go!

36Simple Shave African American Hairstyles

Take a note from Lupita Nyong’o: super short hair can be just as sweet as long. Shave it all and allow your natural hair to shine with this close-cropped dew! A natural, dewy look with your makeup pairs well with this dramatic cut, but don’t worry: your free to try out all those wonderful earrings and low-back dresses you’ve had your eye on.

37Waves and Braids short hairstyle for black women

Loose, beachy waves pair well with this half-crown braid. Get this look by curling your hair with a curling wand and running your fingers through your curls; next, gather the front sections of your hair and french braid to your ears, pinning and hiding with higher strands of hair.

38Chunky Layers and Lights

Have your stylist highlight your hair several shades warmer than your current color and then chop your length. Have her create varying, choppy layers that you can sweep across your forehead and use to frame your eyes. This look is sexy and chic rolled into one!

39Wavy Tiers

Another hot-layered look, tiered layers look beautiful with a slight wave to them. Pin one side of your hair behind your ear and curl the other with your straightener, arranging the tiers over one another for a perfect framing look.

40Bangs and a Wavy Bob

Sweet, side-swept short bangs and loose curls create this feminine style. Keep your hair above shoulder-length for the best results: too much length will weigh your hair down and flatten your curls. For added sweetness, pair your loose locks with natural makeup and a light lip to draw attention to your eyes.

41Spiked Faux Hawk

Spiky, choppy layers in this faux hawk lead to a look that’s dangerously stylish. Don’t be afraid to let your sides grow out: the messier and spikier this look is, the better! Pomade is your friend for keeping your layers controlled and taming any flyaways that might pop up. Bonus: this style is perfect for showing off ear cuffs!

42Short curly hairstyles for black women: Kinky Curls

Embrace your natural kinky, curly texture and let your hair run wild! Maintain the ‘do with regular trims to cut off dead hair and keep your hair well-hydrated with masques, but allow your naturally beautiful texture to shine! If all-natural doesn’t do it for you, considering playing around with a new color.

43Sleek Side Part

Long, sleek, straight layers scream “look at me world!” A deep side part accentuates your features and allows just the right amount of hair to fall over your face. Smoothing serums and hot oil treatments will help fit frizz and keep you polished.

44Gathered Curls

A few steps below the beloved ‘fro, gathered curls at the top of your head create a light-hearted look that transitions well from daily to professional life. Have your natural curls cut in long, loose layers for this bouncy look.

45Braided Beauty

This 90’s classic will always have a special place in our hearts! Tiny plaits all over your head are just the right amount of funky and fun to space up your beauty routine. No maintenance is necessary except re-braiding your ‘do when your hair starts growing out.

46Choppy and Chic

This choppy, asymmetrical pixie-bob hybrid is edgy without being too ‘rockstar’. Short, choppy layers on one side and a polished, short cut on the other create a well-balanced ‘do that can be handled with smoothing serum and a low-heat flat iron.

47Pin Curls

Pin curls will forever be stylish and will leave you looking prim and polished. Secure small, damp curls with pins fresh from the shower and release when dry; run your fingers through them and set your beautiful curls with high-hold hairspray. This look is a bit high-maintenance for every day life, but perfect for special events.

48Waterfall Waves

Have your hair cut into a severe asymmetrical pixie, leaving your bangs almost chin-length and layered. When you step out of the shower, run mousse through your fingers for frizz-free waves that form a waterfall over your face. Small highlights or a gentle ombre could add extra extra “wow factor” to this funky style.

49Middle Part Bob

Take a clue from our First Lady: part your hair down the middle and curl your sides with a curling wand for this beautiful and professional look. The looser your curls, the bouncier the frame for your face. This is another look that transitions well between your professional and day-to-day lives; it can be styled up or down, depending on your wardrobe and accessories.

50Flattering Layers

A good mix between the bob and the pixie cut, this short ‘do has just the right amount of layers to create natural volume. Keep your hair parted to the side to allow your bangs to help frame your face. For an extra dash of perfection, try a shocking color: cherry red or ocean blue would be the perfect hue.

51Super short pixie

This super pixie cut has soft subtle pin curls, creating an elegant and chic look!

52Apple cut

This cute apple cut wil look great on women with round faces. Jazz up your look with bold olor lipstick like this purple shade.

53Spiky haircut

Want to give your short hair a new look? This spiky pixie cut is both flirty and stylish!

54Pixie Waved and Shaved Sides

Turn your pixie game up by adding flawless waves and designed shaved sides!

55Orange Hair

If you like vibrant colors, this pop of orange will surely turn heads!

56Burgundy Pixie Mohawk

Burgundy hair color is one of the hottest trends nowadays! So spice up your haircut with this bold vivd color!

57Soft Waves

This elegant glam style features soft blonde finger waves with dark roots and gorgeous makeup!

58Short Blonde Curls

We love this edgy style with gorgeous curls creating voluminous mohawk cut at the center while the sides are left light shaved. This natural hairstyle is beautiful and easy for daily maintenance.

59Clean Pixie Cut

How lawless is this clean-cut straight short pixie?! The burgundy color gives so much depth and richness!

60Curly Cut

Another super cute copper red side-swept curly cut!  If you want to get this wet look, don’t forget to moisturize your hair and use your finger to style your curls.

61Shaved Blonde Cut

If your hsit is super short or you want to chop it off, this buzz cut is edgy and stylish with added color like this platinum blonde shade.

62Soft Waves

With finger waves the options are endless. This is another vintage soft finger waves pixie look that shouts Hollywood glam!

63Mohawk Finger Waves

We love this glamorous curly mohawk with side finger waves with a touch of blonde at the front.

64Red haircut with design

red shaved cut

If you like a super short cut, why not go bold with a pop of red color? complete this look with matching nails and makeup.

65Lilac natural hair

Vanilla lilac is one of the latest hair color trends you must try this year! This shade looks amazing on dark skin and complements super short hair as well as longer natural curls.

66Natural Curls Tapered cut

We love this super cute curly tapered cut with faded sides!

67Red Tapered Curls

If your hair is longer you can opt for tapered mohawk and jazz it up with a bold red color.

68Curly double ponytails

How cute is this natural short style! Pull up your hair and divide it into two sections to create small buns or curly ponytails.

69Hair designs

Add some love to your curls with a beautiful design, like this heart-shaped tapered cut design.

70Blue Tapered hair

If reds are not your color, but you still want to have something bold, go for lues or purples!

71Natural blonde curls

This bouncy style screams CHIC! We love the defined blonde curls and pink makeup!

72Short Pink Hair

If you’re looking for a change (and pink is your color), maybe switching up your hair color is the move for you!

73Edgy curls

This edgy style features red curls on top with a tapered cut and a shaved design on the sides.

74Short sleek cut

If you like a sleek soft look, this short sleek cut with deep side wept part is super cute and stylish and enhance your features.

75Sleek Pixie

If your hair is shorter a pixie cut always looks super stylish, especially when sleeked with hair gel or oil.

76Purple Fade

This style features purple curls high fade cut with specialdesign at the back.

77Cute Curly TWA

Sometimes the simplest hairstyles are the most fashionable, like this defined curly twa!

78Tiny Frohawk

Frohawk is such a versatile style! You can wear it short or long while the sides are cut much shorter and fade towards the back.

79White Shaved Fade Cut

Did you just go for the big chop? Or you wear your hair super short? Take a bold color like this white platinum shade and add a saved design for extra edginess!

80Long SIde Part Pixie

A gorgeous long side part pixie style that will look chic anywhere you go; for the office or for a night out!

81SHort Platinum

Another gorgeous sleek platinumPixie Undercut super short natural hair style.

82Black Pixie Undercut

A side shaved undercuts pixie that looks so sexy and elegant!

83Wavy Layeres

This short style adds so much dimension and richness to her hair. Just stunning!

84Wavy Pixie

A lovely wavy pixie cut while the hair is coming from the back to front.

85Deep Red Natural Cut

And if you want to spice up your pixie with a bit of color, this wine red is a must try!

86Fire Pin Curls Pixie

87Side Swept Pixie

88Straight Deep Parted Red Color Weave

89Soft curls mohawk undercut

90Sexy short hair with side bang

We hope you enjoyed our list of stylish and cute short hairstyles for black women!




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