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Golden Highlights and Rose Gold Highlights Looks

One of THE hair color trends right now? Well, it’s made up of two colors: golden and rose gold highlights. Yep, these two hues are sweeping the locks of women everywhere and it’s a trend that seems to continue gaining popularity. It’s also a hair color trend we’re fully behind because it’s modern, fun and unexpected. Who knew rose gold wouldn’t just be for jewelry?! Turns out it looks just as great on hair, along with golden blonde of course. The two distinct colors are making waves and we’re here to help you stay ahead of the trends with some golden highlight ideas using the colors.

1Pops of Rose Gold

Isn’t this hair color gorgeous? Platinum blonde hair gets a pop of unexpected warmth and color with rose gold highlights. The way the highlights were added just to the bottom half, sporadically, gives a much more blended look.

2Golden Blonde Beauty

How’s this for golden goddess hair? This is the epitome of golden blonde hair and we’re officially obsessed. Here the golden blonde hue is pretty much all over the hair, but if you look closely there are various tones added throughout to give dimension to the hair.

3Bright + Golden Highlights

Whew – summer goddess vibes! Platinum blonde pairs beautifully with golden blonde, as you can see in the image. Adding golden blonde highlights to platinum blonde gives this really great warmth to the hair. Perfect for the summertime.

4Brunette Rose Gold

We mentioned we’re sharing rose gold highlight ideas and wanted to be sure to include how you can add that color hue to brunette hair. Isn’t this stunning? We can’t get enough of the way rose gold adds this really unique metallic look to brunette hair.

5Dimensional Golden Blonde

When it comes to creating the perfect blonde hair color it’s all about adding tones and dimension throughout the hair. This hair color is an absolutely incredible example of dimensional blonde hair. Golden blonde highlights are a great way to achieve this.

6Face Framing Golden Highlights

Rose gold isn’t the only highlight color to add to brunette hair this year. Yep, add some golden blonde pieces to brunette hair for a light pop. Here they colored just the face framing pieces in a golden blonde hue for a fun change.

7Golden Front Highlights

Another example of how adding highlights just around the face can shift the look of your hair color. Although here they also applied golden blonde highlights to the very ends of the hair throughout the back. Such a pretty idea for the warm weather months.

8Golden Highlights Framed

Clearly, face framing highlights are where it’s at this year. Especially with golden blonde highlights. The reason this is such a popular look with golden blonde is because it adds a soft warmth to the face that’s incredibly flattering.

9Light Brown + Golden Highlights

There are so many unique and stylish ways for highlights to be applied to hair. Of course, you’re probably well aware of this. We had to share how fresh golden blonde highlights look on light brown hair. Pretty, right?

10Metallic Rose Gold Ombre

If you’re anything like us, when you think of rose gold you think of jewelry and metal in the rosey tone. Here, they gave hair that metallic look by adding an ashy tone to rose gold highlights. If you’re adventurous with your hair, this is a fun option!

11Natural Golden Ombre

Calling all our natural girls! Sometimes the more natural your hair color looks, the better. Of course it’s really all up to your personal preference. But if you’re a natural hair color kind of person, ask your colorist for a balayage look using golden blonde.

12Contrasting Rose Gold

Are you a fan of a strong contrast in hair color? Look no further! Dark brown is a sharp contrast from light rose gold, as you can see here, and it’s a pretty epic look. This is great for the woman who likes to make a strong hair statement.

13Distinct Rose Gold Ombre

Another contrasting hair color look – this one adds a gradual aesthetic with the ombre technique utilized. Rose gold is such a stunning color to use for this ombre look. It’s bold, trendy and unique.

14Pink Rose Gold Fading

We sure hope you aren’t sick of seeing rose gold hair, because we have quite a few in store for you yet. This was such a show stopping look we couldn’t resist sharing. While it’s more of an all over rose gold look, it has a highlight-type of look because of the grown out root/ombre effect.

15Rose Gold Pops

Hello gorgeous! We’re so impressed, and inspired by all the ways colorists have adapted rose gold highlights into hair this year. So many unique and stunning looks – just like this one applied to dark brown hair.

16Ribboned in Rose Gold

Rose gold strikes again! And continues to, if we’re being honest. This highlighting technique is often referred to as ‘ribboning’ where you get this wrapped kind of look throughout the hair…similar to the way a ribbon wraps something.

17Balayage Rose Golden

Part of the reason there are so many ways highlights can look different is because of all the different highlighting techniques colorists are able to utilize. Here they opted for more of a balayage technique to make rose gold feel a bit more subtle.

18Blonde Touches of Golden Highlights

The great thing about adding highlights to hair is it’s a way to achieve a bold, or more subtle transformation to the hair. Here they made the majority of the hair this really beautiful golden blonde hue and added a little extra brightness with lighter blonde low lights.

19Red Toned Rose Gold

Are you a red head, or thinking of going for a red hot color? The good news is you can still rock the rose gold trend with red hair – just look at the picture here. It adds even more warmth to hair and the rose gold touch is a little unexpected edge.

20Balayage and Rose Gold

Balayage continues to impress us with rose gold highlights. It’s just such an incredible technique to achieve statement making hairstyles. Here they made balayage look similar to an ombre look the way the colors fade into one another.

21Highlighted Touched in Gold

Red toned hair gets a lightened-up effect with golden blonde highlights. Isn’t this another gorgeous hair color? If you want to make your hair color feel a bit more summer ready – consider adding some golden blonde highlights.

22Tinted in Rose

Another way to add a highlighted effect to hair? With a tinting effect! This is a prime example of giving hair a tinted aesthetic, where it LOOKS like it’s all over the hair but it’s really just applied strategically throughout the hair.

23Golden Rose

This hair color combined the two trends and we can’t get enough of it. Such a gorgeous look overall! Thanks to the ombre technique they were able to include three different colors to create this – dark brown, golden blonde and rose gold.

24Strawberry + Rose Gold

Strawberry red hair has always had a special place in our heart, probably because it’s a classic color choice in the red hair family. Here they made the color feel fresh and modern with golden blonde highlights applied throughout.

25Sun Kissed in Golden Highlights

If this isn’t beachy summer hair we have no idea what is! Doesn’t it give you all the summertime feels? Us too, which is why we’re so in love with it. Dark brown hair gets a major summer twist with golden blonde balayage applied in different areas and dimensions.

26Trendy Golden Highlights

27Warm Golden HighLights

28Warm Blonde

29Ash Toned Rose Gold

30Highlighted in Gold



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