25 Flapper Hairstyles

25 Vintage Glam Flapper Hairstyles

While every decade sees unique fashions come and go, the flapper style of the 1920s is one of the most instantly recognizable. With a love for clothing and accessories full of feathers, bobby pins, beads and sparkles, flapper fashion is glitzy and fun, and offers up several iconic hairstyles to choose from. Considered edgy at the time, the most popular flapper hairstyles were chic bobs and cropped styles that were much shorter than women had previously worn, and large hats were replaced by smaller caps during the day, and glamorous headbands in the evening. Whether you’re thinking about cutting your hair into a bob or looking for ways to add vintage style to your longer hair, our favorite flapper hairstyles will help you time travel back to the roaring ’20s!

1Ear Length Bob

From her role as Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, Carey Mulligan’s ear length bob oozes ’20s glamour and flapper style.

2Blunt Bob With Curls

Katy Perry loves trying on different hair colors and vintage looks, and this style is the perfect marriage of the two. Her deep violet locks are in a blunt bob styled with big curls that could pass as a modern hairstyle, but the headband and choice of jewellery make this look pure flapper.

3Wavy Pixie

The waves in this style are less structured than classic finger waves, making it an excellent modernization of the ultra short flapper styles.

4Curly Bob

Using a styling technique where curls begin about half way down each strand of hair is an easy way to add some vintage, flapper flair to your existing bob cut.

5Low Side Style

If you’re trying to pull off a flapper-inspired look with longer hair, try a low updo that creates a silhouette similar to bob length styles. We love Charlize Theron’s hair styled loosely to one side and finished off with this glamorous, embellished headband.

6Ear Length Bob With Blunt Bangs

If you’re looking for an edgier flapper style that will put huge emphasis on your eyes, try this ear length bob with blunt bangs that land just above the eyebrows. This shorter cut is definitely a style commitment, and we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for an easy wash-and-go style or who relies on being able to easily put their hair up.

7Soft Waves Pixie

A modern version of the Eton crop style that was popular in the 1920s, this pixie is styled in soft waves that are more relaxed than traditional finger wave styling.

8Modern Flapper Bob

This ultra modern take on a flapper style bob is perfect for anyone who appreciates vintage style but doesn’t want to feel like they’re wearing a costume.

9Low Bun With Finger Waves

Another example of making longer hair work for a flapper look, Amy Adams’ ginger locks are secured off to one side in a low bun. Some face framing strands are styled in finger waves and left loose, making a romantic addition to the look.

10Chin Length Bob With Bangs

This incredibly chic bob is cut to just above chin length, and has some texture in the ends to keep it from looking too thick or helmet-like. The shape of this cut tends to accentuate any roundness in the face, so you may want to choose a different style if you’re trying to camouflage fuller cheeks.

11Soft Waves Updo

If you’re looking for a flapper-inspired style for a special occasion or your wedding, try this updo that uses special touches like soft finger waves and vintage jewellery.

12Faux Bob Style

Want to fake a bob style without wearing a wig? Anyone with longer hair can get this faux bob style by tying hair at the back of the head in a low ponytail, then curling hair up and underneath, securing with pins. Pieces of hair from the side of the head can then be curled underneath themselves and pinned to the rest of hair.

13Brushed Out Finger Waves

This high fashion style features brushed out finger waves that have a frizzier texture, making them an interesting departure from the sleek finish we’re used to seeing.

14Party Curls

Great for prom or a ’20s themed party, these pinned curls will give you a vintage look without having to cut your hair into a shorter, cropped style.

15Pinned French Bob

Pinning hair to one side adds some asymmetrical interest to this curled French bob style.

16Finger Waved Crop

With cropped hair styled in defined finger waves, this is one of the most classic flapper hairstyles. It probably won’t be your everyday look, but makes a great addition to any special occasion style.

17Asymmetrical Waves

While asymmetrical cuts tend to look more modern, the waves in this shorter style add a touch of vintage ’20s style.

18Side Parted Bob

Styled with a deep side part and pinned away from the face, this short bob makes for a fun and flirty flapper look.

19Low Bun With Finger Waves

Make defined finger waves the star of your style by securing long hair in a low bun, either at the back of the head or off to one side.

20Loose Faux Bob

Proving that there are many ways to make this style work, Lauren Conrad’s faux bob is loosely pinned, leaving some wavy hair free around her face.

21Platinum Pixie With Finger Waves

While finger waves can sometimes be difficult to see on darker hair, this shiny platinum shade shows off their perfectly styled texture.

22Embellished Headband

Because beaded and bejewelled headbands were a staple of flapper nightlife fashion, adding one to your hair brings instant vintage appeal, and means you can spend less time worrying about keeping every hair perfectly in place.

23Romantic Waves

In a style that oozes ’20s glamour, these romantic finger waves are the perfect way to turn any bob into a flapper style.

24Undercut With Waves

If you’re looking for an ultra modern way to wear a touch of flapper style, try mixing the trendy undercut with soft wavy styling and vintage accessories.

25High Glamour Curls

One of the most boldly glamorous styles on our list, these platinum pin curls are a bold choice for any event, and pair nicely with vintage style elements from later decades, too.



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