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Bobby Pin Hairstyle Ideas

Bobby pins have been one of those go-to hair accessories to help hold hair into place. While they’re extremely functional and generally used in a way where you can’t see them, the hair world has been shaking things up recently and using bobby pins AS a hairstyle. Yep, the trusty accessory you’ve spent hours trying to hide has become trendier when it actually shows. Kind of fun, right? Since this is a new idea for a lot of people we took the honor of rounding up some gorgeous, fun and downright trendy bobby pin hairstyle ideas we know you’re going to want to try for yourself.

1Elevate Your Buns

Upgrade your go-to messy bun hairstyle by using bobby pins. But this bobby pin hairstyle isn’t the norm, it’s so much better! The way they placed bobby pins under the bun in this V shape gives a messy bun the perfect unexpected, edgy twist.

2Parted and Pinned

Pin straight hair gets an edgy accessory transformation with bobby pins. Part hair in the center and create this mirrored design with bobby pins for a look that’s incredibly easy to recreate. Even though this is easy to DIY it gives hair so much fun style.

3Contrasting Colors

While bobby pins have long been used in colors that closely match your hair color, we love using contrasting colors for a different take. Black bobby pins really pop with blonde hair, while gold or silver would pop with dark hair. Pin a bunch together on one side near your ear for a chic tucked back look.

4Say It Loud + Proud

Bobby pins, as you’ve known them, have really changed over the past year. With different designers and brands coming out with bobby pins with words on them you can express yourself with your hair. Pin a few words together to make a statement!

5Rows of Pins

Rihanna always knows how to make a style statement, using methods most of us would never imagine would look good. Here, she shows us how to make traditional bobby pins super glam and over the top. Pinning the hair with pins creating a row has never looked so chic.

6Updo’s Pinned

Use bobby pins as a part of your stylish updo hairstyle, and not just to hold your hair into place. Style a contrasting bobby pin color on the side, to create a couple of X’s in a row. It adds a little pop to your updo hair.

7Effortless Braid

For those days when you want your short, face framing layers out of your face but want to still keep the rest of your hair down this is such a cute way to style your hair with bobby pins. Style hair into a simple, loose braid and hold in place with an embellished bobby pin.

8Feeling Edgy

Make a statement with bobby pins with these rhinestone embellished options! You’ve probably seen pins like these all over social media – they’re a major trend in the hair world. While the pins are a major style statement placing them under the bun is an unexpected twist to the hairstyle.

9Pinned Effortlessly

We don’t know about you but we always love to lean on an effortless low ponytail braid for an easy to recreate hairstyle. It’s cute, functional, and trendy! Add even more trend to the hairstyle by pinning a few bobby pins on the side. Combine a few different colors or textured pins in a line for added dimension.

10Pop of Color

Have you ever seen bobby pins used like this?! We sure haven’t, but now that we have, we’re definitely going to give this a try. When you have colorful bobby pins you can use them to add a pop of color to your hair, like they did here with a French braid.

11Pinning Your Curls

This old Hollywood glam hairstyle is a gorgeous, classic look. We’re pretty certain it will never get old. Give the classic hairstyle a modern aesthetic with oversized bobby pins. The elongated shape adds some extra sharpness and edge to the voluminous curls.

12Dripping in Glam

These rhinestone embellished bobby pins can be used so many different ways. Even though they’re so glam, you can utilize them with a simple hairstyle. Keep your hair down in your typical hair texture to recreate this. Simply pin a few words onto one side of the hair. We love the crossed rhinestone pins under the words to an interesting addition.

13Slicked in Gold

Create a monochromatic hairstyle using bobby pins that are close in color to your hair style, but in a completely different way. Pulling hair back and holding in place with bobby pins isn’t new but this way IS new. Pile up the pins creating a straight row of them for an edgier twist to the look.

14The Pinned Half up

Add an effortless feel to a half up hairstyle by using a row of bobby pins to hold the hair back. To achieve this you can’t secure TOO much hair back as the bobby pins will be tricky to hold back and stay in a straight line like this.

15Rhinestone Sides

Talk about an edgy way to rock bobby pins. Pull your hair back into a high ponytail, or a messy bun like the picture. Once you’ve got your hair secured the way you want, complete the look with a few rhinestone bobby pins tucked into one side. Create a zigzag pattern to mix it up a bit.

16Lined with Bobby Pins

We thought this was such a unique way to use bobby pins as a hair accessory. Straight styled hair gets a major style transformation when they’re placed all the way down hair. We really love that they even placed pins onto a row of the hair that’s down, behind the ear to keep the line going.

17Braiding with Bobby

We showed you a hairstyle where bobby pins added a pop of color to a French braid, this is another fun way to add pins to a braid in a bit of a different way. The way the pins are placed into the braid here really emphasize the fishtail element of the braid.

18Simply Styled

Low ponytail gets a whole different look with bobby pins here. This is such a unique to pull back hair to get that low ponytail type of look. Use a bobby pin color that will really pop in your hair to add contrast and style to the hair.

19X Marks the Spot

One of the things that we love about bobby pins is how you can style them to create an X and it gives the illusion of an incredibly intricate design. That’s especially true when using rhinestone embellished bobby pins. Pin 3 X’s in a row, right above a textured low ponytail for added edge.

20Messy Glamour

Bobby pins don’t have to be perfectly placed in order to look gorgeous in hair – as you can see in this picture. We adore the juxtaposition between the glam rhinestone bobby pins pinned in this kind of undone manner paired with beachy waves. Combining opposites is a win here!

21Low Bun Edge

Give your messy low bun hairstyle some edgy contrast with a hairstyle like this. Pinning contrasting color bobby pins onto the hairline of the bun adds that edge perfectly. Don’t be afraid to pin the bobby pins in different ways, as they did here.

22Designing with Bobby Pins

Messy ponytails have been one of those hairstyles we ALL utilize to get our hair out of our face. It’s easy to recreate and get your hair out of the way. Elevate your go-to ponytail hairstyle with bobby pins, but not just any placement. Instead of pinning them in a line, as you’ve seen with some of the ideas in our list, but instead by creating this V shaped line. So fun!

23Mixing Pins

Add major style to your hair by adding different shape, color and embellished bobby pins. Even when you’re just pinning one side of your hair back behind your hair, when you use different pins together it really elevates the aesthetic of the hair.

24Bold Colors

Lady in red! Whether you have red bobby pins, or another bright color option, this is such an easy hairstyle to DIY. It’s a simple low bun with a deep side part. The hairstyle is completed with this pop of color from bobby pins pinned on the side to hold hair back.

25Subtly Pinning

Talk about an inventive way to use bobby pins! We’re in awe of this bobby pin hairstyle idea – in the best way, of course. Pinning them down like this gives you just a small pop of the pin, and it creates a kind of headband look.

26Adding Shape

Pinning bobby pins to create different shapes is such a fun way to play around with them and elevate the style. Here the pins get this zigzag shape that really pops on the hair thanks to the bright red color. Although it would look great with any color pins.

27Checked Cross

Another unique shape created by bobby pins that’s SUPER easy to achieve, even if you aren’t a hairstylist. The sharp lines of the checked bobby pin placement adds such a fun contrast to loose beachy waves in the hair.


You’re probably no stranger to using bobby pins to pin back your bangs from your face. This is a slight update to a classic way to use bobby pins and we’re here for it. The crossed pins stacked on top of each other is a subtle difference that makes a huge shift aesthetically.

29Side Sweeping Style

Pulling one side of your hair back and pinning it – classic hairstyle. We thought this was such a pretty way to make that look a bit more dramatic, by pulling more hair back and pinning it on the back of the opposite side of the head. It gets even more of an update with this square placement of the pins.

30Perfectly Pinned

Gigi Hadid can do no wrong in our eyes. She’s a style icon for a reason! Get this look by creating a deep center part, teasing the hair at the crown and slicking the sides back tightly. Bobby pins help hold the slicked back portion in place and add a metallic touch to the hair.

31Star Light Star Bright

32Pinned Triangles

33Around the Back

34Greater Than

35Zig and Zag




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