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Wedding Hair Accessories Inspiration

So your big day is just around the corner. Chances are you still have a list of things to get done. Between sending out invitations, finding the perfect dress, the list goes on and on. We know it can be overwhelming to choose what your hair is going to look like, on top of everything else, so we wanted to make the decision a little easier with some wedding hair accessories inspiration. Hair accessories can really transform the look of even a simple hairstyle – which is why they’re so great for a bridal look! Scroll through to take a peek at some gorgeous options.

1Accessorized Astrologically

Give your wedding hair an out of this world twist – literally! Using rhinestone accessories with shapes like stars and a crescent moon can add this gorgeous touch of personality to bridal hair. These statement making accessories can elevate even a simple hairstyle.

2Boho Braid

Adding a braid to beachy waves is a beautiful way to wear hair down for your big day. Since it’s a minimal hairstyle, using accessories can add just enough detail to the look. We adore these pearl branch-like accessories pinned throughout the braid.

3Wrapped Bridal Bun

Pearl embellished vines are one of our favorite wedding hair accessories. These vines make it possible to wrap hair and get pops of the embellishment throughout a hairstyle. This classic wedding hairstyle is stunning alone, but with the vine wrapped on top and into the bun it gets even more of a bridal aesthetic.

4Bubbled with Flowers

This bubble inspired hairstyle gives you the element of having your hair pulled back, while still having your hair down. Best of both worlds! Completing the hair by pinning flowers into place where the hair is pinned adds a touch of color and texture to hair.

5Celestial Crown

You’re the star of your big day, so why not add stars to your hair for the occasion?! These stars are a bit different because of the chain element connecting them. It provides a crown like aesthetic that really elevates a simple bun hairstyle.

6Classic Princess Style

If you want to feel like a princess on your wedding day, there’s no better way to add to that feeling than by wearing a crown hair accessory. Because this rhinestone crown is such a stunning statement, keep the rest of the hair minimal in detail, just pulling it back into a simple bun and leaving a few face framing pieces out.

7Crystal Chic Veil

Obviously veils are a common hair accessory for brides. There are so many different ways to style a veil in your hair. We absolutely love the rhinestone clip holding this veil in place. It’s the perfect complement to hair worn down with loose waves.

8Delicately Detailed Crown

For our brides-to-be who want to wear their hair down, accessories are your best friend. Even if you have a simple hairstyle accessories can make it feel anything BUT simple. This dainty crown is a great example of how you can add a rhinestone accessory to make an easy hairstyle feel wedding day ready.

9Pretty Pearls

Rhinestones not really your thing? Pearl embellished hair accessories are a gorgeous alternative for the bride who wants a classic element added to their hair. This delicate clip gives a twisted low bun just enough of a bridal feel without being over the top. Great for the classic bride!

10Floral Combs

This bun is so stunning for a bride. We love the way pieces were left out around the face and under the bun for that effortless feel. The contrast between an effortless yet polished hairstyle is perfect with this rhinestone hair comb. Style the comb to one side for that added asymmetric twist.

11Metallic Marvel

Have a major hair moment on your wedding day with this stunning hair accessory. This is a bolder accessory option but because of the metallic and pearl elements throughout the clip it gives a monochromatic aesthetic that’s perfection for a bride.

12Floral Veils

Give your veil a feminine twist with flowers used to hold it into place. The flowers here are a gorgeous statement that really elevates the sleek hairstyle. Because florals are so synonymous with weddings it’s the perfect addition for cohesiveness.

13Flower Side Sweep

Looking for a way to add a little something to loose curls for your wedding day? Add a flower clip! We thought this was such a beautiful bridal hairstyle. Pulling just a bit of hair from one side back and clipping with a floral pin takes this hairstyle to a bridal level.

14Flower Crown

Flower crowns aren’t just for music festivals! This flower crown is bridal perfection thanks to the use of delicate flowers and white ribbon in the back. Another gorgeous way to elevate hair worn down, in loose waves. It can also be an alternative to a veil.

15Glamourous Headpiece

Talk about a Hollywood glam moment. Hair curled like this with hair swept over to one side is that old Hollywood glam look we all love. It’s classic, dramatic, yet polished. Complete the hairstyle with a major rhinestone moment for major glam.

16Feminine Glam

We’re absolutely in love with this wedding hair accessory. Pinning an over the top rhinestone comb onto one side of hair gives you that glamorous pop, asymmetrically. To not take away from the big hair comb, keep hair polished and classic.

17Golden Headpiece

This is for our bohemian loving brides. Loosely styled hair gets a boho bride twist with a chain headpiece. To make the hairstyle cohesive, make sure your hairstyle is parted down the center so it’s in line with the headpiece chain.

18Metallic Florals

Pop a metallic flower comb into a classic chignon for bridal beauty. This comb adds great texture to the minimal hairstyle with the addition of rhinestone and metallic. While this is an over the top accessory it doesn’t take over the hairstyle because of the placement.

19Fresh Flowers

Half up hair is one of our favorites for wedding hair. It keeps your hair out of your face, while still getting the look of hair being worn down in gorgeous waves. Bring your half up style into your special day with a floral hair accessory.

20Modernly Wrapped

We adore the unique placement of this hair accessory. It’s such a different way to utilize a hair vine. If you want a modern take on your wedding day hair – try this out! It gives you the option to have your hair styled with a classic updo but with a unique twist.

21Low Ponytail Elevated

This is for our modern, fashion-forward brides! Slicked back low ponytail has become a much more popular hairstyle among brides and we’re in love with it. Since it is a minimal style, adding a bold rhinestone hair comb is all you need to complete the look and make it feel more bridal.

22Monogrammed Hair

There’s something about monogramming that never seems to get old. Pinning a letter hair clip in your hair is such a fun way to customize your bridal hairstyle. It’s your day after all! Use the letter of your first name, or your new last name.

23Hollywood Classics

Another Hollywood inspired hairstyle because…it’s just such a stunning, classic look. Give your old Hollywood glam hair a bridal twist with a strategically placed pearl hair pin. This pulls some hair back on one side and pearls are perfection for wedding hair.

24Pearls, Draped

Love the look of classic pearls, but want something that’s more of a statement? Enter: pearl headpiece. This headpiece offers a gorgeous pop of personality to loose waves. Because of the draped headpiece aesthetic it’s classic yet bohemian.

25Mother of Pearl

What can we say?! Pearls are a winning choice for brides! We had to make sure we gave our short haired brides some hairstyle inspiration, too. Keep it easy with a little texture added into your hair and add a subtle touch of bridal feel with a dainty pearl clip.

26Raw Crystal Crown

Edgy princess vibes, anyone?! This crown is definitely not the typical wedding crown we see on brides, which is exactly why we love it. Raw crystals are what makes this crown feel a bit more edgy and, well…raw.

27Dainty Headpieces

Even a dainty hair accessory can make a major style statement for wedding hair. This is a very delicate hair vine but because of the contrast between the accessory and the hair it adds a pretty pop. If you want a delicate hair accessory stand out make sure the color is contrasting to your hair color.

28Star Stones

Trickle multiple accessories throughout your bridal hair by using multiple accessories! The key to not overwhelming your hairstyle, opt for small hair clips like they did here. Due to the mini size of the stars it adds glam, without being too much.

29Rhinestone Vine

Your wedding day is the perfect time to amp up the glam level with your hair. Why not, right? This hair accessory is an epic moment because of its size. Because it’s such a bold statement keep the hairstyle itself minimal.

30Sprig Style

Another great hair accessory option for our short hair brides to be. Although, the way this hair clip was styled into hair would look great for any hair length. It’s a subtle accessory and compliments beachy waves really well because of the branch look.

31Strategically Placed

32Tropical Vibes

33Vinely Wrapped

34Vintage Aesthetic

35Intricately Wrapped Up




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