Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50

25 Short Haircuts for Older Women Over 50

Who says that when you hit 50 and over that you can’t rock trendy and beautiful hairstyles. Many women believe that they have to basically let themselves go once they reach a certain age. Aging is like wine if done with care, it only gets better with time. Women over 50 can still live like they are in their 20s and 30s. Long hair is great and amazing but short hair just has a certain spunk to it. Short hair has the ability to make you feel like a new woman. Going short can really take you out of the slump of growing older. We want to show you that women over the age of 50 can still look chic and fabulous. So to help you we have put together a list of our favorite 25 short hairstyles for women over 50. These styles will help you feel fresh, sassy and radiant. We hope you enjoy.

1Blonde layered cut with side bang

We are loving this blonde long layered cut. This cut has a blonde tone with brown undertones. This is composed of a deep side part which creates a side swept bang.

2Side swept neck length cut

Don’t want to go totally short? No problem. Try this ultimate blonde neck length cut. It has long layers which helps frame your unique face shape. This style is definitely young and fun. They do say blondes have more fun but blondes over 50 definitely have more fun.

3Modern Pixie cut

Here we have a twist on your typical pixie cut. This cut has faint layers and fringe type swept bang. This will look great on anyone of any age. Pixie cut are great for women of smaller frames and those who have more square and boxed shaped faces.

4Highlighted layered cut

Who said women over 50 can’t rock a little color? You may not want a bright blue or pink but these neutral earth tones and light blonde are a great match. This cut has very bluntly cut layers and is perfect for all face shapes.

5Tapered back curly cut

Ciara looks stunning in this tapered cut. Her style has really evolved and we are loving these short hair cut styles that she has been rocking lately. This tapered cut will definitely bring out the glam in any woman over 50.

6Flipped cut

Looking for cute hairstyles for short hair? This flipped cut is surely a classic. Modernize this style by experimenting with colors such as jet black, platinum blonde, fire red, or even ombre. Any style can be styled to fit today’s fashion.

7Rihanna pixie cut

Rihanna is infamous for her short cuts and her trendy hairstyles in general. We are loving this short textured pixie cut. This will look great on women with more defined facial features. She is usually seen rocking this look with bold lip colors. For older women you may not be into the blue’s and green’s but orange’s and pink’s will look great as well.

8Short and curly glam cut

This is perfect for the girl who loves to be glammed up all of the time. This style is short and curly and is pinned back around the ears to show the stunning diamond drop earrings.

9Curly bang cut

Here we have a mohawk type style. This style is very curly which you can achieve with natural curls or even a perm rod set. You can add brown highlights to give this look a pop without being too over the top.

10Short hairstyles for fine hair: Rocker chic pixie cut

We are so loving this edgy cut. This style will really frame slim faces without being over powering. If you don’t like gray hair styles and want to spice up this look then try it in a bold color like wine red.

11Unruly curls

We are so loving this chin length cut. The curls are not perfect and really give you the option to wear this look with jeans and a t-shirt or a glammed up dress if you desire. Let’s face it most women really don’t want to be dealing with their hair 24 hours a day.

12Simple side swept bob

We love this super cute bob. This brown bob is totally chic with the fun twist of a side swept bang. If you’re a woman in business then this will give you a total girl boss look. Side swept looks automatically give an intense enhancement to any look.

13Simple pixie cut

Nia Long is known for being not only a great actress but a woman who seriously does not age. She is looking so stunning in this short pixie cut which makes her look very fresh. Pixie cuts are great styles that greatly enhance your natural features.

14Short Blonde Hair Tapered cut

Victoria Beckham is definitely a style icon. She is phenomenal from her sense of fashion to her hair. We loved this beautiful tapered cut that she was rocking. This has dark brown roots and beautiful layers. This style has a edgy vibe which can add tons of fun and personality to your look.

15Light waves with dark roots

This is a simple dark root style. It is shoulder length with the main color being a platinum blonde. This color combination would look beautiful on those with ice blue colored eyes, this will really bring out the platinum blonde.

16Simple red layered cut

Layered cuts make anyone look youthful. We so love this vibrant red/copper color with these beautiful layers for our women over 50. The length of the style makes it very easy to maintain. This bold color will really make you the center of attention and woman of the hour.

17Everyday cut

Looking for something that you do not have to keep up with? Try this beautiful and simple wrap cut like Sandra Bullock. The brown color really compliments her brown eyes. This style is soft and feminine and not too over powering.

18Chin length bowl cut

We love this bowl cut that Katie Holmes is rocking. This reminds us of the 70s with the thinner bang and fuller hair. She kept her makeup pretty simple for this look which really compliments her eyes. Now you will see this look in many fashion magazines and on all the runways from New York to Paris.

19Pink’s platinum wet look

Pink is known for her rocker chic looks. She is not your typical girl and this cut is not for your typical woman. This style is a grayish platinum blonde which has been a total trend. Pink is known for alternative glam punk style, so if your into that look then this style is a great option for you no matter your age.

20Blonde curly mohawk

Mohawks have really been making a comeback and can make you look totally on trend. Set your freshly washed damp hair in roller sets to get these lush and soft curls. This style is a little more bold than the others but if you have a big personality and a free spirit then this style is definitely ideal for you.

21Pinned back volumized hair

How glam is this pulled up half and half look? This look is simple and very versatile. It is a beautiful ombre combination that you can tweak to your desire. Experiment with colors with no commitment by using temporary wash out dyes like Manic Panic.

22Alicia keys curly cut

Alicia keys was rocking braiding at the beginning of her music career. In recent years she has switch up her style. One style that we absolutely loved was this tapered curly cut. Alicia has had a very tomboy look and this cut really softened her up without totally shutting out her personality.

23Naturally curly fro

Rock your natural curls. Nothing beats rocking your own hair. This will teach you how to care for your hair and even allow you to embrace your natural beauty. Use moisturizing products like water, coconut oil, and curling creams to not only moisturize but also to enhance your curls.

24Flipped undercut

We love this beautiful undercut that Meagan Good is rocking. She has a curled and flipped bang that makes this style balance out with the edgy shaved side. To add a bit of volume to this look cut layers into this style.

25Medium short hairstyles: Simple side-swept cut

Keri Hilson looks stunning in this super fun side-swept cut. This has hints of blonde and brown tones. This is perfect if you want a modest cut with a pop of color. If you have medium to deeper skin tones then this color combination is perfect for you, it will bring out your golden under tones and will give you an amazing natural glow.

We hope you enjoyed our list of short hairstyles for older women!



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