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Tik Tok Hair Trends

It’s no secret TikTok has been incredibly influential in trends of all kinds since it became a popular platform. Even if you’re not on TikTok personally, chances are you’ve heard about it a lot. TikTok and the content creators on the platform have grown tremendously in a very short amount of time. If you DO have TikTok you’re probably like the rest of us when you say you’ve spent HOURS and hours scrolling through, watching videos. But enough of about the app, let’s get to some of the fun stuff: the trends! Countless trends have come from TikTok, and continue to do so. Because we’re hair focused, we couldn’t help but notice some of the Tik Tok hair trends that have started to take over. Curious about which trends have come from the app? We’ve found 10, although there are plenty more and will be a growing list, these are some of our current favorites.

1Bubble Ponytails

How cute is this ponytail? You may have noticed this bubble ponytail look popping up on the locks of women and girls everywhere. Well, it’s all thanks to TikTok…naturally. Fortunately, if you like the trend it’s not difficult to recreate. In fact, it’s super simple. All you need to do is secure your hair with a hair tie and then use rubber bands, equally spaced out, down the rest of the hair. Once you’ve secured the rubber bands, gently pull on the hair between the bands to get this ‘bubbled’ effect. This is a great step-by-step video of the trend.

2Butterfly Clips

The 90’s nostalgia is real with this TikTok trend. Even if you didn’t grow up in the 90’s, we can all appreciate the butterfly clips. What’s not to love about it though, really? It’s cute, fun and trendy! It also happens to be one of the trends that TikTokers are styling in a lot of different ways. As you scroll through TikTok it’s highly likely that you will see at least a few creators using the clips in their hair. This is a super fun hairstyle using the trend.

3Hair Claws

Another throwback trend is the hair claw. Of course like all trends, what’s old to some is new to others. Hair claws is one of those hair accessories that TikTokers have made cool and trendy again. Using them in different colors and unique ways is what TikTok creators are best at. This video is filled with some really cute and easy ways to wear the trendy hair accessory.

4Face Framing Braids

Notice a lot of the trends are quite easy to achieve at home? We all have an appreciation for braided hairstyles, we sure do, and we have even more appreciation for easy to style hair looks. These mini braids that have been ALL over TikTok are super easy to DIY. Really hone in on the trend by styling them on each side of your face to get this face framing effect. The latest take on this particular trend is leaving them ‘untied’ at the ends, here’s a video explaining the trend. Honestly, you’ll notice a lot of ‘mini braids’ around TikTok – the trend is definitely evolving and being adapted in various ways.

5Half Up Pigtails

This trend is pretty difficult to NOT know about because it really seems to be everywhere. Enter: the half up pigtails. The theme of easy hairstyles continues with this one, and it doesn’t disappoint with style. Leaving two pieces out of the pigtails to frame the face is KEY to really nailing this trend the way the TikTokers are doing it. This TikTok is the perfect tutorial to help you try the trend.

6Colored Front Pieces

We’ve shown you a few hair style trends, but there are color trends we can also thank TikTok for – this being one of them. Yes, it’s all about coloring just two pieces of hair (right at the face) in a contrasting color from the rest of the hair. Most TikTok creators are opting for bright, bold colors. The good news? You can DIY it right at home thanks to this tutorial.

7Parted High Ponytail

The slicked back, high ponytail has been trending for a while. TikTok has evolved that trend a bit, with people adding a parted element to the style. As the picture shows it gives a kind of feminine dimension to a slicked back look. While it looks like an intimating style it’s pretty easy to achieve – this TikTok shows us all how in just a few seconds.

8Pull Through Braids

Yep, another braid trend has become popular thanks to TikTok. These pull through braids LOOK incredibly complex but because of the ‘pull through’ technique they’re actually much easier than traditional French braids – making them perfect for the at home hair styling. Don’t believe us? Watch this TikToker show us how it’s done…easy!

9Rubber Band Hairstyles

Isn’t this trend SO FUN?! We really love this and appreciate TikTok has made it a ‘thing’ again. Using little tiny rubber bands, often in different colors, is all over TikTok. The fun thing about using these little rubber bands is it makes it pretty easy to create a hairstyle that’s completely unique. Combining rubber bands, different colors and things like braids will give you an epic look. It’s the perfect trend to allow you to tap into your creativity. This is one of the trending TikTokers who gives a step-by-step tutorial to trying out this trend for yourself.

10Space Buns

We couldn’t talk about Tik Tok hair trends without mentioning space buns! Another one you’ve probably noticed around social media. It’s such a cute and fun trend. What we think one of the best parts about it is the fact that it doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ in order to be on trend and look great. This video actually proves that – she even says that the part doesn’t need to be super straight and spot on! Now this is a trend we love to see…who needs perfection anyways?!



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