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Trendy Unique Hair Color Ideas

Looking for a new, unique hair color to try? Perfect! Around here we love providing readers with trendy, and classic, hair ideas. Whether it’s a new hair color, style or cut we love dishing all the goodness with you. Today, we’re touching on unique hair color ideas. If you’re someone who enjoys hair color that’s outside the box you’re going to absolutely love some of these trendy hair color ideas. While they are ‘trendy’ we consider them unique – giving you the best of both! Scroll through the list to check out some of these incredibly gorgeous hair colors.

1Blue Bangs

Color just your bangs in a bold color?! Now that’s a unique color idea! This pop of blue adds just a fun twist to black hair. That being said, this is a color idea you can adapt using any hair colors you desire. Change up the color of the bangs to make it your own.

2Vibrant Warm Tones


This hair color idea is for our firey personalities out there. We say that positively, of course! We love a firecracker personality. Few colors embody that aesthetic quite like red and orange. We love that the colors are mixed here to give this stunning dimension.

3Bold in Turquoise

Bold hair colors have been trending over the past couple of years, but turquoise is a new color that’s been making a statement. If you look closely you can see the roots were colors in more of a true blue hue, fading out into turquoise.

4Red Hot Style

Red hair isn’t “new” but this vibrant shade of red isn’t something you see quite as often as other more subtle shades. If you want to be a little more unique with your red hair, this bold shade is something to consider to make a spicy hair statement.

5Popped in Purple

Want to add a unique twist to your hair without a bold color all throughout your hair? Look no further. We adore the way purple was incorporated into hair here, giving this kind of piecey highlighted effect mixed in with blonde pieces.

6Deep Purple and Blue

For our cool toned beauties out there, how gorgeous is this look? The mix of purple the blue shades, in this deep, rich tone is everything! Mixing colors together like this is a way to give your hair, even when it’s a bold color, depth and gradience.

7Envious in Emerald

Emerald green hair?! Yes! This jewel tone hue is epic. It’s not a color we’ve seen much of over the past few years, but with so many vibrant colors becoming trendy we encourage anyone to think outside the box.

8The New Half and Half

Who knew half and half cookies could inspire HAIR?! This is giving us half/half cookie vibes, but in a trendy and unique manner. Instead of the classic black and white color combination, they mixed it up with lavender and platinum blonde – so fun!

9High Contrast in Black and White

Black and white hair for the win! This hair color technique offers such a distinct contrast to the look, using two shades that are so different. Personally, we thought the placement of the colors added to this look making it stand out even more.

10Grey Tinted Lavender

Lavender colored hair has been a trend lovers choice in 2020. Like all trends, we love to see when they evolve with time. Here we see lavender hair with a silver/grey tint to it. That added tone gives lavender a completely unique aesthetic, with a little dose of edge.

11Pastel Pink

Raise your hand if you love pastel hair! (we’re raising our hands HIGH!) There’s something about pastel hair color this year, right? Go all out with the trend with pastel pink colors all over your hair, as shown in the picture. So pretty!

12Magenta Maven

Pastel hair not really for you? No worries, you can still rock a unique and trendy hair color – with deep magenta hair! This is a fun option for the fall and winter months when, for many of us, we tend to lean towards wearing darker colors.

13Mermaid Vibrant Colors

If you’ve always wanted to be a mermaid – this hair color was made for you! Mermaid hair has been a trend we’ve seen for a fair amount of time, but it doesn’t make it any less unique. Look at this hair – it’s the definition of unique!

14Soft Sunset Vibes

We love creative ways so many hair artists find to make hair color look fresh and unique. This combination is anything but basic, between the soft shades of blue and orange and ashy blonde it’s the epitome of trendy hair color.

15Neon Peach

Talk about a unique hair color! Wow, our jaws dropped when we stumbled upon this hair. We’ve seen bold hair colors, but this is the first time we’ve seen neon peach hair in our lifetimes and we hope to see more of it.

16Yellow Neon Tips

Another take on neon hair color – this time it’s a little more subtle. Coloring hair in a neon color to just the ends of hair like this is a unique way to adapt a bold color to your hair without committing to the full neon hair color. Win win!

17Oil Slicked in Color

Oil slicked hair is a term that’s been gaining popularity, it really just refers the method of coloring the hair. See how there’s subtle pieces of hair in unique colors mixed into the hair? That’s what oil slicking is! This technique is a really trendy way to add any color(s) you desire to your hair.

18Multi Color Hints

While we know you’re here because you want to gain some unique hair color inspiration, we know the full neon hair color look isn’t for everyone. This is a great example of how you can add unique hair colors to your more traditional colors (i.e. brunette, blonde, etc.), in a subtle way.

19Subtle Pastel Tones

We’re back with the pastel hair here! Talk about stunning, too. Having a hard time choosing one pastel shade to color your hair? No need to choose! You can combine various pastel shades to get an incredibly gorgeous pastel ombre hair look.

20Rainbow Pop

Rainbow hair, don’t care! If this hair color look isn’t unique, we have no idea what is. We absolutely love that they created this rainbow hair coloring in combination with blonde hair. Applying rainbow colors to a small portion creates this unexpected ‘pop’ of color.

21Patch of Blue

Do you have platinum blonde hair? Embrace the color you already have (or plan on achieving), with a twist. Coloring a small section of hair in a bold blue shade like this is so fun! It’s a way to tip toe into bold hair colors to see if you want to experiment further.

22Hot Pink Meets Platinum

Clearly, a trend in hair color throughout 2020 (and going into 2021) is all about the bold, vibrant hair colors. Here we have another epic example of neon hair color, this time with hot pink. The mix of hot pink with platinum blonde is a combination for the ages.

23Pink + Purple Combined

Is there a color combination more epic than this? Well, there are a few others we’ve shared on this list that may qualify but this combo is definitely up there! Hair color isn’t permanent, which is why it’s a really fun area to experiment with. We encourage you to consider hair color combinations that stand out from the rest!

24Pastel Rainbow Colors

Rainbow hair color strikes again, this interpretation is quite different from the previous rainbow hair we showed you though. This time, they utilized pastel tones to get the rainbow aesthetic. Furthermore, this look is an all-out rainbow look thanks to the impeccable ombre technique used.

25Rose Gold Hair

Metallic colored hair?! Yes! Rose gold isn’t just for jewelry, not anymore.  We’re obsessed with this rose gold inspired hair color. It’s edgy, trendy and unique – all things we can all appreciate.

26Blue Meets Grey

27Smokey Mauve

28Sunset Inspired Ombre

29Bold Color Mix

30Blonde Rainbows



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