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Pink Ombre Hair Ideas

Need a little fun in your life? We have one of the most fun hair trends to talk about with you. After the year we’ve all experienced, there’s something that feels extra special about trying something new and fun whether it’s a new hobby, fashion trend or hair color. Pink ombre hair has been popping up on the locks of women everywhere and we have to say… we’re on board with this trend. It’s fun, playful and exciting – things we can all appreciate now more than ever. Check out some of the most incredible pink ombre hair ideas we’ve come across thus far.

1Ash Blonde to Pink

Talk about show stopping hair, right? We’re in love with this lilac-pink ombre hair. Opting for ashy white blonde, mixed with pastel pink makes for this gorgeous light toned look.

2Ashy Brown to Pink

Sticking to the ashy hair colors, this time with brown. Who would have thought brown hair would looks so great with warm pink ombre added to it?! We sure didn’t, but we love that someone else thought of it. Pink adds a fun pop of color to brown hair.

3Berry Pink Ombre

Hello gorgeous! This berry pink hair is a bold statement that we adore for the fall and winter months. Thanks to the dark roots mixed in it gives this great darkness to hair that we all gravitate towards during the cold weather months.

4Pastel Pink and Purple

This is a major pastel hair moment and we’re here for it. Pink ombre gets another colorful twist thanks to adding pastel purple. Opting for pastel pink for ombre hair gives you that touch of color that’s a bit softer compared to other shades of pink you will see on this list.

5Tipped in Pink

Here is a bright pink moment! We absolutely love the way hot pink was used to achieve this ombre aesthetic. With the brightest shade of pink being added to the VERY ends of hair it allows the blonde shades to still shine.

6Bold Shades of Pink

Calling all our pink ladies! If you want a major pink hair moment look no further. A super fun and bold way to rock this hair trend is by opting for ALL pink hair, and just combining various shades of pink together for the ombre effect.

7Rooted in Pink

We’ve talked about the shadow rooting trend quite a bit around here, and you will likely continue to see it. It’s a trend that works with great in combination with the ombre hair coloring technique. It also happens to look incredible with pink hair.

8Brown + Pink Ombre

Love brown hair? Keep your favorite hair color but add a fun, bright pop with pink ombre. When adding pink to brown hair you’ll just want to choose a color that isn’t too light so it can be seen amongst dark brown.

9Baby Pink Ombre

Shadow rooting meets ombre meets PINK. The triple combination we didn’t know we all needed in our lives. This is such a great way to adapt dark brown hair with lighter shades of pink, the key is to focus the dark color at the root with shadow rooting technique.

10Edgy Pink Ombre

Edgy pink moment for the win! Dark, nearly black hair got a major color pop with bright magenta ombre. The ombre technique gives dimension and a gradual transition from the dark color to bright pink.

11Mixing Pinks

This is for the individuals who can’t choose just one shade of pink to color their hair. Ombre technique is incredible for giving you the ability to mix multiple colors and shades together, as you can see here with different shades of pink.

12Black and Pink Ombre Mix

Another great interpretation of dark hair with bright pink, in an ombre effect. One of our favorite things about pink ombre hair is how customizable it is. Between different color combinations, shades and colors of pink and placement of color you can really have fun with this trend.

13Face Framing Ombre

Pink ombre hair ideas are impressing us more and more. What do you think? We can’t get over the countless ways this trend can be achieved. Our favorite element of this particular look is the face framing pink pieces.

14Flamingo Inspired Ombre

Does this give you flamingo vibes, too? Neon pink and orange aren’t colors we often think to combine when it comes to creating an ombre look, but from this point on we sure will be and we hope you will too. Dark roots break up the bold colors a bit with some darkness.

15Light Pink Ends

Classic ombre technique right here. This is a prime example of gradient ombre fading applied to hair. The darkest color at the roots, working its way down to the lightest color. It’s a technique that can be applied with any color…just like pink!

16Mauvey Pink Hair

How stunning is this pink ombre hair? This particular shade of pink isn’t one we’ve shown you yet, which is why we wanted to include it. Mauvy pink tones are perfection for fall!

17Long Pink Ombre Hair

Long hair, don’t care?! Well, you probably care about having gorgeously long hair! Add some fun spice to your long locks with pink ombre.

18Magenta Ombre

Ombre is a winning technique for long hair, although it can be applied to any hair length. But one look at this long hair and you can see why. Bright magenta ombre fading is giving us ALL the fall feels.

19Mixed Pink and Purple Hues

We love that people are making pink ombre hair their own by combing various colors together with pink. Here they opted for purple, a great choice.

20Mostly Pink Hair

Ombre, much like pink hair, is easy to personalize to make unique to the look you want to achieve. They made this pink ombre hair stand out by making the hair MOSTLY pink instead of the opposite.

21Neon Pink Ombre

It’s not just about neon nails and fashion anymore! Now enter: neon pink hair. This is for the woman who wants to make a super bold hair statement. If that’s you, we hope you’ll think about using this for inspiration.

22Opal Themed Ombre

This is another great example of mixing colors together for pink ombre hair. Here we’re getting opal vibes and we love it. While the pink ombre is the main focus of this hair as you look closer you will see touches of purple and blue pieces.

23Pretty in Pink Hair

Major hair moment alert! Pastel shades of pink have never looked better, in our humble opinion. The ombre effect comes in near the roots, giving pink hair a shadow rooted appearance.

24Hints of Pink

We’ve shown you quite a few bold pink ombre looks, but pink ombre doesn’t have to be bright and bold in order to look chic. This is a great example of that! Subtle touches of pink make this a softer take on the trend.

25Ended with Pink

We hope you aren’t tired of all the ombre variations yet, because we have more gorgeous looks to show you! Like this pink ombre, making the pink more predominant on the lower layers of the hair making it almost a peek a boo type of look.

26Pink Lob

Ok, we had to show you a few more subtly pink ombre hair colors. We thought this was so pretty, thanks to more neutral shades of pink it’s not as bold as the neon hues we’ve shown you but it still gives a touch of color.

27Pink Neons

Neon, neon, neon! Just like you can mix various shades of pink together, you can mix various shades of NEON pink together for a pink ombre hair look. It’s just about finding the right neon pink colors to combine.

28Pink Edged Hair

Isn’t this pretty? We love how edgy this pink ombre hair looks. Starting with black at the roots and fading into a medium shade of pink, then to a lighter shade, and yet another lighter shade gives this result.

29Purple Meets Pink Ombre

Pink and purple are a classic color combination you can count on whether it’s in makeup, an outfit, interior décor or…ombre hair! This pink ombre isn’t for the faint of heart because of the neon hues used, but it sure is a gorgeous.

30Pink and Orange Combined

We’re back with the pink and orange color combination, who knew it was such a trend in itself?! Adding orange to pink ombre hair provides a little extra color and dimension.

31Pink Platinum

Platinum blonde hair got a color twist with pink mixed in! The shade of pink is very close to platinum blonde, making it a subtle color addition to the hair.

32Pink and Platinum Roots

If you’ve been thinking of trying to add some pink to your hair but you’re not quite ready to go FULL pink like the options we’ve shown you this may be a great stepping stone to try. Pink tints applied to hair here gives the color in a delicate manner.

33Pink Roots

How amazing is this pink ombre hair? It’s actually a very classic ombre technique you’ve likely seen a lot, but because of the placement and use of different pink shades it looks like a whole different aesthetic.

34Rose Gold Highlights

Ahhh we just adore all the subtle pink hints. The pink used in combination with this dirty blonde hair creates this really fun rose gold type of feel.

35Shadow Rooted Pink Ombre

Pastel pink is a clear choice for many when rocking pink ombre hair. The colors used here are well thought out with dark brown applied to the roots, fading into platinum blonde and then pastel pink.

36All The Pink Shades

37Sherbet Pink

38Subtly Pink

39Touches of Pink Hair

40Vividly Pink



  1. Hi I have the splat rain ombre in my hair I want to do touch up on the roots and its fading also do I need to do a bleach wash again ?


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