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Best Haircuts for Oval Face Shape

Do you have an oval face shape? We’re talking to you specifically today. It can be difficult to understand the types of haircuts that flatter your face shape best, that’s why we’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to the best haircuts for oval faces. If you’ve been itching to change up your hairstyle, make sure you take some time to scroll through this list so you feel confident in opting for a haircut that’s sure to look great for your face shape. Start scrolling and let us know which of these hairstyles for oval faces is your favorite!

1Asymmetric Bob

We had to kick off this list with this cut, it’s everything! Bob and lob length cuts are a huge trend this year and we’re starting to see a lot of asymmetric interpretations of the trend. This looks incredible for oval face shape.

2Blunt Ended Length

Of course, long haircuts also look amazing for oval face shapes. The blunt cut at the ends of the hair here add a modern edge to the overall look that’s incredibly flattering for her oval face. It adds a bit of contrast in a subtle way.

3Deep Side Part Lob

There’s no getting away from the lob cut this year! We don’t know about you, but we really love the lob length. It’s especially flattering for girls with oval faces. This cut has some added layers thrown in to add a bit of volume to the hair.

4Choppy Layers and Bangs

Bangs have been slowly making their way back to the locks of women all over the world. They also happen to work incredibly well for oval faces. As you can see here, this choppy bang cut looks incredible in combination with all the layers.

5Curled Layers

We know we have some oval face shaped ladies out there who have curly hair, we didn’t forget about you! This is a great cut if your hair is on the curly side. Adding long side-swept bangs gives a layered look without changing the shape of curls.

6Curtain Bang Lob

In case you missed the memo, curtain bangs are IN right now. The good news? They happen to compliment an oval face seamlessly. We adore the way curtain bangs look with a shag lob. Effortless and modern.

7Long Blunt Layers

Looking for a long length hair cut for an oval face? Here you go! This cut is primarily one length, with choppy ends and a few face-framing layers. It’s a great cut if you like to wear your hair with loose waves.

8Extra Long Length

Extra long hair is a statement, a statement we’re here for no matter your face shape. Add a few face framing layers to really compliment your oval face shape.

9Face Framing Long Layers

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to the hair game. She always has the best haircuts and styles that flatter her face shape with ease. Here she opted for long length with layers added to the front, almost giving a curtain bang aesthetic.

10Full Blunt Bangs

Looking for bangs hairstyles for oval faces? Clearly, bangs are having a moment in hair! These full bangs are so cute for an oval face. We love the way the bangs look with shoulder-length hair to really frame the face. This is giving us 90’s throwback vibes.

11Textured Medium Length

Medium length hair is favored by many women because it’s a great, well…happy medium. This textured haircut adds a little something extra to the length that gives volume and style to the overall haircut.

12Hollywood Glam for Ovals

If you like a glam aesthetic, you will love this hairstyle. The old Hollywood glam hairstyle never gets old. Styling hair in a deep side part and strategically placed curls gives a sleek, chic style.

13Layered Bangs

We just can’t resist sharing different ways to cut bangs for an oval face shape. These bangs were cut on the longer side, giving a more layered and effortless feel. They were perfectly paired with long layered shoulder length hair.

14Short Layered Length

Thinking of trying a lob haircut? This is a great cut to try with an oval face shape. The added layers give volume and texture to the short hair length that gives an effortless vibe to the haircut.

15Effortless Layers

Another effortless haircut, this time on the longer length side. For the women who favorite medium length hair, we have you covered on a flattering cut! There are layers added to this cut, they were cut on the longer side to really bring more texture to the bottom half of the hair.

16Loose Ended Curls

We know medium-length cuts are popular so we wanted to make sure we covered a few different ways to cut the length for oval faces. To wear your hair with a center part like this, make sure to ask your stylist to cut your hair with a center part.

17Sleek Low Bun

We’ve shown you quite a few cuts, but we wanted to also include a few easy to style hairstyles that are gorgeous for oval faces. Simplicity is perfect for you! Here, a sleek low bun is super easy to recreate. Add a side part and leave a few face-framing pieces to give more face shape flattering elements.

18The Markle Cut

Megan Markle has made waves in the fashion and beauty worlds. Her style is classy and timeless, hair included! With her oval face shape, this long layered cut is perfection. Parted in the center, the hair really highlights her natural features.

19Ombre Curly Layers

Another celeb we can always count on for hair inspiration. Beyonce is queen B for a reason! Her oval face is enhanced beautifully with this haircut. Embracing her natural curls and flattering her shape.

20Partial Balayage Layers

How pretty is this hairstyle? The side part adds to the effortless vibe of the haircut. We have to say, we think the partial balayage highlighting adds even more definition to enhance her oval face.

21Tussled Bun

We didn’t forget about sharing a few hairstyle ideas! We’re absolutely in love with this haircut and style. Once again, bangs are proving to be an of-the-moment hair element we all can’t seem to resist. Messy bun looks so chic with bangs and pieces framing the face.

22Pin Straight Bob

Even if you don’t have naturally pin straight hair, this haircut is major style inspiration. The hair is primarily one solid layer, which really adds to the blunt edge feel of this lob haircut.

23One Long Length

There have been a few haircuts we’ve shared so far that are one length cuts, meaning no layers added to them. More often than not those types of cuts are applied to shorter lengths, but here this beauty is showing us it can be applied to long hair and look just as great.

24Rounded Bob Layered

This is a bit of a throwback look for Jessica Alba, but it’s such a great cut we couldn’t resist sharing it with you. Her oval face shape is perfect for the cut. The rounded bob, with a lot of layers is such a gorgeous cut.

25Short Asymmetric Cut

You can begin to expect to see a lot of short haircuts popping up over the next few months. We’re all making the chop! If you have an oval face and want a short cut that’s edgy – look no further.

26Shoulder Length Layering

Ahh shoulder length hair, it’s such a versatile length. Ask your hairstylist to add a few short layers around your chin in length to frame your face and add a bit more structure to the haircut.

27Side Part Bob

We told you –short is in! This bob cut is a bit softer thanks to side swept bangs and the rounded styling of the bottom portion of the hair. If you’re looking for a classic cut, this is a great option for an oval face.

28Shoulder Length Side Part

Priyanka Chopra always has the best hair, don’t you think? This cut is one of her signature looks, and it’s easy to see why. It’s such a great cut for her face shape. Simple, stylish and modern.

29Side Swept Bangs

There’s just something about side swept bangs, don’t you agree? We don’t think they’ll ever get old! If you’re not ready to make the chop for a blunt bang haircut, side swept bangs are the perfect alternative.

30Sleek Lob Length

Charlize looks incredible in this sleek lob haircut. Parted in the middle, it really adds to the sleekness of the haircut itself. This is another example of minimal layers being added to the hair to give just enough dimension to hair.

31Solid Length

Believe it or not, this haircut doesn’t have any layers! We know, it doesn’t look that way at first because of the way the hair was styled. The great thing about haircuts that don’t have layers is they do make it easy to style to transform the cut.

32Straight Edged

Talk about an edgy haircut! Blunt bob haircuts are synonymous with edgy hair aesthetic, but the addition of blunt bangs really adds even more of that to this hairstyle. We absolutely love it for a major hair statement.

33Middle Parted Bob

Straight bob haircuts can be edgy without bangs, too! Styling a short bob haircut straight and parting in the middle is what’s going to give you that edgy feel with a softer touch than the previous image.

34Beachy Swept Bangs

Beachy hair moment for the win! We don’t know about you but this haircut is giving us all the California girl feels. Add body and volume to straight hair with long layers mixed into medium length hair.

35Subtly Highlighted

This bob was too cute not to show you, even though we’ve shown a handful of bob haircuts on the list. This is a bit different with the subtle asymmetric detailing with one side in the front being just a hair (pun intended) longer than the other.

36Subtle Waves

37Pixie Perfect

38Oval Updo

39Low Bun Amplified

40Wispy Bang Long Layer



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