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Types of Haircuts for Girls

Hair is one of those areas of our lives that gives us a chance to change and evolve our entire look, without making a permanent change. It’s probably one of the main reasons women and girls everywhere change their haircuts and styles fairly often. With limitless options, it’s fun to experiment and try new things every once in a while (or more often if you’re really adventurous). Today, we thought it would be fun to share some of the different types of haircuts for girls. Whether you’ve been struggling to find a haircut you really love, or just need some fresh ideas, we have you covered.

1Lots of Layers

If you’re anything like us, you love a long haircut look. Adding a lot of layers, like this picture shows, is a really incredible way to add dimension and depth to long hair.

2Beachy Waves

This beachy wave look is a huge trend right now, and it’s easy to see why – it’s so pretty! The ends of the hair are quite blunt, adding an edginess to the ends that compliments soft light layering throughout the rest of the hair.

3Blunt Bob

Bob haircuts have been gaining major popularity over the past couple of months. If you want to really jump head first into the trend, this blunt bob style is the way to do it.

4Curly Lob

Curly hair? This is the perfect lob length cut for our curly haired ladies out there. The shape embraces the natural curls, and gives great shape to the overall style. We love the subtle side swept bang element.

5Curled Layers

Another gorgeous cut for women with curly hair, this time a longer haircut option. Hair is left at a medium length with more layers added to lighten up the ends and allow the curls to really hold their shape.

6Pixie Curls

Ok, we’re not done with curly haircuts! This pixie cut is too amazing not to share with you. It’s edgy, stylish and so unique. The asymmetric element really makes this stand out from other pixie style cuts.

7Shag Curtain Bangs

You may have noticed, curtain bangs have burst onto the hair scene. If you haven’t, now you know! The great part of curtain bangs is how they add a natural layered effect to hair, even when it’s medium length like this.

8Easy to Style Cut

Looking for a medium length cut that doesn’t require a lot of styling? We have you covered! This cut, with very minimal layers is the perfect easy to style cut for women who still want hair that’s on the longer side.

9Extra Long Layering

Hello long hair goals! We can’t get over this gorgeously long hair. Thanks to some long layers, to match the super long length, you’re still able to have some face framing attributes from this cut.

10Pointed Layers

Layers can be cut in many different techniques to change the way hair lies and is styled. This is a great example of changing the direction and technique of layers to create a completely different look.

11Lightened Up Layers

If you tend to feel like your hair feels heavy, this is a great layered cut to consider and show to your hair stylist. Adding layers throughout the hair and taking the weight out of the ends really allows hair to feel lighter and easier to manage.

12Lob Shag Cut

Women who are a fan of the lob haircut are going to love this update to the cut. Having lob length hair cut with a shag style gives this textured aesthetic to hair that really changes the entire aesthetic.

13Bangs with a Lob

Here’s another way to change up lob length hair! We can’t get over all the ways to make lob haircuts unique to your personal style. This look added a thin layer of bangs for a really fun and edgy face framing element.

14Long Curly Cut

Long hair, don’t care? Perfect, this haircut was made for you – especially if you have curly hair. This is the perfect cut for women with curly hair, who also want to enjoy super long length.

15Soft Layering

Isn’t this cut gorgeous? We just love the softness of the layering added to the cut. It adds just enough shape to hair to make it bounce and look full, without taking away from the gorgeous color.

16Super Long Layers

While short haircuts are trending, so are super long haircuts. Isn’t the variety great? What a time to be alive! If you’ve been working on growing out your hair but still want it to have some shape, be sure to ask for long layers to get this kind of look.

17Side Parted Long Hair

Another long haircut for the win! Chrissy Teigen is always giving us major hair goal moments. Here the barely there side swept bang layering adds great style to the long length.

18Feathered Side Swept Bangs

Do you want to keep your hair long, but still add something different to the cut? Add side swept bangs! This picture is a great example of how feathered side swept bangs can elevate long hair.

19Medium Length Layers

Sometimes less is more. This haircut is one of those times. The cut itself is fairly minimal, with just a few layers added throughout the hair it’s really about the sharp ends highlighting the length of the hair.

20Mermaid Length Hair

The Kardashians really made mermaid length hair a big trend and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. If you want to make a major hair statement, mermaid length hair is a really fun way to achieve that.

21Minimal Layers

Cutting a lot of layers into hair isn’t always necessary for a gorgeous haircut. This cut is a great example of just a couple of layers, left on the longer side, is all you need for a chic cut.

22Modern Bob Layers

How adorable is this bob haircut? We can’t get over it! The choppy layers add an edgy, modern twist to the bob haircut. While the bob cut itself certainly isn’t new, there are ways you can make it feel fresh.

23Single Length Bob

Olivia Palermo has always been known as a style icon, so we love taking cues from her. This long bob cut is quite simple with all the hair being cut at the same length it’s chic and simple.

24Super Pixie Cut

Want to cut your hair super short? Here you go! This super short pixie cut is such a great look, particularly for women with more of a rounded face shape. The side part element gives the pixie cut a little added style.

25Short Layered Cut

We told you it’s all about the short hair this year! This long bob cut is another example of how to make the trend your own. With all the layers added to the hair it gives such amazing volume to the hair to get that bouncy look.

26Long Textured Hair

Hair cut with a ‘shag’ technique is known to add more of a texturized aesthetic to hair, no matter the length. Here the hair is quite long and thanks to the shag cut it adds this amazing texture to the bottom half of hair.

27Long Shag Cut with Bangs

The shag haircut strikes again! This time bangs were added to a long shag cut and we don’t know which option we love more. Piecey bangs really compliment shag cut hair.

28Shoulder Length Layers

Hello shoulder length hair moment! The ends of the hair are quite straight, adding this ‘blunt end’ vibe to hair. We have to say it’s the slight layering that really elevates the hair.

29Shaved Pixie

Looking for the perfect edgy hair moment? Well, here you go! If you’re ready to go super short with your hair, asking for the side(s) to be shaved is going to give you major edge to a pixie cut.

30Waterfall Lob

This cut is synonymous with the back of hair cut shorter than the front, giving this ‘waterfall’ effect to hair. It’s a really stylish way to rock short hair and have a lot of different layers and lengths mixed in.

31Side Swept Short Cut

Leave it to Demi to give us a pixie cut that leaves our jaws dropped. It’s cut similar to a pixie cut, but the length is longer than a traditional pixie cut. We just love the side part adding a swept to the side effect to hair.

32Long Top, Short Sides

Short hair strikes again. This is another gorgeous, edgy pixie cut. With the sides cut quite short, leaving the top of hair longer it adds some asymmetry to hair that’s so fun and unique.

33Pin Straight Layers

Super straight hair has never looked better, in our opinion. If you have thin hair that’s also quite straight, this cut is the perfect way to embrace the natural texture and state of your hair.

34Side Part Chop

This cut is similar to some of the lob length styles we’ve shown you, but it isn’t a lob. Here the hair is longer than you will find with a lob, but it’s showing us how to adapt lob style layers and shape to longer length.

35Subtle Layers

How pretty is this haircut? Again we see the blunt ends of the cut – definitely a consistent trend this year. Add some softness to the hair with layers focused around the face.

36Soft Layered Medium Length

37Short and Long Layers

38Textured Bob

39Asymmetric Bob

40Wispy Bangs with Layers



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