Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Blonde Hair Colors

At some point in almost every girl’s life has been the dream to be blonde, hence the ever popular term “bottle blonde”. Something about sunny, golden, or platinum strands seems so inherently feminine and sexy. If you have decided to make the leap to blonde (or if you’re looking to revamp your current light color), look no further! 2016 is definitely the year for blondes to shine: from cool ashes to peekaboo color and even attractive ombres. We have gathered 20 beautiful, innovative blonde hair ideas that are sure to wow your friends and family. Hopefully one of these color inspirations will be the perfect fit for your 2016 ‘do!

1Blonde Bombshell

This gravity-defying coif is all the more lovely with the model’s warm, blonde hair color. To achieve this look, your stylist will have to let the top strands of your hair process longer than the roots and lower layers, allowing a light brunette to peak through a muted gold for a more natural feel. The longer you expose this color to sunlight, the brighter your blonde will become.

2Golden Blonde Hair

This rich gold is broken up with very natural platinum blonde highlights and brunette low-lights. This color looks especially great with tan skin; try contrasting a bubblegum pink lipstick with your hair, like the model. To keep this color looking perfect, you will have to have new growth re-dyed every couple of weeks and a possible gold glaze over your pre-existing color.

3Sun-Bleached Waves

Nothing screams “summer” or “beach babe” quite like beautiful, blonde waves. Mimic this color combination by pairing a cool, platinum blonde with light brunette low-lights. If you’re a complete fan of the model’s hair, achieve her style by texturizing with sea salt spray and scrunching your hair to better show off your new color!

4Platinum Perfection

Christina Aguilera is the queen of all things blonde: we can never forget how well she rocks icy locks, particularly this ice queen silvery-platinum color. Have your stylist bleach your hair until your ‘do resembles the flesh of a banana, then tone with a purple toner or toning shampoo to calm any brassiness. Pair this icy combo with bold red lips for extra ‘wow’ factor!

5Strawberry Panic

Is it red? Is it blonde? For the purpose of this article, strawberry blonde is totally blonde and looks totally hot with a variety of colorings! This strawberry blonde hair dye color can be tricky to create as too much brass can create a redhead, so we recommend going to a professional before making the plunge. Maintain your strawberry locks with a combo of color protectant and toning shampoo to fight brassiness.

6Two-Toned, Twice the Appeal

Who said dyeing your hair blonde meant that you could only select one shade? If you’re particularly daring and have a pretty liberal work place, take a note from Cruella deVille and go for this two-toned, creative color combination. A stylist is recommended for even coloring; part your hair down the middle and pair your new blonde with a darker brunette for more appeal.

7Blonde and Brown Hair: Reverse Ombre

Typically when you say ‘ombre’, you’re speaking of a dark color that fades into lighter ends. However, a reverse ombre on blonde hair looks absolutely stunning! Toy around with different blondes to choose one that you love (we happen to adore the model’s cool blonde) and then select a darker shade that juxtaposes your blonde for your ombre. Brunettes and reds work very well for this!

8Warmth and Sunshine Sandy Blonde Hair

If you’re looking for red and blonde hair color ideas, then this is another color that treads the fine line between red and blonde, but it’s just golden enough to qualify as blonde/honey blonde hair. Again, we recommend going to a professional stylist to mimic the model’s hue. Toning shampoo and color glazes will be your friend in maintaining this cheek, warm strawberry blonde. To add more dimension, have gold blonde highlights and brunette low-lights created as well.

9Ash Blonde Hair Goddess

Ash blonde has recently become popular among fashion-focused ladies. This cool, almost-grey-but-not-quite color looks stunning with pale and dark skin alike. To achieve this color yourself, start with bleached hair and apply ash blonde dye (you can get this at any beauty supply store or go to a professional). Invest in a good toning shampoo to fight yellow tones and fading.

10Comic Book Heroine

Lady Gaga routinely pushes the borders of makeup, fashion, and hair. We love her pop art yellow-and-blonde hair: it reminds us of comic book heroines of yesterday! Recreate this look by having a warm, light blonde hair on the top layer of your hair and then dyeing the bottom a bright, vivid yellow. This color will require regular maintenance, so be ready to spend a pretty penny.

11Raspberries and Cream

This cool, sweet color reminds us of fall nights and sweet deserts. Start with a cool ash blonde and have your stylist create peek-a-boo raspberry (or any other reddish color) tints at your roots, tips, and throughout the bulk of your hair with low-lights. This color looks especially appealing with all skin colors and really brings out light blue or green eyes.

12Red and Blonde Hair Color Ideas: Underlayer Madness

Duo color combinations always look stunning when one element is blonde. We love how the model’s cool, platinum layers pair perfectly with her vivid red underlayers. Have your stylist separate your hair and bleach and tone your hair to your desired blonde. Then, have them create a contrast on your bottom layers–we recommend a rich red or even a deep black.

13Dark Roots, Natural Fade

Dark roots were once the bane of every blondes existence, but the fashion world has recently begun to embrace this natural growth. If you don’t want to wait for your blonde to grow out (or if your roots are still light), fake dark roots with a trip to the salon and some dark hair dye. We recommend your roots are no more than 2-3 inches or your hair will start to look like a bad ombre.

14Shades of Blonde and LowLights

Natural, subtle brunette lowlights really add dimension and ‘pop’ to any blonde color. This blonde hair with lowlights color works especially well on short or layered hair, as it breaks up an otherwise concentrated mass of color. To avoid too much contrast, select blondes and brunettes that are only a few shades apart from each other and have your stylist create very subtle low-lights. This color will have to be re-visited when you begin to have new growth, so keep your stylist on speed dial!

15Lightened Balayage

A balayage does not have to be dramatic to be beautiful, as demonstrated by this model. Balayage can, in fact, breathe new life into an otherwise dull and outdone blonde. If you are looking to brighten your blonde without actually changing your color, get a ‘light’ balayage: ie, have your stylist bleach and tone your tips through balayage for a bright, updated new blonde.

16Babydoll Blonde

Soft, light blonde curls are synonymous with lots of feminine icons: baby dolls, angels, princesses, etc. If you want to create that soft, romantic feel with your own hair, go for a cool blonde layered over a light golden hue. The contrast of cool and warm will result in a breathtaking color combination that is ideal with porcelain skin. If you want to try this color yourself, we recommend a visit to your stylist.

17Ice Blonde Colored Hair

Cool hues pair well with the red hot, as demonstrated by this model with her icy blonde hair and bright red lips. In order to keep this look from being too chill, only have the top layer of your hair colored a cool platinum: keep the rest a slightly darker blonde for dimension. This color combination looks beautiful when braided, as it allows the different shades of blonde to blend together.

18Chunky, Punk Dirty Blonde Highlights

If you’ve decided that subtly and hints of color aren’t for you, take the plunge for full, chunky, blonde hair with dark highlights! Dark brunettes and blacks looks especially stunning when paired with dirty blonde hair colors or dim golds. If you really want to make a statement, have one half of your hair highlighted more aggressively and have the chunks of darker color spread throughout your layers.

19Snow Bunny Blonde Hair Dye

This snowy, ashy, grey-blonde is perfect for both pale and darker skinned gals. Because this color hovers between blonde and grey, it can be paired with a variety of makeup or color palettes and still look wonderful. Achieve this color by bleaching and dyeing over with an ash blonde, keeping it toned. Go for a grey glaze to further heighten the ash of your hair and embrace your roots for a more natural, dimensional color.

20More Bang for your Buck

We love how this model pairs a slightly yellow, warm light blonde with chocolate bangs. While this look may have haunted your younger self’s nightmares, contrasting bangs are in style right now! Recreate the model’s look by pairing blonde hair with brunette bangs or go a step further and pair blonde bangs with a different overall color. The end effect will be the same: stunning, unique, and artsy!

We hope you’ve found the perfect blonde color in this list of blonde hair color ideas for blondes, brunette and reds!



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