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30 Little Boy Haircuts

Finding the right haircut for your little boy can be tricky. If he’s not a toddler, he’s old enough to have an opinion about what his hair looks like, but you’ll still want to choose something that works with his hair type and is relatively easy to maintain. Inspired by the classic haircuts and trendy looks that grown-up guys are sporting, we’ve collected 30 of the best little boy haircuts to help you choose the perfect style for your growing boys.

1Side Part With Undercut

This side parted style leaves hair long enough on top to be styled sideways across the head, while an undercut around the back and sides keeps this haircut trendy looking and easy to maintain.

2Soft Textured Haircut

If your little boy isn’t at the age where he’s interested in having his hair styled or combed, giving him a haircut with texture will create shape without requiring daily styling. This particular cut looks great on little boys with finely textured hair, and cuts a fringe around the face to keep hair from getting in his eyes.

3Curls With Skin Fade

Looking as dapper as the older men in his life, this haircut is fun and stylish. Your little boy will feel special having a barber give him this skin faded haircut, while the razor line is a fun added detail that echoes trendy grown-up looks.

4Kids Faux Hawk

Most haircuts that have slightly longer hair on top can be styled into a faux hawk for a special event when you’d like to try putting some product in your little boy’s hair. Unlike a real mohawk, this style doesn’t require any long term commitment.

5Trendy Quiff

With undercut sides and longer hair on top, this trendy quiff requires a little more styling than some of the more basic cuts on our list. On days when you don’t have time to deal with styling and products, your little boy can wear this in a basic side combed style.

6Medium Layered Haircut

Layers are key to making a medium or long haircut manageable for your little boy. Featuring flicked layers that extend past the nape of the neck, this is a sporty looking style that might have your little guy feeling like one of his favorite hockey players.

7Mohawk Fade

Combining the edgy mohawk and the clean look of a faded haircut, this mohawk fade haircut is a great option for little boys who want to look sporty yet stylish.

8Short Layered Haircut

Short and simple, this haircut features some soft layers throughout the top, and tapers gently at the back and sides to create a classic silhouette. If you’re having trouble getting any input from your little boy about what kind of haircut he’d like to have, this short layered cut is a safe bet.

9Cute Tapered Cut

Little boys with thick, straight hair look great wearing this tapered cut that’s somewhere between short and mid-length. The style can look like a classic kid’s cut, but looks especially stylish when paired with dressier clothing options. You just have to get him to agree to wear them!

10Classic Fade Haircut

For little boys with natural curls, this classic fade haircut is a great way to keep their hair looking sharp that requires almost no styling time in between haircuts.

11Surfer Style

Summer offers up the perfect opportunity for your little boy to grow his hair a little bit longer. This mid-length haircut features some subtle layers and textured ends that help to give it that beachy, surfer vibe.

12Trendy Waves Haircut

For little boys with a thick curl or wave in their hair, the current trend towards styles that are shorter at the sides and longer on top offers up the perfect opportunity to embrace the hair’s natural texture without being long all over and difficult to maintain.

13Soft Spikes Mohawk

This softly spiked mohawk is a great way to give your little boy a mohawk-inspired look without having to style it with product every day.

14Undercut Pompadour

This undercut pompadour is the perfect haircut for cool little boys who love vintage rockabilly style. Use a comb and a strong hold product to get the pictured style, and try a side combed look on days when you have less time to perfect the look.

15Mini Mohawk

A barber can sculpt natural curls into a mini mohawk, meaning your little boy can wear this edgy style all day without any effort. Hair at the sides of this style is buzzed short but not shaved right down to the scalp, making for a style that’s appropriate in any setting.

16Medium Buzz Cut

Use anywhere from a #3–#5 guard to give your little boy this medium length buzz cut. Also known as a butch cut, this style is clean, simple and you’ll save money with at-home haircuts.

17Temple Fade

With a crisp line-up around the hairline and faded temples, this stylish haircut is great for little boys who are starting to want more say in how they look.

18Edgy Mohawk

Hair is buzzed right down at the sides to create this edgy mohawk haircut. It may not be the shocking hairstyle that it once was, but with faux hawk styles being more common today, sporting the original mohawk will make your little boy feel like a punk rock outlaw.

19Bun With Undercut

Combine longer hair with a disconnected undercut to make it easier to style and maintain. This bun style is an option both on days when you don’t have time to wash or detangle his hair, but also makes for a cute look on fancy occasions.

20Classic Crew Cut

For guys of any age, the classic crew cut has been one of the most popular haircuts around for years. It’s easy to style and maintain, and looks good on everyone.

21Disconnected Undercut

This disconnected undercut begins high up on the head, creating a cool, edgy haircut that will have your little boy feeling especially grown-up.

22Side Combed Cut

This side combed haircut is the perfect combination of a classic-looking haircut and a modern trendy style. For little boys with straight strands, this haircut is a breeze to style and you can even refresh the shorter sides at home with your own clippers.

23Shaggy Cut With Fringe

This shaggy haircut features a few different layers and a thick fringe, making it a disheveled yet cool style that your little boy will like wearing during the fall and winter months. If your little boy is engaged in lots of physical activity, you might want to cut the bangs slightly shorter to ensure they won’t obstruct his vision.

24Buzz Cut With Razor Detail

Take your little boy’s buzz cut up a notch with a fun razor detail. From simple lines to more intricate patterns or shapes, there are so many different options for customizing this haircut to make your little guy happy.

25Swooped Bang Haircut

Looking like a more modern and trendy version of Justin Bieber’s famous haircut from several years ago, this swooped bang haircut features undercutting that keep it from looking bulky or like a messy mop-top. Blow drying hair will help to create this smooth bang shape, so you might not want to go for this haircut until your boy is old enough to do his own hair.

26Mid Length Curls

Show off your little boy’s naturally curly hair with a mid-length layer cut. Strategic cutting around his forehead should prevent hair from falling into his eyes, while longer layers in the back make for a cute and shaggy style.

27Blonde Mohawk Curls

These long natural curls help to create an intense mohawk shape, and dyeing them blonde only helps to heighten the effect. If you’re not okay with your little boy lightening his hair, incorporating razor line details still brings plenty of zing to this edgy mohawk haircut.

28Slick High And Tight

With a fade that begins high and the back and sides, this high and tight haircut will give your little boy a clean-cut military look. Hair on top is left long enough to style, and you can try this slicked comb over style, or simply leave hair without product on regular days.

29Short Faded Buzz Cut

This short buzz cut is perfect for summer or any other time of year when your little boy spends a lot of time doing activities and has zero interest in styling his hair. A line-up and faded sides help to elevating this look above a home haircut, and make for a good way to get your little boy used to visiting the barber on a regular basis.

30Hard Part Side Combed Cut

If your little boy can’t wait to be a grown up, he’ll love this hard part haircut. The razor line detail adds precision to the haircut, while faded sides make it look gown up and stylish. Use a gel or strong hold pomade to get this slick, side-combed style, and soon your little boy will getting up early to do his hair before school.



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