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25 Beautiful Bangs Hairstyles For Long Hair

Looking to drastically change up your look without losing your length or dropping money on a bold new color? Add bangs! Chopping one small section of hair can make a massive difference in your overall look. Bangs take years off of your face, draw attention to your eyes, and project a bold confidence, even on the sweetest feminine hairstyles. The most important thing about adding bangs to your existing cut is knowing your face shape, as this is the major factor in deciding whether a certain style will have you crying tears of joy or regret. If you’re ready to take the plunge and keep the length you’ve been working on, these styles will provide ample inspiration.

1Soft and Sideswept Bangs

Christina Ricci has worked a fringe many times throughout her career, but her signature dark brunette color and straight across fringe has recently evolved into something softer. Her bangs have been directed to one side, and flow nicely into some face framing layers in her long, blonde hair.

2Full Blunt Bangs With Long Straight Hair

If you have very long, straight hair, adding a thick blunt bang will frame your face in a completely different way. Long hair with little to no layering can elongate the face and make you look older, but these blunt bangs do the complete opposite. The deliberate line makes eyes pop, and you can spend less time worrying about what your eyebrows look like. This straight line looks best on long or oval shaped faces, and can be unflattering on round ones.

3Short Asymmetrical Bangs

These short bangs are still rather full, and the slight asymmetry adds interest without looking too jarring. Statement bangs like this are best paired with less complicated hair elsewhere, like these long thick strands.

4Long Center Parted Bangs

A good option for women with finer hair who still want to add bangs to their style, these long centre parted bangs are one of the most low maintenance fringes to work with. These bangs provide the same services that face framing layers do, and they’re a nice goal for women trying to grow out shorter bangs, or a starting point for anyone dreading the commitment that comes along with full bangs.

5Choppy Curved Bangs

Cut short, choppy, and longer on the sides, these rock style bangs pump up any long hairstyle that’s starting to bore you. Be prepared for people to tell you how different these bangs make you look, as this raised and curved bang really appears to alter the shape of your face, and makes your eyes look more wide open.

6Long and Wispy

If you’re into black long hairstyles with bangs and layers, These long bangs with soft, textured layers look great on oval face shapes, and provide the intrigue of a full fringe without the strict line that more blunt bangs create. By leaving the edges of the fringe slightly longer than the center, the slightly curved shape makes this style especially flattering on square shaped faces.

7Undercut With Short Bangs

This particular style of undercut is made to be shown off when hair is tied up, and bangs can add some intrigue even when your hair is in a simple top knot. The trendy quality of a short, wide-set bang goes exceptionally well with the undercut. Letting your bangs and shave become the star of the look, people might forget you even have hair on the rest of your head.

8Blunt Bangs With Long Waves

If you’re looking for blunt long haircuts, try this sexy look! Although this blunt bang still creates a fairly straight line across the face, this version is slightly more layered, and paired with loose romantic waves to create a softer look overall. 

9Side Swept Brow Grazers

For bangs to truly flatter a square shaped face, they need to be longer at the sides than they are in the middle of your brow. Here, Kiera Knightley is seen with this type of side swept bangs, but they are swept sideways and combined with loose curls enhanced by dimensional color. To keep your style eclectic, try combining this romantic hairstyle with smoky eyes or an intense dark lip.

10Pin-Up Bangs

We love this cute curly hair with bangs! These bangs are in the classic pin-up style. Short, thick, and styled with lots of volume, this cut looks good with any hair color, but Katy’s pure black locks make it extra reminiscent of Bettie Page herself.

11Long Side Bangs

These very long bangs almost venture into the territory of face-framing layers, but can still be considered bangs based on their thickness, and placement at the brow. Much more low maintenance than shorter bangs, this is a style you can comfortably pin back when you’re short on time.

12Short Curved Bangs

The starter pack for short bangs, these land only slightly higher than your traditional bang, but don’t quite enter Bettie bang territory. This bang adds intrigue to long wavy hair when it’s down, and prevents and updos or ponytails from looking plain around your face.

13Wispy Curved Bangs

Another bang tailored to compliment round faces, this style is curved and not too thick, allowing for us to see some forehead peeking through between wisps.

14Thick Long Bangs With Purple Ombre

Looking to add an extra dose of sweetness to your lilac ombre? These thick, Zooey Deschanel style bangs are perfect for adding an element of interest above your crazily colored tips. If the ends of your hair are damaged, bangs like this may buy you some time before trimming is inevitable.

15Short and Choppy 

If haircuts with bangs is what you’re looking for, Unlike the short, thick bangs made popular by Bettie Page, these bangs offer even less to hide behind, and they bring an edgy contrast to voluminous, raven locks. Some women feel very on display with such a short bang, and it’s a style that requires confidence above all else. This is a good look to try for anyone looking to make a change to their existing longer bangs. Shorter bangs definitely require more styling time. Wrapping your hair to keep bangs in place while you sleep will minimize the bed head effect, but you should still be prepared to wet, blow dry, and flat iron every morning.

16Convertible Fringe Bangs

This is another lower maintenance fringe, deliberately cut to avoid creating a straight line across the face. Some people may be annoyed by how in your face these eye-grazing bangs actually are, but the length makes this cut very versatile, and you can sweep these bangs sideways if you’re eyes can’t take it.

17Earthy Short Bangs

This style has the trendy appeal of a short bang, but the overall effect with these long tousled waves is more ethereal sprite than vampire pin-up. Perfect for looking cute while painting fences or harvesting your garden.

18Centre Parted Bangs With Pony

If you only have time to style one area of your hair, throw it in a messy pony, adding volume at the crown, and let these perfect bangs do all the talking. These retro bangs are feminine, versatile, and back in fashion.

19Red Bettie Bangs

With all the hallmarks of classic Bettie bangs, these short, thick bangs bring pin-up sex appeal to any hairstyle. These bangs haven’t been styled with as much volume as the classic pin-up look, and the effect with long red locks is more subtle than on raven hair. Like any short bang, this is a committed look that requires frequent styling.

20Half Dyed Bangs

Bangs mostly get left out of the dying process, but this half head approach sees warm auburn bangs disappearing into a honey blonde. This style stays soft looking by blending the colors subtly, rather than with a harsh line.

21Short Choppy Asymmetrical Bangs

These bangs are enough of a statement that they venture into the realm of the otherworldly. This is a look that we see on runways and in magazine editorials, but rarely in everyday life. If you have commitment to styling, and confident security in your style, wear these bangs and watch the world fall at your feet.

22Vixen Convertible Bangs

Some texture at the ends and slight parting in the middle gives a softer line than a straight across cut, but these bangs are still big on volume and sex appeal. Using a volumizing spray on wet hair before drying with a round brush will help keep your fringe looking pumped up all day.

23Long Asymmetrical Bangs

This is a fun way to get in on the asymmetrical trend without committing to short bangs. While some asymmetrical bangs are very obvious, this is a fairly subtle style that comes across more romantic than edgy.

24Choppy Side Swept Bangs

To put a harder edge on your bangs without making them blunt or short, try a choppy side fringe. These ones are long enough to be fairly low maintenance, and they can play a supporting role to the rest of your hair.

25Zooey Deschanel Bangs

This list wouldn’t be complete without Zooey Deschanel. Her rich, chocolate hair has tons of volume and the bangs, as always, are perfection.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration for your next bangs cut in this list of 25 long hair with bangs!



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