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Top 26 French Braid Hairstyles

For an intricate, elegant way to arrange your hair, nothing beats a french braid. Perfect for weddings, dinner dates, or all day exercise, they’re as fancy as they are functional, and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. These 25 french braids will give plenty of inspiration for your next formal event, or to try out on yourself today.

1Lob With Side French Braid Headband

If you only have time to throw a simple french braid into your style, consider this braided headband on hair with a deep side part. You can try this style on any length of hair, but it’s a nice way to add a french braid to short or medium length hair, and a quick way to inject some romance into your everyday style.

2French Braid Bun

This intricate looking updo is actually pretty simple to execute. French braid from one side to the back of your head, extending the braid as far down to your ends as possible. Once secured with a small elastic, coil the braid around itself to create a flower-style bun, and secure with as many pins as necessary. If you’ve got thick hair and want an even bigger bun, pull the braid apart with your fingers before pinning it together.

3Classic French Braid

The classic french braid is actually one of the easiest to execute on your own. Keep hands close to the head to get an even braid that doesn’t bubble out at the neck.

4French Pigtails

These braided pigtails might feel like they’re meant for very young girls or someone getting ready to attend a hoedown, but they’re experiencing a resurgence in popularity, and are an interesting way to add some contrasting sweetness to an edgy outfit. For more practical concerns, this is a quick set-and-forget hairstyle on days when you have a million things to do, and no time to do them.

5Double French Braid Updo

These relatively small braids create more interest than simply pulling hair back, but the overall look remains sleek and polished.

6Half Up French Waterfall Braid

A nice twist on the traditional french braid style, a waterfall braid involves dropping a section of hair as you go, creating a cascading effect that’s perfect for half-up styles where the braid functions like a headband or ribbon. Great for adding a touch of romance to your everyday hairstyle, or for big events like weddings or prom.

7Subtle Braided Headband Updo

Unlike braided headbands that run right along the face, this look allows you to play with some soft face framing strands. This style relies less on the perfection of the braid, and is an easier style to attempt for french b

8Side French Braids

These slim braids on one side of the head create a look similar to an undercut without the commitment of shaving your head. In this particular version, the 2 French braids are combined at the nape of the neck, but you can finish them independently for an equally pretty style.

9Wrap Around French Braid Style

Perfect for beach days or any day you want your hair out of your face while still looking stylish, this single french braid covers the whole top of your head using a wrap around style that makes it more modern than a single braid down the centre of the head.

10French Braid Ponytail

Pretty and simple, this style features a french braid that’s secured into a ponytail at the back of the head. You can make this braid fairly tight, or leave it looser and let some tendrils fall around your face.

11Multicolor French Braid

For unconventional french braid styles, spice up your look with a pop of color! Whether you’ve just gone in for a subtle balayage on your natural color, or a fantastical array of pinks and purples as pictured here, french braids are one of the best ways to show off dimensional color.

12Spiral French Braid

For a unique way to braid your entire head, try this spiral french braid that begins at one of your temples and coils inward to finish somewhere around your crown. Because this uninterrupted braid will be more prone to flyaways, try working with damp hair that hasn’t been shampooed for at least a day, and have a texturizing product on hand to give hair some sticking power.

13Inverted French Braid Pigtails

Inverted french braids, also known as dutch braids, are created by wrapping hair underneath the braid rather than overtop, resulting in a braid that seems to pop out from the rest of your hair. Try this style for a fresh twist on classic french pigtails.

14French Braid Wreath

This ultra romantic style is a favorite of brides, and can be embellished with actual flowers. Perfect for outdoor, summer wedding ceremonies.

15French Braid Mohawk With Undercut

This pompadour style french braid is an impressive styling feat, and made all the more interesting when framed by shaved sides. Alicia’s natural texture helps give this french braid it’s incredible height, but you’ll want to use enough spray to keep it standing all day or night.

16Side Inverted French Braid In Loose Waves

This simple style is versatile enough that it won’t look out of place during a relaxing weekend at the lake or on a bride getting ready to say her vows. You could put one of these braids on either side of your head, but we think this look is most elegant when a single braid falls into loose, romantic waves.

17Upside Down French Braided Bow

This is called an upside down french braid or reverse french braid because it starts at the nape of your neck and moves up the head, making it an interesting take on a classic, albeit a more difficult to pull off on your own. When the braid reaches the middle of the crown of your head, continue the braid without picking up hair, and secure with an elastic, then gather the remainder of your hair with the braid, and tie it into a high ponytail. To create the bow, use another elastic to tie your hair, but create a loop at the end rather than pulling hair all the way through. Fan apart this loop, and split it in two to create the ends of the bow, finally wrap the remaining ponytail end around these two loops, and secure with pins. If bows aren’t your style, you can always finish this look with a simple top knot or ponytail.

18French Braided Bangs For Short Hair

Do you know how to french braid bangs? Simple! This short cut is given added interest by french braiding bangs on either side of the part, and securing behind the ear with a bobby pin. Perfect for keeping face framing hairs in place when your hair is too short to be tied in a ponytail.

19Simple Half Up Two French Braids

For an easy way to get some of your hair out of your face, try these two french braids at the top of your head. You can braid them all the way down to the ends, or secure the braid with an elastic  at the crown of your head and let the loose pigtails flow.

20Loose French Braid Wedding Updo

For your wedding or other special occasion, french braids are a way to add intricate style to what could simply be pulled back hair. In keeping with the loose look of this updo, the french braid has been pulled apart so that it isn’t as tight fitting against the head.

21French Braid With Undercut

A french braid is a nice way to show off your undercut, and it creates an interesting dynamic between traditional masculine and feminine styles. This hairstyle also shows that you don’t need long hair to embellish your look with a french braid, although you might require more product to keep it in place.

22Pinned Braids Updo

For a demure updo that’s all braids, this style starts with two or three french braids going all the way down to the ends. Once your braids are secured, pin them to the back of your head in S-shaped patterns for a look that’s a little bit different every time.

23French Braids High Ponytail

These braids from the side and underneath of your ponytail are a great way to make a pony more interesting while also keeping hair secure for a longer period of time. Perfect for action packed trips or lazy days when you still want to look your best.

24French Braid Wrapped Bun

This style creates a unique bun that’s actually part of the french braid surrounding it. Start by creating a ponytail at the crown of your head, leaving an even band of loose hair surrounding this ponytail. When you begin your french braid, use hair from the ponytail to create one of your sections, continuing on in a circular pattern surrounding the ponytail, and finally tucking the finished braid into the bun. For a bigger bun, use a hair donut, or gently loosen hair and finish with hairspray.

25Short Hair With French Braids

Australian actress and model Ruby Rose is quickly becoming one of the biggest inspirations for women with short hair, and this style is a perfect example of why. These french braids prove that short hair can be dressed up for a special occasion, or choose to wear them as your day-to-day style.

26Fishtail French Braid

We love this beautiful romantic braided hairstyle! This is a mix of French Fishtail braids and this style will make a stunning wedding hairstyle!



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