Rihanna Hairstyles

Rihanna Hairstyles and Haircuts Inspiration

Rihanna is definitely the queen of personal style. We have watched her not only grow as an artist but as a fashion icon as well. Along with her edgy outfits, she always surprises us with unique hairstyles and colors that show off her beauty and style. She has worked with brands such as Puma and Dior. Any style that Rihanna wears she rocks it whether it be long, short, curly, or straight. Some of her most popular styles were her mohawks, tapered cuts, and of course, her infamous cherry red locks. What makes her style even better is that she always goes very natural with her makeup so her true beauty shines through. We have put together a list of 25 of our favorite hairstyles of hers throughout the years. Being one of the biggest pop and R&B icons it has been great seeing her evolve throughout the years. We hope you enjoy and even take away some inspiration.

1Rihanna short hairstyles – Short Neck length Bob

Here we have Rihanna rocking a short bob that is longer on one side. This is super classic style that is perfect for those with oval-shaped faces or those who want to sharpen their facial features.

2Shaved side with faucet curls

One of her most famous styles is the shaved side. Here she is rocking a shaved side with a slight wavy texture that is completed with faucet curls. This style can be worn dressed down or dressed up. Just add your favorite diamond studs or chandelier earrings.

3Tapered cut with side swept bang

We love this cut on Rihanna. It definitely shows her edgy side. The back and sides are in a tapered cut while the front is a slightly layered side-swept bang. We love how she paired this with a bold winged eyeliner and a hot pink lipstick.

4Shaved side with long curls

Here we have this long beautiful curls with a shaved side. We love the ombre effect which is a black, brown, and honey tone. To achieve these soft curls use soft rollers on damp hair and set with heat to avoid crunchy hair.

5Messy bun with middle part bang

How gorgeous does Rihanna look here? Her makeup is absolutely flawless and perfect for fall considering the vampy cranberry tone lipstick. Her hair is jet black and pulled into a slightly messy bun with a bang that is parted down the middle. This is an easy and simple everyday style that would look great on anyone.

6Simple honey blonde curls

Looking for something simple but with a twist? Give this look a try. It is a simple shoulder length style with light curls. This dark root and honey blonde ends gives this look a pop without being too over the top.

7Shaved spiked cut

Here is another edgy cut. This cut is completely shaved and completed with a honey blonde top. The top is molded to the center giving it a rocker vibe. She paired this with a light smokey eye and a pale pink lip.

8Simple pixie cut

Pixie cuts will always be in style. This is one of Rihanna’s go-to hairstyles. This looks so elegant paired with her “RiRi woo” red lipstick. This is a style that requires very little attention. If you have more of an oval or heart face then consider giving this cut a try.

9Ombre blonde with a bang and light curls

Seriously what color doesn’t she look amazing in? Here is Ri in a light blonde ombre shoulder length style with very light curls. This color will work on any skin color, so just play with the undertones to find your perfect shade.

10Brown ombre with spiral curls

Here is another ombre look, this time with a dark brown root that fades into many lighter brown and blonde tones. These colors look great against her olive complexion and really bring out her green eyes.

11Half up and half down style with curls

This may be our favorite style from Rihanna this year. It is simple, fresh, and effortless. Remember your favorite childhood hairstyle? Glam it up and pull out those baby hairs. We love how she paired this fun style with pearls and a matte red lip.

12Messy curly updo

Here is Rihanna at the met gala with this chic messy updo. She looks so elegant with this all white ensamble with the diamond neckline. Are you looking for a chic prom look? Let this beautiful look be your inspiration.

13Vampy red spiral curls

Rihanna in red. She looks stunning in this cocoa cola red color. We love these spiral curls they are bouncy and look great on any face shape.

14Honey blonde bowl cut

This is a unique bowl cut. The colors really amp up this look and blend in seamlessly with her skin tone. If you want to go short and edgy go with this look. Try it out with different colors and tones.

15Shaved side bun with bang

Who knew fierce could be so simple? This is a sleek bun with a shaved side and completed with a bun. The red lip really gives this look a fierce pop and is perfect for all skintones and face shapes.

16Sleek ponytail with side bang

Do you want a sleek ponytail? spice up your boring ponytail and add a sleek side bang and ear jewelry. Don’t have as many piercings as Riri? Try ear cuffs they are very trendy and require no commitment.

17Sleek low bun

Here is Rihanna taking us back to the 60s. We love this vampy look that totally reminds us of the 60s. This is a low bun that is paired with a burgundy lip and diamond earrings.

18Messy bun

Look chic with this messy bun. Sometimes we don’t want to spend hours on our hair so look fab with this messy bun with a thick bang. pair with your favorite sun shades and a nude lip.

19Loose blonde curls

Go blonde and try these lushes blonde spiral curls. We love how she paired this with a brown lip and natural eye look. Earth tones will look great with any skintone.

20Bright Red Pin-Up hair

How stunning does she look here? Not many can pull off this bright of a red but of course our girl Rihanna can. If you’re into bright and over the top vintage looks then give this a try.

21Shaved Mohawk

Here we have Rihanna and her infamous mohawk. This style is super simple and really brings out her tomboy side. If you’re into more of the boy cuts then give this style a try.

22Red natural afro

Are you a natural hair girl and don’t want to sye your hair? Try a afro textured wig. This will give you the chance to experiment with different colors without damaging your own hair.

23Sleek pressed hair

Give a simple straight style a bit of a pop with a bright color. Try blue or purple for deeper skintones. Keep your makeup super simple with a bold black liner and a pop of color on your lips.

24Chinese cut bangs

Here is a soft toned down look that Rihanna was rocking earlier in her career. If you’re not into bold colors or outrageous cuts then try this simple layered style with chinese cut bangs.

25Short bowl cut with bangs

Here is a shorter version of the previous style. This one is cut just below the chin and is complete with a bang and jet black color. Jet black definitely gives this look more of an edge versus a soft chestnut brown.



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