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Different Shades of Brown Hair Color

Brunettes can have fun too. Who knew there were so many shades of brown hair. Brown is definitely that perfect color that you cannot go wrong with, it is not to light or not too dark. Because of its neutral tone it is able to blend well with other tones and highlights. Brown hair can have undertones such as reds, orange, blondes, and yellows. One thing that is very unique about brown tones against any other tones is that it has the ability to warm up any ones skin tone. Many people easily adapt to brown hair because of its rich nature. This means that it is great on any shade across the spectrum. We have put together a list of 25 best shades of brown hair and trendy hair color ideas. We hope this list will give you some ideas of different color combinations that you may want to give a try for your next coloring session.

1Brown with red undertones

The first color we have is a warm tone brown. This has visible tones of reds and hints of orange as well. This is perfect to women with paler skin tones and blue and green eyes. It with definitely add depth and color to your look by warming up the skin.

2Honey brown root with earth tone highlights

Here we have a mix of neutral earth tone. If you are a woman with a warmer skin tone try this color combination. The darker tones add warmth while the light tones bring out your best features like your eyes and cheekbones.

3Chocolate tone

This is another highlighted look, but the tones are continuously deep. This is universal color because the tones are not to light and not to dark. This is the perfect color combination for those just experimenting with coloring their hair.

4Dark root with honey blonde ends

Here we have JLo the queen of glowing rocking these dark roots with honey blonde ends. She always keeps her makeup so simple and dewy which is perfect with her honey tone hair.

5Blonde short cut with chocolate highlights

When we see highlights we are used to seeing something light, but here is a bolder take. This always has reddish/brown highlights as well. If you are looking for something bold and different, then give this brown and blonde hair colors a try.

6Chocolate hair with long layers

Queen B is rocking this super long layered chocolate do. This color works well with her skin tone and blends perfectly with her natural orange tone makeup. We love how it bronzes her overall look.

7Wavy ombre look

Here is Kim K rocking this super chic blunt cut look. This is a wavy textured cut that is dark brown and honey brown at the root and a dirty blonde at the ends. This look is so simple yet so chic paired with this fitting turtleneck.

8Simple honey brown bangs caramel hair color

Tyra Banks is known for sporting her brown hair. We long the simple Chinese bang cut that frames her slightly rounded face. The honey brown looks amazing against her caramel skin and really brings out her green eyes. No matter what face type you have these bangs will surely frame your face and bring out your best features.

9Chocolate curls with light brown hair undertones

We love these mermaid curls and how lush this chocolate brown color makes them look. The light brown hair color undertones really bring out her brown eyes. Achieve these curls by using a 1-inch wand curler and a light holding mist.

10Fire tone auburn hair color

How amazing does Anne Hathaway look here? We are so loving these fire tones against her pale skin. We love that she paired it with a mauve lip and smokey eye. It really compliments not only her makeup but her gorgeous colored dress.

11Brown with red undertones

Back in her earlier days Khloe Kardashian was known for rocking dark brown locks. It surprised us when she added a hint of red hair color and orange tones to her look, but we adore it. It really compliments her skin and her normal makeup which is deep in the eyes and more neutral on the lips.

12Blonde with chestnut ends

Here we have long simple layers that have a brown root throughout and blonde tones that fade into a deep chestnut brown. This color combination is perfect for transitioning into the fall season. If you’re feeling edgy rock this look as a shoulder length blunt cut instead.

13Dark brown hair color shades- Platinum blonde and dark brown tied back do

Demi Lovato has always been an edgy girl. From her outfits to her hair. Thought it was impossible to make a natural color completely edgy? Well, Demi shows us how to. She has a very platinum blonde mixed with a dark brown which completely contrast each other. Pulling one side back and adding soft curls totally works with this look.

14A touch of brown

Here is Kim K rocking a super chic and dark look. She is wearing her famous curls in a jet black with touches of brown. We love how this all ties together with her eyes, makeup, and ensemble.

15Dark and vampy

The world knows that Megan Fox has the most gorgeous eyes. The chocolate and honey brown tones only make them even more to die for. We love how she darkened this look with a smokey eye and a vampy wine lip. She looks elegant and flawless.

16Pin up girl look – Light reddish brown hair

We love the bold lips and how it goes with the reddish/brown hues of this hair. The eyes are very soft with natural, tone which adds to the softness of the hair. We think this look is absolutely stunning and perfect for any formal event or a date night with your honey.

17Earth tone Afro

How gorgeous is this mahogany tone curly fro. She looks very natural and boho chic. For all of you natural women who would like to color their hair without the damage try henna. Henna is a natural conditioner and dye that is made from plant extracts.

18Mermaid curls

Faith Evans was known in the 90’s for her bright red locks. Browns with red and orange hues will give you this fire look. Add hints of blonde to up the amp a little more. Use a 1/2-inch wand curler to get these tight spiral curls. Add your favorite oil to avoid frizz.

19Natural curly fro with blonde highlights

Spice up your naturally curly hair by adding honey brown highlights and hints of blonde to the ends. This will really make your curls pop in natural sunlight. Try a brown with red undertones because the red hues vibrant in natural sunlight, get the best of both worlds without the extra damage or work needed to be done.

20Dark roots with light brown ends

KeKe Palmer is a perfect example of how brown really compliments darker skin tones. Earth tones really work well to bring out the natural beauty in women of color. We love how she went with a dark root and added a curl to the ends to jazz up the look.

21Golden highlights and golden brown hair

How could we ever forget the time Angelina Jolie rocked gorgeous honey brown locks with golden highlights. Here you get a sense of her natural beauty with a more toned down look.

22Honey blonde and brown

This is how you bring out a beautiful glow, by adding honey and yellow tones to a darker tone. This definitely brings out the gray tone in Michelle’s eyes. The makeup is natural using bronze tones and intense lashes and liner.

23Thin bang with bright blonde highlights

Not afraid to attract a little attention? Try adding bright yellow blonde to your chocolate brown hair. These two colors blend seamlessly but also contrast enough to make a statement.

24Large bouncy Ombre curls

We are so in love with how lush these curls are. This style is sleek and easy to achieve by using large rollers. The roots are black then fade into a mahogany brown to a honey brown and finally hints of golden blonde.

25Black with brown highlights

Amber highlights are great for those who do not like too much color but just enough. We think because these highlights are so minimal they are totally okay for the work place.



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