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Tortoiseshell Hair Color Ideas

Ombre and Balayage have a rival for most popular hair dye effect. The new style on the block is tortoiseshell hair, and it is set to be big this Winter season. The soft and natural color effect is created by blending multiple tones together – such as the golden browns, caramels, honey, chestnut, and chocolate shades found on a tortoise’s shell. 

Also known as Ecaille (the French word for Tortoiseshell) is a great way to warm up brunette, blonde, and even red tones of hair. Darker roots are layered with warm tones of color to create a look that is standout and beautiful. If you are intrigued by the tortoiseshell hair trend, check out some of our favorite examples for inspiration.

1Bouncy Curls with Chunky Slices of Color

The dark chocolate base of this stunning wavy hair really makes the thick slices of caramel, chestnut, and honey stand out. The cool dark chocolate shade has been really warmed up with the rich colors in a stunning tortoiseshell effect.

2Warm Chestnut with Honey Highlights

The tortoiseshell hair trend doesn’t require a really dark base. A warm chestnut base and highlights of honey, caramel and a touch of platinum blonde make for a stunning and subtle tortoiseshell hairstyle. Furthermore, this heavily layered cut is great for thicker hair – it is bouncy, without being heavy.

3Hollywood Waves and Chocolate Base Color

Tortoiseshell hair look so effective when styles into big beautiful waves as it really helps the layered tones to stand out. The highlights are picked out in each curl, bringing so much life and depth to the hair. Just Beautiful.

4Rounded Bob with Face-Framing Tortoiseshell

Shorter hairstyles also look great with the tortoiseshell effect, just take a look at this gorgeous rounded bob. The tortoiseshell colors are focused around the face, which will really draw attention to features and brighten skin tone.

5Ash Brown Choppy Bob Cut

If you prefer a more subtle and natural dye effect, chose colors that are just a single tone lighter and darker than your base color. The result is soft and delicate and has given this choppy lob lots of texture and depth.

6Tortoiseshell Ombre in Auburn Base

The tortoiseshell effect is not limited to brunette hair, it actually looks stunning in auburn-toned hair. An ombre style effect has been created by placing chestnut tones around the crown, with honey and caramel highlights through the ends.

7Ashy Tones with Bangs

Ashy blondes and brunettes are warmed up for winter with layered highlights of caramel, honey, and platinum blonde. The long bangs are a smart choice for round faces, by helping to narrow and elongate and the beachy texture is dreamy.

8Red-Toned Tortoiseshell in Ebony Base

Red and mahogany tones work so well with tortoiseshell colors. The ebony roots are the perfect base to contrast against the mahogany, plum, caramel, and honey highlights. The whole look is very rich and warm, just ideal for those cold, dark nights.

9Cocoa Waves with Face-Framing Tortoiseshell

If you just fancy a touch of tortoiseshell, try adding a few chunky highlights of chestnut and honey around hairline. The cocoa and caramel hair is so sweet and the bold slices of color will brighten up skin tone.

10Angled Lob with Soft Highlights

The waves of this angled lob are to die for, and they are shown at their best thanks to some soft caramel and chestnut highlights through the milk chocolate base. Dreamy!

11Caramel Base with Tortoiseshell Balayage

A light brown and caramel base has been given some depth with a tortoiseshell balayage of honey and chocolate highlights through the ends. The texture of this wavy lob is stunning and is a great way to give some extra body to fine hair.

12Chunky Chestnut Highlights on Black Base

Warm up a cool black base with thick slices of chestnut throughout the entire lengths. The contrast between warm and cool is so eye-catching, but make sure you keep your colors vibrant with a good color care regime.

13Chunky Tortoiseshell Balayage Highlights

This gorgeous long waves have been given a boost of glamour with some rich chocolate, chestnut and honey highlights, with some extra blonde at the tips to create an ombre effect.

14Textured, Beachy Waves

The combination of tousled waves and tortoiseshell colors makes for a style that looks beach ready, no matter the season or location. Surfer girl vibes at its best.

15Cool-Toned Tortoiseshell Hair Color

The cool tones of the natural ash brown color are perfectly complemented with cooler toned highlights. The textured waves add some body and volume, as well as helping the numerous hair colors to stand out.

16Lob with Messy Top Knot

The tortoiseshell hair effect looks amazing in any style of updo, from the casual to the elegant. The layers of different tones help to define the style, as well as showing off the colors at their best, just take a look at this half top knot, lovely right?

17Defined Highlights and Beachy Texture

Effortless is the one word that can be used to describe this tortoiseshell hair. The beachy texture is to die for and gives a natural and relaxed feel to the hair. A good quality salt-water spray will help you achieve this texture every day, even if you live hundreds of miles away from the ocean.

18Ash Blonde Tortoiseshell with Baby Pink Highlights

This ash blonde hair with tortoiseshell highlights has been given a unique touch with the addition of some subtle streaks of baby pink. Just beautiful.

19Long, Layered Style with Tortoiseshell Ombre

Long thick hair can have a tendency to look a little flat, particularly if it is all one color. By adding some long chopping layers and numerous tones of blond and light brown hair, this thick hair has been given great movement and a touch of lightness.

20The Perfect Messy Bun

This perfect messy bun almost speaks for itself – it would look great in the model’s mid-brown color and looks just as good with some slices of caramel and honey tones.

21Ash Brown Choppy Bob Cut

This ash brown bob has great depth thanks to the addition of choppy ends and some honey and platinum highlights. Framing the face with a bright touch of color will bring some softness, which is great for square faces.

22Pastel Pink Tortoiseshell Hair

This rose gold-hued hair is just magical. To create the tortoiseshell effect, shades of chestnut has been replaced with rose gold, and honey with platinum blonde. Such a unique take on the tortoiseshell trend.

23Grungy Textured Lob

The natural texture of this grungy lob has been emphasised with the varied shades of caramel and chocolate throughout the choppy layers. Tease out the ends of the layers with a little styling wax to amp up the texture and define individual strands – also a great way to add body to finer hair. Grunge hair at its best and so easy to maintain.

24Tortoiseshell hair in Bridal Updo

Tortoiseshell hair will really make any bridal hair come to life. The hues of caramel and honey have defined the strands of the braid and picked out details of the messy bun. It is a hair color trend that is sure to make a statement on anyone’s big fay.

25Long Auburn Waves with Tortoiseshell Ombre

The mahogany base of this ombre is already wonderfully warm and vibrant, but it has been given an extra kick with some spicy cinnamon and nutmeg tones and brightened with some honey and toasty blonde shades. Adding more slices of color through the ends of these long, luscious locks has created a beautiful ombre effect. 

26Dark Chocolate and Mahogany Waves

You can’t help but be wowed by this slightly Gothic feel to this take on the tortoiseshell hair color trend. Deep, dark chocolate waves are contrasted with big slices of chestnut and mahogany. It is the classic emo hair of the 1990s, but given the perfect contemporary twist.

27Long, Feathered Lengths

The stunning feathered lengths of this hair have been given definition thanks to some subtle tortoiseshell highlights. With just a few slices of caramel and honey, the chocolate hair has been completely transformed. It has wonderful depth and movement, don’t you think?

28Wavy Lob with Subtle Tortoiseshell Ombre

Lift the ends of very dark hair with some subtle tortoiseshell highlights. Just a small amount of colour at the tips of the hair, will prevent very dark hair (and thinner hair) from looking flat, giving life and body to the lengths.

29Dark Ash Tortoiseshell

This dark ash hair is such a stunning shade, but it could lack depth. The addition of silvery blonde lowlights has defined the curls and boosted an already beautiful natural colour.

30Wavy Bob with Face-Framing Highlights

Don’t feel like you have to go all over with the tortoiseshell highlights, you can just concentrate them to the tips of the hair, or like this model has, around the hairline to frame the face. These layers of honey blonde and platinum blonde will soften angular faces and features and brighten up skin tones.

31Chocolate Tortoiseshell Hair

Dark chocolate roots Tortoiseshell highlights. So elegant!

32Super Subtle Tortoiseshell

In case you’re not really into completely changing all of your hair you may want to go with just a subtle Tortoiseshell, that can still give you a whole new look.

33Warm Tones 

Another really gorgeous and elegant warm Tortoiseshell style!





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