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How to Curl Your Hair Using a Pencil And Different  Pencil Curls Hairstyles

It seems like a fairly universal truth that we always want what we don’t have. When it comes to hair textures, curly haired women spend time and money flattening their strands while those with straight hair would die for more texture and body. There are tons of ways to put curls in your super straight hair, and pencil curls are the latest trend that straight haired girls are dying to try. Read on to find out how to curl your hair using a pencil and to see 30 gorgeous examples of pencil curls hairstyles.

1How to Curl Your Hair Using a Pencil

You’ll need three specific items to pull off pencil curls: a flat iron, aluminum foil, and a regular wood pencil. Beginning with the underneath layers of your hair, wrap one inch sections around the pencil from roots to ends. If you don’t wrap close to the roots, you’ll be left with a straight segment that can look strange with the tight spiral curls this style creates. Once hair is wrapped around the pencil, wrap the pencil in a square of aluminum foil, then clamp with your flat iron to heat the wrapped hair. Remove the foil and slide the pencil out from your hair, and you’ll be left with a springy spiral curl. Repeat on the rest of your head, then gently separate each curl to reveal bouncy, natural looking texture! Depending on how long or thick your hair is, this method can be time consuming. For best results, be sure to give yourself enough time to pencil curl your entire head.

2Tips & Suggestions

No pencil? No problem! Other wooden items can be used to get these tight spiral curls. Try chopsticks for skinny curls, or wooden paintbrush handles for a variety of thicknesses. It’s always a good idea to treat your strands with a heat protectant before starting your pencil curls style, especially if you’ve got dry or damaged ends. If you’re especially wary of the flat iron, heat-free pencil curls are definitely do-able. You’ll need enough pencils to wrap your full head of hair all at once, and elastics to secure them in place. Wait several hours (this heat-free style isn’t comfortable to sleep on), then unravel your no-heat pencil curls.

3Ultra Skinny Pencil Curls

These ultra skinny pencil curls begin right at the roots, giving them tons of definition and volume. Hair has been gently separated to soften the spiral shape at the ends, while roots still have tons of body.

4Tousled Pencil Curls

These tousled pencil curls have been gently brushed out to reveal just the right amount of soft texture.

5Ombre Pencil Curls

Pencil curls can help to put extra emphasis on dynamic color like this ombre hairstyle. To get beautifully uniform curls like this, take care to wrap your hair evenly and be sure to use aluminum foil to help evenly distribute heat.

6Glamorous Pencil Curls

These glamorous pencil curls strike the perfect balance between curly volume and soft supple texture, making them a great choice for your next night out.

7Defined Pencil Curls

These ultra defined pencil curls haven’t been separated much after styling, which gives them a unique bouncy texture that can last for several days.

8No Heat Pencil Curls

These soft, loose curls are a gorgeous example of a pencil curl style that’s been achieved using no heat. Wrap thicker sections of dry or slightly damp hair around pencils then secure for several hours or until dry. You’ll probably need at least 4 hours to achieve a defined curl, but this time may vary depending on your specific texture.

9Colored Ombre Curls

If you’re looking to add a few pieces of ombre color to your hair, pencil curls offer up a great way to add texture that will help blend your ombre colors.

10High Volume Pencil Curls

These voluminous curls help to enhance super thick hair, giving you the texture you’ve always dreamed of. To get thicker curls like this, try using a wooden item that’s slightly larger than a pencil like the handle of a wooden spoon or a paintbrush.

11Tousled Chopstick Curls

If you’ve got ultra long locks, try styling your curls with longer wooden items like chopsticks to make the process more manageable.

12Vampy Blonde Curls

Bored of your pin straight hair and looking for a bold style to wear for your next special event or night on the town? If you’ve got all day to get ready for a big night out, use either the heat or no-heat method to get these vampy pencil curls.

13Bouncy Pencil Curls

The extra bouncy texture in these pencil curls is thanks to even heat application and pencil wrapping techniques. It can take a few tries to get your curls looking this uniform, but practice will ultimately make perfect!

14Triangle Shaped Pencil Curls

Try beginning your pencil curls lower down on each strand to create an artsy, triangle-shaped style.

15Loose Pencil Waves

You can alter your wrapping technique to create looser pencil waves that will add texture to your hair without giving you a huge amount of extra body. Perfect for more low-key days or ladies who prefer their curls on the subtle side.

16Brushed Out Pencil Curls

These thicker pencil curls have just the right amount of messy brushed out texture to look natural and sexy. Try experimenting with different sized pencils or other wooden objects to achieve this gorgeous wild style.

17Layered Curls

Layered hair looks great in pencil curls, and even shorter pieces in bangs or face-framing layers can be wrapped to create the perfect amount of body and bounce.

18Soft Pencil Curls

If you’re looking for a softer pencil curls look, try the no-heat method out first. Another option to get this softer look is as a next-day style using the traditional heat method. Cover your hair and sleep carefully on fresh pencil curls, and their texture will be less intense the next morning.

19Peachy Pink Curls

Not only do bold hair colors look incredibly vibrant in a pencil curls texture, but they might be easier for you to curl. Strands that have been chemically lightened tend to hold a curl better than hair that’s never been processed, but just be sure to protect against heat damage before you begin.

20Highlighted Pencil Curls

All-over highlights are perfect for making your pencil curls pop. Try this look for your everyday style or save it for a special occasion when you want to bring your bold highlights to life.

21Cornrows & Curls

This style mixes defined pencil curls with unique cornrows that sweep hair over the head and to one side. If you’re worried about big curls overwhelming your face or being difficult to control, this is a great way to bring some balance to your pencil curls look.

22Subtle Pencil Curls

These more subtle pencil curls leave some uncurled hair both at the roots and the ends, giving them a softer look that’s similar to a braided crimped style.

23Beachy Pencil Curls

If your hair is long and thick, slightly brushing out your pencil curls will reveal this beautiful beachy texture. Perfect for days when you want to look effortless and summery no matter the season.

24Thick Pencil Curls

Use a larger wooden item like a paintbrush handle to get these super thick pencil curls on your long hair. This look features just the right amount of brushed out texture to give hair a natural feel that you’ll love for both special occasions and everyday wear.

25Glamorous No Heat Curls

This glamorous no-heat pencil curls look is perfect for adding texture to your hair without putting any stress on your strands.

26Soft Definition Pencil Curls

To get these softer definition curls, alter how tightly you wrap your hair around your pencil, and be sure to separate curls after they’ve set. This softness especially around the face makes this a good choice for women with round faces who are looking for a cheek slimming style.

27Pencil Curls Updo

Depending on how tight your pencil curls are, this look may feel too voluminous once your hair is fully set. Updos help you to try out this style without being overwhelmed by curls.

28Loose Pencil Curls

These loose pencil curls look ultra natural, and are a good choice for your very first pencil curls style.

29Fluffy Pencil Curls

This fluffy pencil curls style has been supplemented with clip-in hair extensions to give it an ultra high-volume look. Curl your human hair extensions before you install them to give your fine hair an extra curly boost.

30Loose Thick Pencil Curls

For thick hair that takes forever to style, try loose pencil curls for sexy texture that won’t take ages to achieve.

31Chopstick Curls Refresh

If your naturally curly hair has a few stray straight bits, use chopstick or pencil curls to refresh your texture.

32Side Swept Pencil Curls

Sweep your pencil curls to one side for just the right amount of dramatic flair.

33No Heat Pencil Curls

Another beautiful no heat style, this look is perfect for creating defined spiral curls in your ultra long hair.




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