Pretty Hairstyles For Any Occasion


30 Pretty Hairstyles For Any Occasion

Are you bored with your basic ponytail and searching for some new hairstyles to add to your repertoire? Whether you’re looking for a pretty hairstyle to help you feel put together on an ordinary day, or you want to wear a braided updo that won’t look out of place at work or the party you’re headed to later on in the evening, it can be tough to find pretty hairstyles that work for any occasion. We’ve collected 30 new looks that will help beef up your hair styling arsenal both on days when you’ve got a little extra time to spend, or when you’ve got five minutes to be out the door. Prepare to be inspired!

1Waterfall Braid Headband

Create a waterfall braid from one side of your head to the other for an easy headband style that you can wear to almost any event. From a regular day at work to attending a wedding, this pretty hairstyle strikes the perfect balance between “ultra fancy” and “plain jane”.

2Bow Embellished Ponytail

Dress up your simple low ponytail by tying a length of ribbon or fabric around its base. You don’t have to limit yourself to official hair accessories, and can hunt around at fabric stores for the perfect odds and ends to make your own bows. Try using interesting materials like leather and lace to help elevate your style or tie an outfit together.

3Goddess Braided Bun

These thick braids create a hairstyle with tons of presence that will stay put for multiple days if properly maintained, making this a great option for a busy week at school or a weekend filled with parties and special events.

4Chunky Side Braid

Easy and chic, this chunky side braid is a go-to style for long haired ladies who want to feel pretty whether they’re at the grocery store or out for drinks with their girlfriends.

5Accessorized Top Knot

Add some extra flair to your top knot by accessorizing with pins or barrettes. A far cry from the chintzy hair clips you used to wear as a kid, pins in burnished metallics can go with any outfit, from jeans and a t-shirt to a sweet summery dress.

6Half Up French Braid

This easy style looks great on women of any age, and makes for a more romantic hairstyle than your basic ponytail.

7Boxer Braids

The boxer braid hairstyle’s recent popularity has made it appealing to far more women than those in the middle of an intense workout. Feminine and powerful, you’ll love how easily this braided hairstyle pairs with everything from overalls to a club-ready outfit.

8Half Up Barrette Style

Pull half of your hair back with a moon barrette for a more sophisticated take on this simple hairstyle.

9Double Waterfall Braid Headband

Join two waterfall braids together at the back of your head for an easy way to keep hair out of the face. If you’re dressing it up for a fancier occasion like your wedding day, try embedding tiny flowers into the braid.

10Jumbo Box Braids

Install these jumbo box braids for a pretty hairstyle that’s chic enough for whatever the coming weeks have to throw your way. Braid jewelry helps to add some extra flair to this look, but you can skip the accessories if you prefer a simpler style.

11Twist Wrapped Bun

Twisted sections of hair from either side of the head are wrapped around this bun, making it an elegant style that you can wear on just about any day of the year.

12Mermaid Hairstyle With Braids

Show off your quirky side by adding an assortment of braids to your ultra long hair. Whether you’re going for “mermaid chic” or “mermaid on-the-go”, this pretty hairstyle will be turning heads and bringing you compliments all day long.

13Half Up Twisted Bun

We love this little twisted bun as a simple and pretty way to style mid length hair, and it’s an added bonus that it really only takes a few seconds to have this style complete.

14Crown Braid Bun

Finish your crown braid off with a bun at the back of your head to help keep this pretty hairstyle secure and casual looking.

15Messy Bubble Braids

Put a modern, messy twist on your three strand braid or fishtail pigtails by pulling braids apart and adding extra elastics to create a bubbled effect. You’ll be surprised at how fun and pretty the finished product can be!

16Mini Dutch Braids With Bun

Looking for boho elements that you can add to your hairstyle no matter the occasion? Make three or four skinny dutch braids to help frame the bun in this pretty half-up hairstyle.

17Fishtail Braided Headband

Bring two fishtail braids together at the back of your head to make this romantic fishtail braided headband that goes with every outfit, and makes a pretty addition to any occasion.

18Double Dutch Ponytail

With a perfect mix of romantic and simple, these double dutch braids make for a pretty added detail to an everyday ponytail.

19Side Braids

Skinny side braids offer a practical solution for keeping hair out of your face, and make for an especially nice contrast when worn with luscious curls. If you’ve got naturally textured hair, these braids can stay put for several days or more if you protect them while you’re sleeping.

20Half Up Twisted Flower Bun

Looking for a pretty hairstyle you can put together in five minutes? Pull half of your hair up and tie into a ponytail, then braid down to the ends in a simple three-strand braid. Once your braid is secured at the ends, gently pull it apart to fan it out, and finally roll the braid up from the end to create a flower shape that you can pin to the back of your head.

21Easy Braided Updo

Get this easy braided updo by dividing your hair into two sections at the back of your head, and braiding each into a simple three-strand braid, with one over top of the other. Roll or twist the lower braid up into the nape of the neck, pinning in place, then wrap the other braid over top of it and secure with pins as well.

22Twisty Braid Headband

Braids that are out of the ordinary help to dress up your hairstyle for a special event, but won’t look out of place if you’re on a walk in the park or browsing flea markets on Sunday morning.

23Back Dutch Braid Ponytail

Adding a dutch braid behind your ponytail instead of in front of it makes for a cute style detail that’s just as pretty as the original but a little more unique.

24Simple Dutch Headband

This pretty dutch braided headband is simple and cute whether you’re rushing out the door for an early morning meeting, heading out for a cocktail date, or meeting friends for a late and lazy Sunday brunch.

25Mini Fishtail Style

Use a simple headband to secure your hair in place, then braid a few mini fishtails to add extra texture to the style. We love this look for a bohemian wedding or a sunny afternoon at a music festival.

26Dutch Braid Ponytail

Add a dutch braided bang to any ponytail style for a quick and easy way to make the everyday hairstyle feel a little more pretty and feminine.

27Jumbo Bun

Securing your long hair in a jumbo bun makes for a chic and pretty hairstyle whether you’re wearing jeans and a leather jacket or a crop top and a chiffon maxi skirt. To give your hairstyle more shape volume than a typical messy top knot, use a hair donut or sock to structure your bun.

28Pinned Twisted Bangs

Whether you’re sporting a textured bob or long, waist-length hair, this twisted bang style is an easy way to keep hair out of your face while still looking pretty and romantic. Adding curls or waves to the rest of hair makes it easier to conceal the pins you use to secure twists in place, especially if your hair is finely textured.

29Double Twisted Buns

The popular double bun hairstyle can look very young and trendy when worn high on the head, but this version takes the style in a more simple and subtle direction. Use a twisting technique to gather each half of the hair at the nape of the neck, then twist each section of hair around itself to create two neat and pretty buns that look sweet no matter the occasion.

30Easy Crown Braid

Get this easy crown braid hairstyle by creating a simple three-stand braid on either side of the head, and then wrapping each braid around the back of your head and pinning in place. Leave some loose pieces of hair around your face to keep things soft and romantic whether you’re waring this crown braid for a busy day at work or to a fancier affair.



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