Silver Hair: 30 Silver Hairstyle Ideas

silver hairstyle

30 Silver Hairstyle Ideas

For years, the conventional idea of feminine and beautiful hair is long, thick, and any color but grey. With traditional beauty ideals being challenged and changed, women are more frequently sporting partially shaved heads, super short cuts, and all sorts of unnatural colors, most surprisingly: silver. Women who once dreaded the appearance of grey or silver hair are now spending time and money to achieve silver shades ranging from dark and steely to pure bright white. The lightening process can of course be damaging, so this is a trend best experimented with under the guidance of a hair professional. If you’re excited about the idea of going prematurely grey, we’ve compiled 30 of the best silver hair ideas that will have women of every age telling you how good you look in grey.

1Smoky Grey Pixie 

This color has hints of lavender for a style that cashes in on the silver and pastel hair trends at the same time. A choppy pixie like this is not only a great summer cut, but makes the coloring process easier and less expensive.

2Silver and Black Hair Steel Bob

Using a luxuriously dark color palette, this blunt lob will have you looking spooky in the most flattering way. A root this dark will look best on medium or olive skin tones that won’t be washed out by the nearly black hue.

3Pearly White

This ultra-bright shade will have you looking like an ethereal goddess, but it’s a difficult color to get to. Contrary to popular belief, white hair is not achieved by bleaching hair until it’s white, but rather from bleaching hair to a pale yellow, and then using a purple toner to counteract the yellow shades of your bleached hair. To keep your hair white for as long as possible, wash less frequently, and use a toner-based shampoo when you do.

4Silver Lavender Hair

Once your hair is this light, why not seize the opportunity to experiment with pastel shades too? This particular style features a very pale lavender that livens up a one dimensional silver color.

5Black With Silver Ombre Hair

If you’re trying to get your black hair silver, a silver ombre hair style like this is trendy and saves your entire head from the drastic lightening process.

6Pixie Ultra Short Silver Hair

One of the best parts about having very short hair is that it’s much easier to color without getting patchy results. If you’ve got very short hair that you sometimes shave right down, consider yourself a prime candidate for color experimentation.

7Silver With Subtle Lavender Ends

The ends of this medium silver hair have been gently touched with a lavender purple hue for a style that’s steely grey with flirty floral notes. Dark roots give an added hint of depth, and add a natural feel to this obviously unnatural color.

8Bright White With Dark Roots

An ultra-bright look that takes over almost the whole head, these dark roots provide attractive contrast and a practical way to let hair grow out. If you likethe  silver and black hair look, that is not all silver, make sure to dye your d=strands only and leave the roots dark. 

9Silver Box Braids

For silver hair without the commitment, these box braids feature long silver extensions for a protective style that gives your natural hair a break from damaging styling processes.

10Silvery Teal

Hilary Duff has been seen sporting a whole assortment of unnatural colors lately, but we’re particularly into this silvery teal shade that looks like the scales on a mermaid’s tail or a unicorn’s mane.

11Antique Grey Silver and Black Hair

Bringing some sophistication to the silver trend, Girls star Zosia Mamet recently went for a grey style that leaves some brunette roots showing, while hints of blonde shine through in some of the curls. The overall result is a burnished color that’s antique chic, and much more stylish than your grandmother’s grey hair.

12White On White Short Silver Hair

Whether Rita Ora chose this outfit to match her white hair or vice versa, the all white style pops against her olive skin and red lips. 

13Silver And Grey Angled Blunt Bob

A futuristic look that isn’t for wallflowers, this angled bob is mostly silver with a panel of darker grey running down the side of the head. 

14Curled Bob With Grey Silver Ombre Hair

One of the more natural looks on the list, this style overlays dark grey ombre on naturally black hair, for a silver style that’s downplayed enough that people will be intrigued, but not distracted, by your style.

15Dark Blue-Grey

This mid-length style features muted, blue-grey strands that are lighter at the ends. This haircut with long layers that land below the collarbone is on-trend while also polished and appropriate for any kind of workplace, making it a little bit easier to experiment with color if you don’t want to make too make edgy style choices at once.

16Peachy Grey

Pop star Marina Diamandis’ over the top, cartoon-inspired style is perfectly suited to the grey hair she tried out a few years ago. With darker roots and peachy tones showing through, this kind of warm pastel color looks great on light, cool skin tones.

17Silver Lavender Pixie

As fearless with fashion as she is with her music, singer Pink wore this silver style several years ago, making her one of the first young celebrities to be seen sporting grey hair. Far from grandma hair, Pink’s bright locks are obviously kept in very good condition, and this high shine style features subtle notes of lavender throughout.

18Silver Mermaid Style

This long, thick hair features layers of silver tone that range from dark steely grey to silvery white. As with any multi-tonal color, a braided style like this dutch braid is perfect for showing off dimensional shades while practical for keeping long hair secure.

19Short Silver Undercut Hair

One of the great things about a short style with shaved sides is that you can experiment with color on your longer hair while leaving roots and the shorter sides in your natural color. A bright and on trend color adds a dash of femininity to this haircut inspired by men’s styles.

20Lavender Grey With Blonde Ends

Before Kelly Osbourne went full lavender with her hair, she wore this grey lavender color with peachy tones showing through and strawberry blonde ends.

21Edgy Gradient Silver Style

This blunt bob with bangs that are slightly shorter at the sides creates an edgy look even without the silver shade. Roots and bangs are left the natural black-brown shade while the rest of the head is colored in a brightly contrasting high silver ombre hair.

22Open Braids In Silver

If you’re looking for a protective style with a little more flair than a traditional box braid, copy Disney star Amandla Stenberg, who turned heads with these crimped open braids in a bright sterling silver hue.

23Avant Garde Grey Silver Hair

Worn in a poof style inspired by Marie Antoinette, Nicole Ritchie keeps her white grey hair looking modern by pairing it with unique jewelry and edgy makeup.

24Sparkle White Curls

These angelic curls look like soft lamb’s wool with their fluffy texture and bright white color. For women with naturally curly hair, be aware that lightening hair with bleach can alter its texture, and you may not have the same curl pattern as before you went for white hair.

25Silver Pastel With Dark Roots

This silver hair has touches of a pastel pink, while roots are kept darker, adding extra dimension and the illusion of thickness. If you’ve got thin hair to begin with, the lightening process can actually result in thicker hair, as the individual hair shafts end up plumper once they’ve been bleached. To determine if your thin hair is healthy enough to withstand this process, let a professional be the one in charge of making your silver hair a reality.

26Silver Vixen Hair

While many refer to this trend as “Granny Hair”, Cara Delevingne looks the exact opposite of grandmotherly with her long silver locks. Big curls give the look a glamorous sex appeal that’s enhanced by the silver color, while Cara’s complexion looks warmer and her eyes look like an extra pop of color.

27Silver With Blue Ombre Hair

If you’ve been wearing silver hair for a while, a pastel silver ombre hair like this light blue shade is the perfect way to add something fresh and new without ditching the silver hair altogether. A semi-permanent dye like Manic Panic gives you all sorts of color options to go over pre-lightened hair.

28Aqua Silver Ends

Looking like a mermaid fashionista, Rihanna wore a silvery blue shade of ombre hair with metallic lipstick and a white wardrobe that made it clear her hair was the standout star of this look.

29Silvery Blunt Bob

For thin haired women who want to go silver, cutting hair in a blunt style can make dry, damaged ends easy to trim, and prevents hair from looking stringy and wispy at the ends.

30Silver Dip Dye

This dip dyed silver style has most of this long hair looking perfectly silver with several inches of dark roots left behind. You can wear this hair in a variety of styles, but a high ponytail is one of the best ways to showcase the contrasting colors.


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