30 Tree Braids Styles

There are so many protective hairstyles to choose from to keep your natural hair safe from the elements, but it’s easy to fall into using one or two techniques over and over again. If you’re tired of the same box and crochet braids, tree braid styles offer up something different, and there are many ways to customize the look. Tree braids feature a series of skinny cornrows in your natural hair. Extensions are woven through as you braid, leaving pieces of hair out that make up the long, loose hair that you see in a finished style. Use synthetic hair to create an ultra affordable style in textures like water wave or deep curl, or opt for human hair extensions to create a super silky look that can be heat styled however you’d like. We’ve lined up 30 gorgeous tree braids styles to show you the wide range of looks you can get with this technique.

1Water Wave Tree Braids

These long tree braids make use of water wave hair to create an unbelievably luxurious look.

2Casual Mid Length Waves

If you lead a busy life that makes ultra-long locks seem like too much work, go for a tree braided style in a medium length. This look is long enough to create lots of soft, feminine styles but short enough to not be a pain to take care of.

3Glamorous Bob

This tree braided style exposes some of its underlying cornrows, and uses its braid pattern to enhance the part and shape that the rest of the style has taken. Silky human hair has been curled away from the face on one side and towards it on the other, creating a swept-looking dynamic that’s short and chic.

4Silky Straight Individual Tree Braids

Individual tree braids offer up a slightly different way to get this look. Natural hair is braided into tiny micro braids with extensions added in, and tied off very high up so that most of the extension hair is left loose and flowing. While the attached tree braid style offers better concealment of the braids, this individual method can make it easier to style your hair in updos like ponytails or buns.

5Long Ombre Waves

This bold ombre color takes your tree braids to the next level. Try this perfect protective look for fall, winter, or anytime you’d like to feel surrounded by a blanket of gorgeous, long hair. Extensions offer up many pre-dyed ombre options, but you can also take on the challenge of customizing the color of single tone human hair extensions.

6Long Rich Brunette Style

A warm but dark shade of brunette is flattering on most medium to dark skin tones, and creates lots of subtle differences that brighten up the appearance of your face.

7Silky Hair High Ponytail

This individual tree braid look shows how easily this method can be worn in a high ponytail or other updo. It’s a great option for days when you need your long, silky extensions to be up and out of the way.

8Long Wave Tree Braids

This loose wave texture is incredibly soft and supple looking, and makes for a low-key style that’s understated and chic.

9Mid Length Curls

With just the right amount of texture to make your hair look bouncy no matter what, this mid-length tree braid style is made for weekend fun but appropriate for whatever your daily 9-5 may be.

10Silky Straight

These silky straight tree braid extensions have been cut to a perfect length for wearing either up or down.

11Big Blonde Curls

These big blonde curls are just the right length to create a long, voluptuous style without being too difficult to take care of or style on a daily basis.

12Long Layered Style

Cut your long, straight extensions into a layered style for a tree braided look that’s stylish but not too heavy.

13Bob Length Style

These bob length curls help to create softness around the face, and are a great length for women trying to balance out a long or heart-shaped face. If you love tree braids but don’t want to spend a ton of time maintaining your extensions, this is a great style to choose.

14Straight Copper Style

A medium brown color with coppery tones creates an updated neutral color that’s warmer than natural black but not as bold as a blonde shade. If you’re thinking about experimenting with lighter hair for the first time, this is a good color to start out with.

15Curly Volume Braids

Curly textured extensions help to give this tree braided style tons of sexy volume, as does the shape that it’s been cut into. Since you’ll most likely have a professional installing your tree braids, bring photos and ideas about the exact shape you’d like your final style to be.

16Silky With Curled Ends

Human hair extensions make tons of styling options available. You can leave hair in its natural straight texture, or use an iron to curl hair at the ends and create extra bounce and dimension. If you’re going for tree braids on a budget, hot water methods can help you curl the ends of your hair, but you’ll be stuck with the style for a longer period of time.

17Shaved Sides Tree Braids

Put an edgy spin on your tree braids style by shaving one of both sides of your head. While women who have been spending a long time growing their hair might not like this option, it’s great for anyone who wants to shorten the amount of time it takes to have a protective style like this installed.

18Half Up Tree Braided Style

This style features exposed cornrows at the sides of hair that can either be shown off or hidden depending on how you style your tree braided extensions.

19Layered Color Style

Layering one color on top of another is a sophisticated way to wear a two tone style, and makes your hair look endlessly thick and dimensional.

20Honey Blonde Individual Braids

In a subtle ombre style that transitions from honey blonde to brown, this tree braided style capitalizes on one of the biggest trends in hair color. Doing it while keeping your natural hair protected from coloring damage is the ultimate incentive to give this look a try.

21Side Swept Tree Braids

This glamorous style sweeps hair around to one side of the head, creating just the right amount of drama and angles. If you’re looking for a color that’s not basic black but not blonde either, this medium auburn shade makes for the perfect in-between.

22Platinum Blonde Tree Braids

If you’re looking to make a big statement with your tree braids style, try going for a light golden or platinum blonde shade. This summery look is perfect for vacation or any other time of year you’re looking to step out of your shell.

23Deep Side Parted Style

A protective hairstyle that looks sophisticated and sexy should be on everyone’s to-do list. With silky hair worn in glamorous curls and a deep side part, this is a great example of how tree braided styles can be dressed up for a special occasion or night on the town.

24Blonde and Red Curls

Get extra dynamic by using extensions in both red and blonde alongside a natural black shade. The key to keeping this style from looking over-the-top is to use fairly thin sections of each different color, which allows them to blend together instead of looking thick and chunky.

25Beyonce Tree Braids

It’s easy to forget that the style evolution of Beyonce included a love of tree braids in the early ’00s. This dynamic honey blonde color is a great choice for Bey’s skin tone, and although she hasn’t been seen wearing tree braids in a while, she often wears her hair in a similar honey blonde shade.

26Maroon Tree Braids

If you’re looking for a tree braided style that’s dynamic and edgy, try wearing vibrant color like this dark maroon. Synthetic extensions can be purchased pre-dyed, or you can splurge on high-quality human hair extensions and dye them exactly the way you envisioned your look.

27Soft Texture

Although most tree braid styles use extensions that are silky straight or in defined curls and waves, this style is full of soft texture for a more natural approach.

28Tree Braids Bun

Individual tree braids make for an incredibly versatile hairstyle, allowing you to put your hair up in high ponytails and buns that some other methods of installation make difficult. If you’re looking for the most styling versatility in your tree braids, spending the extra money for human hair is usually a good bet.

29Deep Wave Tree Braids

If you’re looking for a dramatic tree braided style with tons of built-in texture, choose deep wave extensions that will give you a big, bold look for as long as this hair is installed.

30Long Big Curls

Go full glam with this ultra long tree braids look. Human hair extensions allow you to style hair into these curls using a large barrel curling iron or hot roller set.



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