35 Hairstyles For Women Over 60


35 Hairstyles For Women Over 60

Because the texture of your hair changes age you age, the best hairstyles for older women should be chic and easy to style. Thankfully, the days of older women all wearing the same hairstyle are far behind us, and women of every age are embracing a wide variety of colors and hairstyles. Our favorite hairstyles for women over 60 are strong styles that project confidence, and these 35 hairstyles prove just how sophisticated 60 can be.

1Deva Cut

Using a specialized cutting technique designed for curly hair, the deva cut will maximize your natural texture, ensuring a curly hairstyle that’s chic at any age. If you’re finding your longer hair is drying as you age, this hairstyle allows you to keep your curls at a more manageable length as you need to moisturize more frequently.

2Mid Length Cut With Soft Curls

This classic cut looks good on women of any age, and lends itself to simple styling when worn up or down.

3Layered Curls

A hairstyle with layers cut into it can make curls more manageable, while some shorter pieces around the face help to create soft definition.

4Big Curls

Jane Seymour shows that longer hairstyles are still do-able into your 60s and beyond. Pairing these big, voluminous curls with a side-swept bang helps to make this hairstyle wearable for everyday as well as special occasions.

5Grey Layered Color

If you choose to embrace grey hair color in your 60s, that doesn’t mean resigning yourself to a flat shade. Layered dark pewter underneath lighter grey strands helps to make hair look extra thick, and puts to bed the notion that going grey means losing versatility.

6Choppy A-Line Bob

This choppy bob exudes confidence, and is a great hairstyle to go along with embracing big life changes like retiring early to become a globetrotting traveler.

7Swept Back Pixie

With hair swept back and away from the face, this minimalist pixie puts your face on display like never before. This hairstyle pulls double duty by looking chic but also being practical for days spent busy at work or running around after grandchildren.

8Layered Bob

Layers make this bob easy to wear for women with thicker hair, and create round shapes that can help soften angular features.

9Long Natural Hair

If you’ve been chemically straightening your hair for years, your 60s are the perfect time to embrace your natural texture.

10Glamour Waves

Styled in thick, glamorous waves and accented with soft highlights, this hairstyle shows that glamorous Old Hollywood looks can be easily modernized, and look fabulous on women of any age.

11Sleek Bob

This sleek, straight bob is cut slightly asymmetrical, adding some edge and interest that take it a step up from a run-of-the-mill bob. As a cut with little to no layering, this bob is a good choice for women with fine hair.

12Layered Style With Bangs

These lash grazing bangs are especially flattering if you’re trying to minimize a larger forehead or widen the appearance of a long face. Some layering and a slight centre part keeps these long bangs from hanging right in your eyes, making them more practical than other bang styles. Soft layers in the rest of this hairstyle pair nicely with this fringe, creating an overall style that’s soft and romantic.

13Deep Side Part Pixie

Sweeping hair across the forehead from a deep side part creates an incredibly chic silhouette for this timeless pixie cut.

14Soft Vintage Curls

Sweeping hair back and away from the face brings a vintage feel to these curls, while their soft styling helps to ground this hairstyle in the modern era. We love this look for a special occasion or wedding day where you’re aiming for understated elegance.

15Stacked Bob

A series of stacked layers in the back of this bob create a sophisticated silhouette that’s made this hairstyle a hit with some of the world’s most powerful women. Fine or thinning hair can make this style difficult to pull off, but women with a thicker mane will appreciate how it eliminates bulky hair from the neck area.

16Soft Blonde Waves

Whether you’ve been a blonde all your life or you’ve decided your 60s are the time to try on a lighter shade, there’s a blonde hairstyle to suit every woman. This dirty blonde hair color pairs nicely with soft blonde waves, creating a look that’s summery without looking silly.

17Super Short Crop

This super short hairstyle can be a bold hair choice for women who have always worn their locks on the longer side, or just a slight update for anyone who went short years ago. Tapering helps to keep this hairstyle looking neat, and you should have frequent trims to prevent it from looking sloppy.

18Long Feathered Style

A more modern take on long feathered layers, this hairstyle works well for women who are trying to camouflage a square or oblong face shape, especially when paired with these centre parted bangs.

19Dramatic Sideswept Bob

In this asymmetrical style, hair is swept up and over the head in a mega-volume style, making it perfect for decadent women in their 60s who haven’t let go of their show-stopping style.

20Side Swept Bangs With Layers

Katey Sagal’s sultry layers and side-swept bangs are the epitome of powerful, sexy hair. The rich, dark brown color helps this hairstyle to look serious, perfect for women who are straddling career expectations with their personal style.

21Piecey Pixie

While some women keep their hair long in an effort to look younger, this ultra short pixie helps to open up your visage. Women with oval shaped faces often end up looking younger with a pixie length hairstyle that slims the face and creates a visual lift at the eyes and cheekbones.

22Feathered Layers

Jane Fonda’s hairstyle brings the feathered craze of the ’70s into the modern era with a less angular cutting technique and soft highlights throughout.

23Tight Curls Bob

Tight, springy curls help to dress up this chic bob, bringing a little bit of vintage style that won’t look dated.

24Pixie Bob

A hybrid between a pixie and a bob, the short layers in the back of this haircut make styling easier, especially for women who are finding their hair becoming more coarse. Longer pieces in the front help to frame the face and provide a little more versatility in styling compared to a super short pixie.

25Curly Layered Cut

If you’re finding your curly hair becomes harder to control as you age, opting for an above the shoulder cut can make curls less of a hassle.

26Bouncy Bob

This bouncy bob has tons of volume that you can play up for a seriously sexy style. Long bangs that sweep across the forehead help to round out and widen the appearance of your face, making this a flattering choice for women with longer faces.

27Tapered Short Hairstyle

This short hairstyle takes inspiration from traditional men’s haircuts by tapering in length down the sides and towards the back. Added touches like golden highlights and leaving hair long enough to tuck behind the ears and sweep across the forehead bring feminine energy to this chic, classy hairstyle.

28Blonde Ombre Lob

Ombre color isn’t only for younger women’s hairstyles. It does a great job of warming up grey-tinged base colors, which is perfect for women in their 60s who don’t want to worry about the upkeep of an all-over color style.

29Shoulder Length Curls

Curls that turn outwards away from the face help to create a hairstyle with lots of volume that won’t obstruct your face.

30Edgy Short Shag

This shorter shag hairstyle is edgy yet easy to style, making it perfect for women in their 60s who aren’t afraid to display their sassy sides.

31Mid Length Layers

These soft and layers create a hairstyle that’s easy to style and flatters most face shapes.

32Short Bouncy Curls

These curls put a much-needed modern spin on the tightly permed hair that was once a staple of hairstyles for older women. Short curls are tight enough to be bouncy, but not so closed in that they don’t have movement, making this a perfectly chic way to wear your hair in your 60s.

33Bob With Wispy Bangs

Not only do these wispy bangs help to frame your face or conceal a larger forehead, but they make for easier styling than thick or bluntly cut bangs. Pair them with a bob for a soft hairstyle that suits the lifestyles of busy women in their 60s.

34Short Undercut Style

Short and manageable yet fiercely edgy, this short hairstyle with undercut sides is perfect for women in their 60s who refuse to slow down. Wear it styled back to create a mohawk silhouette, or swept forward for a slightly softer look.

35Straight Style With Bangs

This longer hairstyle keeps things nice and simple for women in their 60s who want more styling options. Bangs can be styled straight down, but are long enough to also be swept to the side or pinned back if necessary.



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