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Single Braids Styles

Whether you’re looking to take a break from styling your natural hair daily or you want an instantly long and versatile look, individual braids are one of the most popular protective styles. With added extensions for extra color and length, your imagination is the only limit to all the ways you can wear these braids. The traditional way to wear individual braids involves braiding extensions with your natural hair to cover your head in plaits. But crochet individual braids are gaining popularity among women who want to install individuals at home in a fraction of the time. Keep reading to learn how to do individual braids with synthetic hair, and to see 35 of our favorite individual braids styles.

1How to do individual braids with synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is popular for creating length and volume in individual braids. It’s also lighter, cheaper, and grips better than human hair extensions. To add synthetic hair to your individual braids, separate a small piece of your natural hair. Take a section of synthetic hair and fold it in half, holding the fold behind the base of your natural hair. Now begin braiding a three-strand braid, beginning with the synthetic hair as your left and right pieces and your natural hair at the center. Braid a few stitches, then stop when your natural hair is back in the center. Add a piece from either the left or right strand into the center strand, so that you have three equal sized pieces that each feature some synthetic hair. Continue braiding until the ends, and your individual braid is complete!

2Long Individual Braids

These ultra long individual braids show just how glamorous the style can be. These smaller braids serve up gorgeous, flowing looks when down, but also leave you with tons of options for fancier updos.

3Individual Braids with Undercut

Individual braids can give you a long hairstyle even if you’ve got shorter natural hair with a wraparound undercut. These braids are fun, edgy, and easy to wear over the summer or for a vacation when you want minimal hair responsibilities.

4Sleek and Straight Individual Braids

Solange’s individual braids show how glamorous a sleek, straight style can be. This medium length is long enough to wear your braids in different styles, but they won’t be as heavy as braids that fall past your waist.

5Red Ombre Individual Braids

The easiest way to get an ombre color pattern in your individual braids is to buy synthetic braiding hair that’s already been dyed ombre. This black and red style is perfect for women who like natural shades up against their face but still want to experiment with bold shades.

6Long Crochet Individual Braids

To get a long individual braid style without killing your fingers, pre-made crochet braids are the only way to go. This easy style is perfect for wearing braids in spite of time and money constraints.

7Individual Braids Side Style

Unlike some thicker braids, individuals are perfect for creating more complicated updos. Sweep your individual braids to the side to create a sophisticated look that’s perfect for attending a wedding or working in a formal business environment.

8Red Highlight Individual Braids

Use a few pieces of red to highlight your individual braids. This is an easy way to test out a new color or to use up an extra pack of a different shade.

9Loosely Braided Individuals

These ultra long individual braids look soft and romantic when tied behind the back in a loose, three-strand braid.

10Pink Ombre Individual Braids

Pink ombre color adds a pop of feminine color to your individual braids, and contrasts beautifully against natural black roots.

11Side Swept Individuals

Sweep your individual braids to the side for a simple style that oozes understated glamour.

12Individual Braids High Ponytail

This high ponytail is the perfect way to dress up your individual braids. Not only is this style sophisticated and elegant for special occasions, but it’s equally great for busy days when you need your braids to stay secured.

13Half Up Top Knot

A messy half-up top knot is very on-trend, and also a practical way to keep long individual braids out of your face. New braids might be too stiff to tie up in this style, but you should be able to do it within a week of your hair’s installation.

14Open End Individual Braids

Instead of braiding right down to the ends, you can leave individual braids open to create some soft texture. Keep in mind that synthetic hair may shed more when braids are left open, and you might find your style doesn’t last quite as long.

15Honey Blonde Crochet Individual Braids

Light tan complexions with golden undertones are perfect for pairing with lighter shades like this warm honey blonde.

16Individual Braids Double Buns

If you’ve got synthetic hair from different packs that you’d like to use up, try a multicolored individual braids style. Whether you wear them in a trendy double buns look or another style, playing with colors helps to distinguish these braids from the natural styles you’re used to.

17Mid Length Crochet Individual Braids

Waist length braids are almost always popular, but we’re in love with this mid length style for this year. Still long enough to wear in different updos, these mid-length crochet individual braids look great on women with long shaped faces, especially when worn with a deep side part as pictured.

18Individual Braids High Bun

This simple high bun will keep your individual braids perfectly in place, and is an easy way to dress them up for professional engagements.

19Blonde Crochet Individual Braids

Use warm blonde crochet braids to bring out golden tones in your tan skin. This shade is the perfect way to brighten things up for summer.

20Long Skinny Individual Braids

These skinny individual braids are the perfect canvas to create all sorts of different updos. When left down, you’ll have a gorgeous style that looks full and flowing.

21Twisted Individual Braids Updo

If you want to wear your individual braids in an updo that feels more special than a basic ponytail or bun, try a twisted updo that wraps across the forehead. This classic look is eye-catching, sophisticated, and helps to frame your eyes.

22Individual Braids Bob

For a protective style bob that looks good on just about everyone, try an individual braids bob that lands at the collarbone. This ultra chic style is equally suited to dresses and heels as it is sneakers and jeans.

23Crochet Individual Braids Buns

For newly installed braids that are still stiff or just a more low-key half-up style, these loose buns are a great way to casually pull some hair away from your face.

24Green Ombre Individual Braids

For ultra long ombre individual braids, you can add in a second piece of synthetic hair in a different color to create the two-tone effect. Black and green are a fun, edgy color combination that keeps things dark and interesting.

25Individual Braids with Beads

Individual braids with beads is one of our favorite looks for summer vacations, music festivals, or anytime the air is warm.

26Individual Braids Sleek Bob

Use individual braids to create a sleek bob. Once this look is installed you’ll need little to no styling time to create the perfect bob shape.

27High Bun Individual Braids

This ultra high bun puts a fun spin on the sophisticated favorite. Individual braids are well suited to creating this chic folded bun, but it can be harder to pull together if you have thicker braids.

28Half Up Individual Braids

Pull back individual braids and gently tie or pin together for a soft and easy way to wear your hair. Try this shade of dark chestnut brown if you’re looking for a nice subtle way to warm up your complexion.

29Red and Blonde Individual Braids

Red and blonde blend together beautifully to create an individual braids style that’s full of sparkle and personality.

30Cobalt Blue Individual Braids

Use bold color to make a big statement with your single braids. This electric shade of cobalt blue is the perfect compliment for red and pink shades in clothing and makeup.

31Twisted Pompadour Updo

Try this twisted updo when you want your individual braids to look sophisticated with a vintage vibe.

32Half Up Individual Braids

This half up style is a classic way to keep your individual braids out of your way for the day.

33Bubblegum Pink Individual Braids

Use brightly colored extensions to turn your individual braids into a big style statement. This candy shade of pink is perfect for pairing with equally bold choices in your clothes and makeup.

34Individual Braids Lob

Keep your individual braids chic and on-trend with this lob length style.

35Individual Braids Ponytail

This simple ponytail is a sweet way to keep your individual braids up, and is the perfect look for showing off your face.

36Purple Individual Braids

Looking for brightly colored braids that are still sophisticated? This purple style features a subtle ombre that will have you looking and feeling like royalty.



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