The Best Pink Highlight Looks

35 Pink Highlight Looks

With Winter fast approaching, many women are changing their hair colour accordingly, leaving the lighter shades of summer behind, and choosing darker, richer tones. Why not buck the seasonal trend, and stand out this winter with a stunning pink hair. You might be thinking that there is no way pink highlights would suit me, but there really is a shade of pink for every skin tone. Lighter skin tones will really glow with bold reddish pink as well as being complemented by soft blush minks. Those with medium or olive skin tones are super lucky as any and every shade of pink will look great on them, right from pearly peach to the hottest of the hot pink. Darker skin tones really sing with ultra bright tones of pink, which will really make features pop. So if you’re thinking of opting for some pink highlights, take some inspiration from these super delicious pink highlight looks.

1Candyfloss Pink Ombre Highlights

Blonde hair is given an extra dimension with pink ombre highlight that blends from a soft peach to a beautiful candyfloss hue. This gives the hair extra brightness and texture, whilst still remaining soft, feminine, and delicate. Perfect for those with naturally light skin and hair.

2Fucshia Highlights in Dark Chocolate Hair

Vibrant fuchsia highlights will really pop against dark chocolate hair. The two shades contrast beautifully with the dark base providing a perfect canvas for some artistically added fuchsia highlights framing the face and lifting the lengths, This pink highlight look will look great on any length but looks really gorgeous on this angled bob.

3Holographic Pink Highlights

Super light pink and white bling highlights through the lengths of ash blonde hair creates a stunning holographic effect that has so much movement. Subtle, yet so effective

4Face Framing Magenta Highlights

This layered bob comes to life with vivid magenta highlights that frame the face and draws attention to the features. Bold pink highlights add definition to layers in a shaggy cut or any length, plus magenta is a hue that works will all hair colors and skin tones.

5Unicorn Pink Highlights

The whole beauty world is obsessed with unicorns at the moment, which has inspired some magical pink highlight looks. Highlighting icy blonde hair with pastel pinks create a look that is straight out of a fairy tale.

6Dusky Pink Highlights in Ash Brown Hair

Ash brown hair is perfectly complemented with highlights in dusky pink and soft violet. The darker tones are perfect for darker hair shades, and for women who want an edgier pink highlights look.

7Peachy Pink Ombre

For a new take on the standard dark to light ombre, choose to blend your brunette locks to peachy pink instead of the classic blonde. Perfect for darker hair colours, it looks great on long locks, preventing them from looking a little flat or lifeless.

8Grey Hair with Violet Pink Highlights

Grey hair has been huge in recent years, so if you have been rocking this colour for a while, why not mix it up with some chunky violet pink highlights. The dynamic violet highlights perfectly complement multi-tonal grey hair, giving the whole look a lift.

9White Blonde to Blush Pink Ombre

Pastel shades like blush pink are perfect for highlighting creamy blonde hair, just as this gorgeous ombre style shows. Styling the blush pink ombre into tousled, beachy waves gives this girly dye job, just the right amount of edge.

10Rainbow Hair With Pink Highlights

If just one color isn’t enough why not try a rainbow style, blending multiple shades of blue and purple, with pink highlights adding a dreamy touch. Perfect for giving shorter hair maximum impact, when styled into big waves, each color is beautifully defined.

11Magenta to Silver Ombre

This stunning graduated bob looks so effortless with its magenta to silver and violet ombre. The strong color at the roots and at the tips works so well together thanks to the pastel hues in the lengths. Super cool and contemporary, this style will work will all skin tones, but the vivid colors will look extra vibrant against fair skin.

12Rose Gold and Raspberry Highlights

Why go for one shade of pink highlight when you can have two? Rose gold and raspberry hues look great in brunette hair, with big alternate slices of hair colored in the juicy shades. Two different tones of pink (one light and one dark) are ideal for thinner hair, as it creates the illusion of a fuller body.

13Pink Frosting

Bring out the best in bright and icy blonde hair with super subtle baby pink highlights. When delicately applied in fine slices of the soft pink will almost look natural. An elegant and beautiful take on pink highlights.

14Choppy Bubblegum Pink Highlights

If you are looking for a more standout pink highlight look, go for an adorable bubblegum pink shade. Big slices of the sugary sweet pink will look incredible juxtaposed with a choppy lob with blunt ends. The perfect mix of soft and hard.

15Brunette and Pink Lemonade Balayage

If you are looking for a pink highlight look that is more subtle than an ombre, choose a balayage style instead. The peach and pink lemonade shades are painted onto the brunette hair in a way that creates a graduated effect that is natural and soft.

16Hot Pink Highlights

If there is one tone of pink that will work with any skin tones and any hair color it is hot pink. It is vibrant enough to compete with bright blondes, will give somewhat flat dirty blondes and ash browns a much-needed boost of color, and is bold enough to stand out against dark brunettes and even black hair.

17Delicate Fuchsia Streaks

Dark brunette hair can be given depth with some strategically placed and delicate fuchsia streaks. Placed under the top layer of hair, these highlights have a lovely ‘peek-a-boo’ effect.

18Burgundy Hair with Reddish Pink Highlights

Red and pink tones are not often that complementary, but you can find shades that do work really well together. Rich berry tones work really well with reddish pink highlights, which brings some brightness. Keep heavily colored hair glossy by investing in a good quality hair care regime.

19Rose Gold Balayage

Rose gold is one of the hottest hair colors of the moment and it looks so contemporary when given the balayage treatment. The rose gold highlights look effortless in this beautiful auburn hair, showing the best way to use pink to emphasize your natural color.

20Candy Pink Roots

Give a bob hairstyle a great visual impact with candy pink roots blending to icy blonde. Then the pink roots begin to grow out it will create a whole new style. Softer pink roots work well with light hair shades, and bold, vivid pink roots are great for darker hair.

21Magenta Underlights

Underlights are a great way to add colour to your hair, without making too big of a change. By adding magenta steaks the lower layers of hair, you will just get a hint of colour when the hair is down. But, by just pinning back a few sections or tying the hair up, you will get a big burst of colour. So versatile.

22Pastel Tones with Pink Tips

If you are looking for a distinctive style, this bright lilac to muted magenta and baby pink ombre will certainly set you apart from the crowd. The pastel shades are ethereal, whilst still being chic and wearable.

23Chunky Bob with Watermelon Pink Slices

The chunky layers of this bob and the blunt ends is given a touch of softness with a messy fringe and thick slices of peachy and watermelon pink. Beautiful for light and fair skin tones.

24Cherry Blossom Pink Highlights

Warm brown hair is the perfect base for cherry blossom pink highlights. The soft feathered layers really allow the pink tones to sparkle and the random curls with straight fringe keep the look modern and chic.

25Pixie Cut with Raspberry Highlights

If you are thinking about going for the chop, you have so much versatility with a grown out pixie crop, which is given some extra texture and depth with the skillful application of raspberry and peach highlights.

26Fuchsia Roots and Pastel Lengths

Pastel hair colours are showing no sign of going out of style, so if you are thinking of trying out something completely new, why not try pastel shades. The pastel blues, pinks, and purples of this style are given an extra burst of colour with flashy fuchsia roots. You may think this bold look will not work for you, but all skin tones can pull off this statement pink highlight look.

27Bubblegum Pink Ombre

For a slightly different take on the pink ombre, graduate from a popping bubblegum pink to a delicate light pink at the tips. To keep this pink hairstyle looking fresh, it will require extra trips to the salon, but it is surely worth the effort for something so beautiful.

28Multi-Tonal Pink Highlights

If you are just obsessed with the colour pink and can’t get enough, then multi-tonal pink highlights are definitely something you should try. Choose various shades – from delicate to punchy – and when they are blended together they will create a phenomenal style, full of life and vibrancy.

29Platinum Crop with Pink Fringe

Even the shortest of hairstyle can have some fun with pink highlights. This platinum blonde crop is taken the next level with just the tiniest touch of baby pink at the short fringe. Stunning!

30Grown Out Blush Pink Highlights

Dark roots were once a huge no-no, but now they are bang on trend. Super dark roots look so stunning clashing against the delicate blush pink highlights. The blunt fringe makes this style extra contemporary.

31Chunky Braids with Rose Pink Tips

Take those chunky braids to the next level with the addition of some cute and stylish rose pink tips. Darker skin tones and hair suits a wide range of pink hues, with bright and bold tones looking particularly good.

32Neon Pink Roots

Take inspiration from the nineties with this neon pink look that is definitely not for the faint-hearted. The neon pink shade gives a lift to the roots, with soft pink lemonade and blonde tones blended to the tips.

33Face-Framing Pink Underlights

Draw attention to your features with hot pink underlights around the face in a long sweeping fringe. Works particularly well in an angular bob or lob, and different shades of pink can be used to suit varied skin tones.

34Pretty Pink Pastel Up-Do

Pastel pink highlights make for some really beautiful up-dos. These floral shaped braids really complement the blush pink, rose gold, and lavender hues, with the soft curls adding an angelic quality.

35Bubblegum Pink Space Buns

For a cool and youthful look, keep the roots of your bubblegum pink hair dark and style into space buns. An eyelash-skimming fringe and long layers around the face will draw attention to your eyes. This nineties classic is super cool and modern.



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