short brunette hairstyles

Short Brunette Haircuts and Hairstyles

If you have had long hair your whole life, suddenly going short might be a big change for you. However, you don’t need to go super short immediately. You can slowly decrease your hair length by going for the safer LOB, for example, and gradually getting shorter and shorter when you feel like it. For all the brunettes out there looking to spice up their short dark hair – Scroll down to see our awesome list of 40 short brunette haircuts and hairstyles that might just entice you in chopping your locks!

1Curly Pixie

Most of our curly sisters would shy away from short hair, but with the advent of newer hair products, that is no longer the case. Just look at how hot this haircut is! Just fab!

2Wavy Bob

There was a time when women hated having wavy hair. They considered it unkempt and frizzy. However, with proper care and styling, your short wavy hair can be an object of envy just like this one.

3Feathered Bangs

Feathered bangs suit every face shape and is equally flattering for everyone. If you want to try having bangs with your short hair but scared of the commitment, this is something you can consider getting as the change is not so extreme as, for example, blunt bangs.

4Collarbone Bob

That haircut that doesn’t necessarily rest on your shoulders, but not too short either? It’s called the collarbone bob, and it is really hot right now. It is simple, easy, and one of the most sought-after looks this year!

5Curly Bob

Here is another great example how curly hair can look amazing even when it is short. It is just so full of texture that it is not boring to look at! We love it!

6Stacked Asymmetrical Short Bob


This is a clever way to camouflage a round face – a short layered haircut with side bangs that gently frames the face and artfully creating angles.

7Straight Bob with Bangs

Straight hair is particularly popular in some Asian countries, and they even have it chemically straightened to achieve a ramrod straight look. Here is a pretty example of short straight hair with long blunt bangs.

8Side Swept Lob for Long Face Shape

Getting a long bob, or a lob, to even out the proportions of a long face is a wise idea. The length of the hair gently evens out the length of the face, giving a softer appearance.

9Face-framing Bangs

Here is another great alternative for a long face – face-framing bangs. If you get a haircut that is higher than your jawline, it will actually make your face appear even longer. A bob that is around the length of your jawline, plus bangs of roughly the same length, is a good choice.

10A-line Bob

This is a very pretty option for ladies with thick hair. The structure and cut of the hair, combined with the thickness, makes for wonderful texture and an attractive hairstyle.

11Side Swept Cute Bob

Here is a classic cute side swept bob that has withstood the test of time. This is a low maintenance haircut for an everyday look that looks stylish and screams CHIC!

12Long Pixie Styling

Styling a long pixie is quite easy. You can choose to curl it to make it even more interesting, or you can also straighten it, and achieve a sleek look. The choice is yours!

13Bowl Cut

Not a lot of people have been seen sporting the bowl cut anymore. In fact, in 2013, it has been named one of the worst haircuts ever. However, with the right style and attitude, one could really pull off this look and come out all the better for it. What do you think?

14Sleek Back-Pinned Pompadour

Looking for an edgy concert hairstyle? This sleek back Pompadour updo will surely turn some heads. Thin reverse French braids are made on both sides, and the remaining hair in the middle is teased and held together by prayers and hairspray. Hallelujah for this hair!

15Cute Edgy Undercut

We are IN LOVE with this hair! Going to a formal event? Hair down, look tame. Everyday? Hair up and rock! Its versatility is awesome and really cute.

16Honey Balayage for Dark Skin

This is such a pretty combination. Her honey-colored hair compliments her warm dark skin tone beautifully, and it creates such an amazing effect. We are also loving the asymmetrical haircut on this one.

17Short Hair Updo

Yes, you can still do an updo with your short hair, and this picture proves it. All you need is a helping hand, a stack of bobby pins, and a bit of patience. In this style, her hair is teased and weaved over and under each other and secured by pins and hairspray. You can also glam it up by using bobby pins with jeweled ends.

18Tapered Curly Pixie

We are loving the pixie cuts, and this is a seriously cool one. It is edgy and it is bad-ass. It is really tempting to get this kind of undercut haircut!

19Brunette Balayage

If you are looking for a nice color to update your current style, here is a pretty brunette balayage that will suit a peachy skin tone. This color is a light cafe au lait.

20Cute Messy Bob with Bangs

If you are feeling conscious about your oblong-shaped face and high forehead, this messy hairstyle might be a nice option for you. To camouflage your forehead, long bangs are the way to go, and the shape of your face can be softened by a chin length bob.

21Half Up Braid with Pearl-Tipped Pins


22Short Wavy Cut


23Thick Layered Bob with Bangs


24Curly Lob


25Messy Lob with Bangs


26 Bob with Highlights


27Modified Braided Pompadour


28Mushroom Brown Lob Cut


29Messy Long Pixie


30Sleek Pixie


31Rebonded Brunette


32Stylish Textured Bob


33Sharp Angled Hair


34Short Bob with Side Bangs


35Long Side Swept Pixie


36Graduated Bob for Thick Hair


37Short Curly Hair


38Tapered Pixie


39Wavy Long Bangs


40Short Natural Cut

41Wavy dark brown balayage highlights


42Short brown blonde balayage bob


43Short brown balayage bob


44Short dark brown pixie



You may have noticed that we have posted a number of pixie haircuts in the compilation. The pixie is a relatively flexible haircut and can be worn by everyone. It all depend on how your stylist cuts your hair and your bangs. Your face shape plays a role when choosing the most flattering kind of cut. Yes, you can have whatever kind of cut you want, but a few adjustments have to be made to make it custom just for you.

On the topic of hair color, your skin tone plays an important role. Some hair colors will only suit those with warmer tones, while some will suit only cooler tones. For example, the actualy caramel toffee hair color featured on theis article may not suite a person with cool skin tone. They might need one that is lighter, or with a cooler base.

No matter what cut, color, or hairstyle you choose, make sure you have a good stylist. They will save you from a lot of hair faux pas, and trust us, you wouldn’t want any hair faux pas!


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