Rose Pink Hair Color

Rose Pink Hair Looks

Pink hair has been a big hair colour trend for a few years and it shows no signs of disappearing any time soon. There are so many great shades of pink that you can experiment with, from deep magenta tones right to the softest pastel hues. Here, we are going to look at all the lovely rose pink tones that you might see in a beautiful bouquet of the stunning flowers. Rosy tones can be soft and delicate or pack plenty of punch, so there is sure to be a shade for all skin tones. So, get all inspired by some of our favourite rose pink hair looks.

1Soft Pastel Pink Lob

The delicate pastel pink she of this lob has is beautiful against the model’s peachy skin tone. The dark roots contrast perfectly with the soft hue and the lovely waves really show off the stunning multi-tones of the hair.

2Brunette with Rose Pink Tips

If you have dark hair you may feel like it is too much like hard work to go for an all over rose pink colour. So why not just dye the tips of your hair a rose pink shade – it takes a lot less work, but still looks so gorgeous.

3Bold and Bright Rose Pink

The deep and bold pink shade of these long locks is to die for. Lighter slices of pink throughout the lengths has given depth and definition to the waves, for an overall look that is so striking.

4Beautiful Blush Pink

The delicate blush tones of these messy waves are just stunning and will suit all skin tones, particularly fairer skin. The barely-there shade is perfect for a rinse if you have light hair and just want to try out the rose pink trend.

5Neon Rose Pink

If you like to make a real statement, how about a neon pink shade. Vibrant and beautiful, keep this pink lob looking its best with a good colour care routine.

6Lovely Bubblegum Pink Lob

Sweeter than sugar, this blunt-edged lob has a gorgeous bubblegum shade of rose pink. Multiple tones of candy pink have helped to give this fairly fine hair extra depth and the illusion of volume.

7Rose Pink with Darker Tips

The pastel rose pink of this choppy lob is gorgeous and has been given such great texture and depth by keeping the roots dark and putting a deeper shade of pink at the tips.

8Hot Pink Rose

Hot pink is such a great hair colour as it works for all skin tones and packs such a punch. Whilst all over colour looks awesome, this shade will still look great when roots grow through.

9Super Delicate Rose Pink

If you prefer a softer shade of rose pink how about this super delicate hue. Sometimes just a hint of pink can be so effective on lighter base colours.

10Pink Hair With Platinum Tips

Dusty rose is a shade that works with a number of other hair colours including blonde. How great do these platinum blonde tips look against the rose tones?

11Reverse Rose Pink Ombre

The dusky pink tones of these long locks are stunning and the reverse ombre creates such an interesting look. Deep magenta pink tones on the ends of the hair and at the roots, really help the lighter shades to stand out.

12Dusty Rose Pink with Intricate Braids

How cool is it that the intricate braids make a floral shape when the hair itself is a wonderful rose shade. The dark roots add just the right amount of edge too, don’t you think?

13Pink Salmon Locks

If you are looking for an interesting variation of the rose pink trend, how about a pink salmon look. The look consists of numerous tone of pastel pink and peach to create this gorgeous colourway.

14Dusty Rose Gold Waves

Rose gold is still one of the most popular hair colours of the moment and we love this dusty variation that is a litter darker and edgier than the traditional colour.

15Dark Rose Roots

A darker tone of pink at the roots created the illusion of extra body in those with finer hair. Look how bouncy this straight lob looks, with slightly darker rose roots.

16Dark Chocolate to Rose Ombre

The contrast between a dark chocolate base and a dusty rose ombre is so visually stunning. The blend between the drastically different shades is effortless. Gorgeous!

17Icy Blonde with Rose Pink Balayage

A cool icy blonde has been warmed up beautifully with a rose bink balayage. Summery and fresh!

18Steely Grey with Rose Pink Tips

Rose pink tones look so good with all tones of grey and silver, so if you are looking for a super contemporary colourway, why not try a steely grey with rose pink tips? Stunning!

19Rich Rose with Braids

20Peach and Rose Pink Hair

21Chocolate Hair with Dusty Rose Highlights

22Stunning Ash Brown Base

23Multi-Tonal Bob with Lighter Tips

24Caramel Base with Rose Pink Slices

25Tones of Strawberry

26Dusky Blush Pink Bob

27Pink Bob with Caramel Highlights

28Dark Rose Pink

29Dusky Rose and Blorange

30Iridescent Metallic Rose Pink

31Platinum and Pink

32Blue Grey To Pink Ombre Balayage



You must be feeling inspired to try out some rose pink hair after seeing all of these fantastic looks. If you have a lighter natural colour, it will be easier to achieve the look at home with some of the amazing semi-permanent colours from the likes of Manic Panic, Fudge, and Lime Crime. If you have a darker base colour is can be harder to achieve bright rose pink hair. However, a talented stylist will be able to give you the rose pink hair of your dreams, by pre-bleaching the hair before applying colour.

Prevent your rose pink from fading or become dull, by employing a good colour care routine, including shampoo, conditioner, a good heat protection spray, and sun protection if you live in a beautiful sunny climate. This will keep your chosen colour bright and vibrant for as long as possible. However, the dreaded fading is inevitable, but trips to your favourite salon every couple of months will keep your rose pink hair always looking is very best.

So, which tone of rose pink is your favourite – do you like barely there pink, or do you like something that packs a real punch?


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