Best Half Up Prom Hairstyles


Stylish Half Up Half Down Prom Hairstyles

Prom season is almost upon us, which means many young women will be frantically searching for the perfect dress and shoes, to make them feel as beautiful as they deserve on this special night. Hair and makeup are also a big deal on prom night – picking the perfect shades of lipstick and hairstyle to complement the dream dress. We can’t help with the dress or the make-up but we can suggest some stunning half up half down prom hairstyles for all different hair lengths.

1Minimalist Rope Braid and Waves

These simple rope braids look beautiful in this gorgeous honey blonde hair. In fact, they would look gorgeous in all different lengths and textures of hair and for an extra touch, flowers could be woven through the strands to match your prom dress.

2Retro Inspired Top Knot with Scarf

How great is this 80s-inspired top-knot? Such a cool and youthful hairstyle for prom and the scrunchie hair scarf is so retro and fun. The textured waves would be great for fine hair too – gorgeous!

3Chunky Side Braid with Floral Accessories

Braids are a great up-do option for prom for those with shorter hair, as short section can be woven into the style. This chunky side braid in this inverted bob is so cute, as are the delicate floral accessories.

4Braided Headband with Loose Tendrils

There is definitely a touch of romanticism to this braided headband, don’t you think? The loose tendrils that frame the face are beautiful and draw attention to gorgeous make-up. Love it!

5Gorgeous Teased-Out Braids

The ombre of these long locks works beautifully with these teased out braids, creating a great two-tone effect and defining the strands. A natural wave makes the most of the hair’s natural texture and adds volume to finer hair.

6Intricate Mini Ponytails

A unique hairstyle for prom, these intricate mini braids are so precise and have such a great visual impact. The woven effect is dreamy and with a little hairspray, this style is sure to stay in place all night long.

7Double Dutch Braids

These tight double Dutch braids are so sleek and sharp and the loose tendrils framing the face is a lovely finishing touch. The loose locks look wonderful styled poker straight, but they would also look lovely curled or waved.

8Edgy Braids and High Ponytail

For a prom hairstyle that is a little edgier, how about these boxer braids and high half ponytail. There is definitely a 90s girl band vibe to this style which is just awesome – just look at that epic volume and curls.

9Braids and Beachy Waves

These braids and beachy waves are so effortless and laid back and are the perfect complement to platinum blonde hair. The great thing about a relaxed style is that even if a few tendrils escape it won’t really matter. Perfect if you are planning on dancing the night away.

10Fishtail Braids and Bun

A braided crown will make a beautiful half up half down prom hairstyle and this fishtail braided version has been given a twist, finishing in a polished bun at the back of the head. Gorgeous!

11Prom Messy Top Knot

A simple prom hairstyle can be just as striking as a complicated up-do. Just take a look at this beautifully messy top know with tousled waves. So much about it works – the long bangs framing the eyes, the gorgeous texture of the shoulder length hair, and the effortless top knot.

12Fishtail Crown with Rose Braid

A fishtail braid crown always looks beautiful, but this one has been taken to the next level with a gorgeous rose braid. It is so effective and incredibly romantic, perfect for making any young woman feel beautiful at prom.

13Short Bob with Bangs

Whilst short hair may not be suitable for some half up hairstyles, that doesn’t mean it can’t look incredible for prom. Just look at this short bob. The long bangs are super sultry and half the hair has been loosely tied back to show off the model’s beautiful features.

14Bohemian Floral Crown Prom Style

This braided crown has a gorgeous Bohemian feel thanks to the loose tendrils that frame the face, the soft curls of the hair, and the sweet real daisies weaved into the strands of the braid. Hippy chic at its best.

15Loose Pull-Through Braid

Thick hair will look truly ethereal styled into this amazing half-up half-down prom hairstyle. The pull-through braid has such an interesting and beautiful look and the relaxed beachy texture is to die for. Love!

16Youthful High Ponytail with Braids

This braided hairstyle with a high ponytail is so youthful and fun, showing a lot of personality, with a cool nineties vibe. The look has been kept really sleek, by keeping the braids tight, the curls uniform, and wrapping the ponytail with a strand of hair.

17Classic Messy Up-Do With Barrette

If you want a simple hairstyle for prom, how about his classic messy up-do. The top section of hair has been pulled back loosely and secured with a stylish pearl barrette. Classic and chic and will take just a few minutes to style to perfection.

18Cute Hair Bow and Curls


19Prom Halo Braid


20Minimal Waterfall Braid


21Dutch Braid and Top Knot


22Short Hair with Bangs and Curls


23Ribbon Braid in Short Hair


24Couture Prom Hairstyle with Hair Grips


25Loose Braid with Curls


26Bumped Up-Do with Voluminous Curls


27Simple Twisted Updo For Prom


28Pinned Updo with Big Bouncy Curls


29Boho Braid and Textured Waves

30Relaxed Loop Waterfall Braid


31Braids and Beachy Waves


32Half Up Style with Gorgeous Ringlet Curls


33Braided Crown and Piecey Waves


34Rope Braid and Half Ponytail


35Bob with a Side French Braid


36Messy Twist and Textured Curls


37Prom Half Up Wavy Brunette Updo


38Elegant Prom Half Updo


39High Half Up 


40Plaited Half Updo


41Messy Half Up Middle Part

42Half Long Fishtail Braids

43ELegant Soft Waves and Highlights


44Amazing Round Curls

45Big Volum Side Wavy Updo

46Half Up Braid on Braid with Scarf

47Wavy and Loose

48Simple Half Up With A Middle Part



In the weeks running up to prom, experiment with a few different hairstyles and see which ones best suit your face shape and hair texture. See how they work with your dress, to be sure that the hairstyle doesn’t hide a standout detail. You want your hair to perfectly complement your dress. So, if you have a relaxed, flowing dress, choose a hairstyle that has the same effortless vibe. If you have a structured dress that is rather form-fitting, go for a more polished and sharp style.

If you would love long flowing curls, or chunky and messy braids, but your hair is short or fine, invest in some tape-in or clip-in extensions. They aren’t too expensive and they can completely transform your hair for your special night. You can take them out once the night is over, and pop them back in whenever you feel like it.

Perhaps you aren’t so skilled with updos but would love a really elegant hairstyle for prom. If budget allows, head to your favourite salon and ask a skilled stylist what magic they can do for you. If budget it a little tighter, learn a new styling technique by binging on YouTube tutorial videos. Once you have that skill, you have it for life.


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